Mother of Six, Accessory to Robbery and Murder, Asks Moved For Bond Reduction Because She Gave Birth in Jail

Keoshea Quanvette Gattis (Jesus, Mary, and Joseph these names) of Greensboro is charged with first-degree murder, first-degree burglary, and attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon, after a September 1, 2015 home invasion robbery. In that robbery, 72-year-old Doris Hampton Leach was murdered.

Gattis and her confederates broke into 1100 Huffine Mill Road at approximately 10:40 pm. They did not know Leach was home. The robbers shot Leach in the head and killed her dog. Leach lingered for six days before dying from the wound. Leach shot at least one of the burglars, Takwan Dequinten Luster (come on. Really?), who, at the time of the robbery, was Gattis’ boyfriend, and is facing the death penalty for Leach’s murder.

This is who we have raising kids in the hood. This tattooed, hard-faced, hoodrat, who, while 1-2 months pregnant with her SEVENTH child, goes out robbing with her boyfriend and his crew. And then she has the gall to ask the court for lowered bond so she can “parent” those children unfortunate enough to have tumbled from in between her legs. She wasn’t worried about parenting when she got in her van and drove these robbers to the house where they murdered the homeowner. She wasn’t worried about parenting these kids while her boyfriend was shooting it out with a 72-year-old woman. And she wasn’t worried about parenting when she, or one of the other robbers and legally it makes no difference, stuffed the murder weapon into same bag with her young children’s clothes.

The Black Matriarchy in full effect. No account males can get all of the pussy they want. Black women will help them rob. Black women will help them kill. Black women will take them to the hospital after they are done robbing and killing an old woman. And then, the black woman, when called to answer for her part in the robbing and killing that she participated in, will hide behind the kids that she didn’t give enough of a damn about to not go out robbing and killing and argue that she needs to “parent” them. What parenting can Keoshea offer to anyone? I hope they lock this female up for the rest of her natural life, because that would be the best thing to happen to these seven kids is that they are out of the reach of the irresponsible, amoral bitch who brought them into this world.


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5 thoughts on “Mother of Six, Accessory to Robbery and Murder, Asks Moved For Bond Reduction Because She Gave Birth in Jail

  1. I would like to know WHO you are, Mr. or Ms. Lostapwbm?! HOW in el nombre de Jesus did you get this information? First of all, how do you know that she and her kids live in the “hood?” YOU DON’T! (Unless, and let me use your beloved parenthesis, you are related to her and her kids.) And a personal plug, tattoos do not make someone a hoodrat, because I have five AND COUNTING, I am gainfully employed with a college degree – so you can swallow that. Second of all, why is it of essence to you, to emphasize on her “SEVENTH” child. People have multiple children, it is an okay thing to do, unless you are an old school Chinese person and are “supposed” to have 2.5 children. And WHY do you feel the need to categorize, most, if not all black women, into the same stigma and stereotype of this ONE black woman. Yes, she made some serious mistakes and YES she neglected her children in the meantime, but that is NOT all black women. And mistakes or no mistakes, it is very RUDE of you, to call her out of her name because of those mistakes – that is NOT your place and quite frankly, it is judgmental.

    Thank You & I look forward to hearing from you soon!


    • I’m not the writer of this article , however I know Keosha personally. She does in fact live in the hood. She is in fact addicted to crack cocaine. And when she ran to hide from police in another city (high point nc) she left her 2 year old daughter on the side of a busy street in a dirty tee shirt and a diaper that had been worn for about 3 days. The daughter had blisters the size of quarters on the bottom of her feet and had to be taken to the hospital. Also the article forgot to mention just weeks prior to this robbery she had two of her children (her 2 year old daughter and 7 year old daughter) in the van with her during a shoot out. I have personally seen the testimony of that incident and the living conditions she had her children in from three of the children over the age of 7. The woman had no stove in her house, but plenty of cocaine . What an outstanding citizen. Hope she rots in prison.


  2. Well I have been informed the her co-defendants went to trial this week and her boyfriend received 18 years after taking a plea. I’m not sure about the other 3 but she is out of jail back to doing drugs and hanging with the wrong crowd while wearing an ankle monitor!


  3. The judge needs to be fired for letting anyone who killled a elderly women and her dog , Where is the justice for this women , or her family , That’s hog wash if the judge believed they thought it was a party , This is why America is f up today !! The Judge needs to be ashamed of himself and needs to be fired !!


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