Jackie Coakley Created Haven Monahan’s Email Account; Coakley’s Lawyers Hid Evidence

This whole UVA/Rolling Stone story is getting really ridiculous at this point.

Nicole Eramo, the UVA Dean reported in the now-discredited-as-a-complete-fabrication story “A Rape on Campus,” penned by the equally discredited propagandist, Sabrina Rubin Erdely back in November 2014, has some new ammunition in her lawsuit against Rolling Stone et al.: A subpoena served on Yahoo for production of documents related to the account identified to “Haven Monahan,” Jackie’s fictional boyfriend/rape facilitator have shown that the account was created on October 2, 2012, one day before “someone” (looking at you Jackie) sent an email from the account to Ryan Duffin, an actual student at UVA, professing Jackie’s undying love for Duffin.

You dodged a bullet, Ryan. A crazy, crazy bullet.

But that’s not the best part. The best part is that Jackie’s lawyers, in filings to the court on March 22, 2016, Jackie’s lawyers swore on a stack of Bibles, Torahs, and Qurans, that Jackie had no knowledge of the email account and no access to the email account.

Now, guess when the Yahoo documents show the Haven Monahan email account was last accessed?

Marsh 18, 2016.

Guess where it was last accessed from?

The offices of Stein, Mitchell, Cipollone, Beato, & Missner LLP, Jackie’s attorneys (who are representing her pro bono, by the way).


Have you ever heard the fable about the kid who gets busted by mom with their hand stuck in the cookie jar because they didn’t want to let go of the handful of cookies?

This is what it looks like.

Now, Eramo’s lawyers have filed documents with the court which, to put not too fine a point on it, that Stein Mitchell is playing hide the ball with evidence, that Jackie is up to her chubby little eyeballs in bullshit and that she is Spartacus…I mean, Haven Monahan.

Now, I understand why nobody is suing Jackie Coakley in her own person (probably because she doesn’t have anything worth taking and the second or third rule of torts is “always hit the guy with the deepest pockets”) but Jesus Christ, can’t “Rolling Stone” attach her to the case? Maybe Eramo or the Phi Kappa Psi adds her to the case as a co-defendant?

As for Jackie’s white shoe firm, it’s bad enough that they concealed evidence; a lot of civil litigators like to play that game, but these assholes flat-out lied to the court about complying with a discovery order. Can the judge at least lock them up for a week? Just to demonstrate to the rest of the D.C. lawyers that this sort of thing is not acceptable?

Can the judge also have Jackie Coakley jailed for contempt or exiled to a sandbar in Alaska? If nobody can take a little justice from out of Jackie’s wallet, at least take a little from out of her ass? Jackie Coakley told this bullshit lie for years. Repeated it to multiple people. Created email accounts and phone numbers to support her lies. Now, by some joke that only God could appreciate, retains these overpriced lawyers to defend her lie to the death.

Believe Her.

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Balanced Article About Study on False Accusations

Saw this article in Spiked, written by a female barrister, Barbara Hewson. Excerpted in relevant parts:

Why do some people make false allegations, which wreak such havoc in the lives of innocent people? Filing false vice reports, a recent Dutch study published in April this year, offers some much-needed clarity. Motives for false allegations include revenge, attention-seeking and compensation.


They propose a new theory of fabricated rape. Their hypothesis is that pseudo-victims have to construct stories based on their own experiences and beliefs about rape. They will construct a stereotypical story that does not resemble a true rape. They will tend to rely on representations of rape in news media, which tended to be biased and often lack details. Typically, the media cover sensational and atypical rapes.

Like being raped for three hours on a broken glass table? (Hi, Jackie Coakley)

A pseudo-victim will also likely create a rapist whose conduct does not fit typical offender categories. In brief: the four typical rapist profiles are ‘opportunist, pervasively angry, sexual, and vindictive’. Typical rapist behaviours can include such things as attempts at pseudo-intimacy, or stealing from the victim. These sorts of behaviour are often absent from media reports of rape. By contrast, the proportion of rape stereotypes is typically higher in false allegations of rape.

