False Rape Accuser Sentenced To Six Months in Jail

Wendy Wilson, 62, of King’s Lynn, Norfolk, England, was sentenced in the Norwich Crown Court to six months in jail after filing a false rape claim back in 2013. On December 22, 2013, Wilson summoned Norfolk police to her residence, claiming two men with Eastern European accents broke into her house and raped her in the kitchen at knife point (Swarthy Foreigners).

The police spent five months, £70,000, and 2,244 man hours investigating Wilson’s accusation. But it was the insurance adjusters who revealed Wilson’s rape claim for its falsity. As the police were investigating, Wilson filed an insurance claim for £6,000 in goods she told the insurance company had been stolen after the non-existent rapists knocked her out. But Wilson never mentioned any stolen goods to the police. The police finally concluded that Wilson had fabricated the rape story specifically to make the insurance claim.

Wilson pled guilty to perverting the course of justice and fraud. Judge Anthony Bate, upon handing down the sentence, rebuked Wilson, stating:

‘While officers were investigating your bogus claims they can’t be investigating other people’s genuine concerns. It diverted them away from much more important lines of inquiry.’

So, class, why would a woman EVER lie about rape?

Answer: She saw an opportunity to make £6,000.

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