Indiana Man Freed After Woman Recants Rape Accusation

Lake County, Indiana prosecutors have dismissed rape charges against Lester J. Butler, 38, after the accuser in his rape case recanted. The woman claimed that she met Butler through a mutual friend. When he arrived at her home on April 20, he cornered her in the bathroom, pointed a gun at her, and raped her. Once finished, she claimed that he forced her to shower, then stole her cellphone and $300 before leaving.

Last week, the woman testified that the allegations were patently false. She also provided a letter stating the same. Lake County Prosecutor Bernard Carter chose to prosecute the accuser, but was careful to repeat the myth that false accusations are “extremely rare” (if “false accusations” are rare, so are homosexuals and left-handed people). Butler stated that he met the accuser through an online dating site (swipe right, catch a case), and that he had known her for a few weeks. He learned of the case when friends sent him stories being published about the false accusation of rape. He also claimed that he didn’t have sexual contact with the woman on April 20, and that she gave him gas money. She traveled with Butler to the East Chicago Police Department when Butler turned himself in.

False informing in Indiana is a Class A misdemeanor.


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