Armed Robber Sentenced to 33 Years After Being Shot By Store Owner

Nathaniel Pembrook, 43, of Philadelphia, PA, made an arduous 716 mile journey in search of medical attention. Why? Because the owner of the jewelry store in Detroit, MI he tried to rob shot him. Pembrook, along with conspirators David Briley, Shaheed Calhoun, and Orlando Johnson were responsible for a pair of robberies in Grand Rapids and West Bloomfield during 2014. While robbing Medawar Jewelers on Plainfield Avenue in Grand Rapids, Pembrook was shot by the owners while searching the back rooms for more merchandise to steal. The trio fled. Undeterred by a little thing like a gunshot wound, the robbers made off with $1.3 million in Rolex watches from a Tapperas Diamonds and Fine Jewelry in West Bloomfield.

After a lengthy drive, Pembrook walked into Presbyterian Medical Center in Philadelphia, claiming he had been shot outside of a speakeasy. The police could not find the speakeasy, but they did match the bullet taken from Pembrook to the caliber fired from the Medawar owner’s gun. Pembrook’s blood also matched samples taken from the scene.

In December 2015, a federal court convicted Pembrook, Briley, Calhoun, and Johnson for conspiracy to interfere with interstate commerce by force, interference with interstate commerce by force, use of a firearm in a crime of violence, and felon(s) in possession of firearms. Pembrook was sentenced to 33 years for his part in the crimes.


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