So how do false and true allegations of rape differ? Typically the false report will provide a concise story with little details. The research used a control group (consisting of likely true allegations) and two experimental groups where participants were invited to invent a rape accusation. The study used 187 variables (specific rapist behaviours) to test the veracity of the stories it collected.


The results were both instructive and intriguing. True victims were twice as likely to give details – and give them spontaneously – than pseudo-victims. True victims described a lot of verbal interaction with their rapist, most of which fitted the rapist profiles mentioned earlier (eg, sadistic rapists were insulting). They also described a wide variety of sexual acts and positions. True victims engaged in evidence-conserving activities (such as not showering), while pseudo-victims did the opposite.

Making an excuse for a lack of physical evidence? Interesting.

The authors conclude that four main characteristics of false allegations stand out.

First, the alleged rape is always swift – almost all cases were completed in less than 15 minutes.

Second, the pseudo-victim is passive, and their narrative does not include a variety of sexual acts.

Third, false allegations mostly include instrumental violence, and almost no expressive violence (eg, unnecessary hurting during sex). ‘False complainants seem to be aware that it is the era of forensic evidence. Bruises and scratches without foreign DNA might put their credibility on the line.’

Finally, pseudo-victims offer a more detailed description of their attacker’s personal appearance than real ones do. For some reason, false complainants described the nose of the fabricated offender more than genuine victims.

The nose? Really? I’m in trouble then. My nose is readily identifiable.

One defence lawyer has said that 70 per cent of cases in Crown Courts now are sex cases. The CPS (65 per cent of whose workforce is female) evidently has no concept of age discrimination. It zealously prosecutes offenders ranging in age from 12 to 101.

When there is a question of the Holy Vagina, female CPS barristers throw all pretense of being objective officers of the court out of the window and burn with hatred to punish the heretics.

So what’s to be done? The police need to be more rigorous in their questioning of complainants. In particular, adult complainants should not be treated like tender youngsters. It is troubling to learn that in a recent case in Cirencester, which collapsed on the first day of trial, the policeman in charge was a confidant of the complainant, even interviewing her in her bedroom. Second, the CPS must drop their biased outlook, which assumes that all complainants are victims. Its Toolkit for Prosecutors on Violence Against Women and Girls Cases Involving a Vulnerable Victim is typical of this mindset. The eight-page document uses the word ‘victim’ 39 times, and ‘victims’ nine times. Both agencies need to acquire some objectivity, instead of acting as allies of our current victim culture. And they must stop being the useful tools of those who make false allegations.

Let the congregation rise and say “Amen!”

This is an excellent article, I have no commentary to add to it. What’s interesting is the call to action at the end amounts to nothing more than the police and the prosecutors actually doing investigative due diligence and ensuring that they have ALL relevant facts before prosecuting a case, not just facts inculpatory against the suspect/defendant.

This cult of Believe Her-ism is perverting justice, diminishing respect for the courts, and alienating men in general.


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Filing False Vice Reports

Nigerian Economics Student Exonerated After 27 Minutes of Deliberation

On December 5, 2014, Sam Obeghe, 26, an economics student at the University of Salford, Greater Manchester, and his friend Zack Garrigan, were out celebrating Garrigan’s birthday when they met the accuser and another woman at the Vogue bar. Obeghe, who had not been drinking, gave the four a ride back to his flat at Atlas Mill, Bentinck Street, Heaton, around 5 AM, where Garrigan and the accuser went to Obeghe’s room to have sex. Garrigan and the accuser did not have sex. Garrigan left the room to find a Viagra and the accuser fell asleep. Obeghe went to roust the accuser out of his bed so he could get a few hours of sleep before work. The accuser, believing him (get it? Believe Him? No? Forget you then.) to be Garrigan, began fondling Obeghe and the two had sex. The accuser claims that she thought Obeghe was Garrison. Obeghe insisted that he stopped when she called out Zack’s name during sex.

