Hoes Gon Be Hoes: The Black Male Edition Featuring Mychal Denzel Smith

Yes, here at LOSTAPWBM, I mix it up every once in awhile. In today’s Hoes Gon’ Be Hoes, we have a male hoe. Why is he a hoe? We have a black male hoeing for feminism and preaching the gospel of HeForShe. From Ebony Magazine:

The most important thing Black men have to do to begin engaging with feminism, as theory and praxis, is to disavow ourselves of the notion that we are “good.” By that, I don’t mean that we should perform some type of masochistic self-flagellation about how “men ain’t shit.” But the desire to be seen and known as a “good Black man” is not only wrapped up in a lot of patriarchal notions about what constitutes manhood and defying the stereotypes of Blackness (having a job, not being in prison), it doesn’t allow for growth.

And what “growth” might this be?

When your self-conception is centered on the idea of your own goodness, it prevents you from hearing any critique of your ideology/behavior. Thinking of yourself as “good” allows you to justify harmful words and actions, since anything you do, in your mind, is “good.” And when the metrics for measuring “good” do not include an examination of power and privilege, and an active divestment from those thoughts and behaviors which uphold unearned (and destructive) power and privilege, “good” is meaningless.

I always have to admire propaganda before I dismantle it in the same way I admire a defective clock before taking it apart. Mychal’s definition of “good” is an absurdity. To be “good” to Mychal Smith requires a man to (1) examine power and privilege, (2) Actively divest from thoughts and behaviors which uphold unearned and destructive power and privilege. It is a definition so vague that it cannot be said to exist at all, which I suspect is the point. A definition of “good” that can encompass any act if done by the Feminist in-group and deny any act done by those who aren’t in the Feminist tribe no matter if that act is virtuous (“OMG, you held a door open for me?! Check your privlege!”)

We must gain understanding about ourselves as not “good,” nor “bad,” but products of a culture of misogyny, sexism, and patriarchy.

Why? When someone says that a person “must” do something, that indicates that there is some rationale for doing so, rationale which is markedly absent here.

With that as a starting point, we can begin to re-evaluate the lessons we’ve received about gender, gender identity, gender roles, and the power dynamics therein.

Lessons received from whom? And how do you know that even if I have “received” a lesson that I accept it?

We will be receptive to critique when we no longer believe that critique is an attack on our “goodness,” but a desire for us to achieve a humanity that respects and supports women.

I notice Mychal is not terribly concerned with a humanity that respects and supports men. Must be a typo. Surely Mychal wouldn’t be advancing an idea of men as disposable utilities to women. Surely not.

We will know that these conversations are going to make us uncomfortable, because they will throw into question our entire upbringings and it’s possible that everything that we have known as a universal truth will be discarded. We will have to create new selves.

That’s right, comrade. Throw off old, counterrevolutionary, kulak “universal truth.” Embrace New Soviet Man. Wait, we aren’t doing New Soviet Man anymore? It’s New Feminist Man now? Okay, got it. NEW FEMINIST MAN.

These people are self-parodying at this point.

That critical process is not possible until we have fully abandoned the idea of “good” and traded it in for honesty.

Interesting how Mychal views “good” and “honesty” as being in conflict with each other. But very well. Here’s some honesty. Feminism is idiocy. Feminism is Marxism with the serial numbers filed off. Class warfare is the single most destructive concept loosed on the world since the opening of Pandora’s Box, whether the class in question is economic, social, racial, or sexual. Black men being subservient to women has led the American black male to the bottom spot of the political and economic totem pole.

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