Obeghe told Garrigan what had happened. The accuser came out of the room hysterical and saying she had to leave. When she told her mother what happened, they called the police. Three hours later, police arrested Obeghe at his residence on charges of rape.

Obeghe waited 17 months for a trial in which he testified in his own defense. He asserted and emphasized that the accuser initiated sex with him, and that he stopped when he knew that she believed she was having sex with Zack Garrison. The jury exonerated Obeghe of the rape charge after 27 minutes of deliberation in the Bolton Crown Court.


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Indiana Man Freed After Woman Recants Rape Accusation

Lake County, Indiana prosecutors have dismissed rape charges against Lester J. Butler, 38, after the accuser in his rape case recanted. The woman claimed that she met Butler through a mutual friend. When he arrived at her home on April 20, he cornered her in the bathroom, pointed a gun at her, and raped her. Once finished, she claimed that he forced her to shower, then stole her cellphone and $300 before leaving.

Last week, the woman testified that the allegations were patently false. She also provided a letter stating the same. Lake County Prosecutor Bernard Carter chose to prosecute the accuser, but was careful to repeat the myth that false accusations are “extremely rare” (if “false accusations” are rare, so are homosexuals and left-handed people). Butler stated that he met the accuser through an online dating site (swipe right, catch a case), and that he had known her for a few weeks. He learned of the case when friends sent him stories being published about the false accusation of rape. He also claimed that he didn’t have sexual contact with the woman on April 20, and that she gave him gas money. She traveled with Butler to the East Chicago Police Department when Butler turned himself in.

False informing in Indiana is a Class A misdemeanor.


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Teenager Makes False Rape Accusation At Woman’s Behest

A Dos Palos woman was arrested for allegedly forcing a teenager to report a rape that never happened, police said Monday.

An investigation into an allegation of rape began May 1, after a 13-year-old girl said she was assaulted by a man, police said in a news release.

Officers did not release the suspect’s name.

Police Chief Barry Mann told the Sun-Star that investigators hope to withhold the suspect’s name to protect the identity of the teenage girl.

Police said the man also was threatened at gunpoint after the 53-year-old woman told the girl’s family about the alleged rape. It was not immediately clear when the alleged threat occurred.

The witnesses gave conflicting stories and police searched cellphones and surveillance footage from a local convenience store after the initial report, police said.

Eventually the girl admitted that the accusation was false and said she was forced by the 53-year-old to make the claim, authorities said. The girl was turned over to Child Protective Services, police said.

The woman, who was described as the guardian of the girl, was arrested on suspicion of providing false information, and suspicion of directing the 13-year-old during the false reporting, police said. It’s unclear how the two are related.

The woman also was arrested on conspiracy charges related to an assault with a deadly weapon and criminal threats.


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Detroit Woman Who Falsely Accused Police Officer Charged With A Felony

Velicia Stinson, 24, of Detroit, Michigan is charged with felony filing a false police report. Stinson accused a Detroit police officer of raping her in his squad car on February 1, 2016. The car had an in-car camera equipped and the footage did not support Stinson’s accusation. Stinson was charged on May 6 and released on a $1,000 bond. Her next hearing is scheduled for May 19.

If convicted, she faces a possible four year sentence.


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State v. Stinson: Register of Actions

Bulgarian Woman Accuses Man of Rape to Get Out of Sham Marriage Deal

A 28-year-old woman who reported to police that she had been raped while kept locked in a flat for a month has retracted and was now facing deportation, Limassol police said on Tuesday.

During questioning, the woman from Bulgaria admitted to police that she had lied. Her complaint led to the arrest of a 29-year-old Bangladeshi man in connection with abduction and rape.

The woman admitted to police that she had come to Cyprus to conduct a sham wedding with the man. The plan was then to travel to Denmark.

It is understood that she had been paid €1,000.

But it appears that the woman changed her mind and decided to lie so that she could get out of the situation.

Police said it has been decided to deport both individuals.


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