Nigerian Economics Student Exonerated After 27 Minutes of Deliberation

On December 5, 2014, Sam Obeghe, 26, an economics student at the University of Salford, Greater Manchester, and his friend Zack Garrigan, were out celebrating Garrigan’s birthday when they met the accuser and another woman at the Vogue bar. Obeghe, who had not been drinking, gave the four a ride back to his flat at Atlas Mill, Bentinck Street, Heaton, around 5 AM, where Garrigan and the accuser went to Obeghe’s room to have sex. Garrigan and the accuser did not have sex. Garrigan left the room to find a Viagra and the accuser fell asleep. Obeghe went to roust the accuser out of his bed so he could get a few hours of sleep before work. The accuser, believing him (get it? Believe Him? No? Forget you then.) to be Garrigan, began fondling Obeghe and the two had sex. The accuser claims that she thought Obeghe was Garrison. Obeghe insisted that he stopped when she called out Zack’s name during sex.

Obeghe told Garrigan what had happened. The accuser came out of the room hysterical and saying she had to leave. When she told her mother what happened, they called the police. Three hours later, police arrested Obeghe at his residence on charges of rape.

Obeghe waited 17 months for a trial in which he testified in his own defense. He asserted and emphasized that the accuser initiated sex with him, and that he stopped when he knew that she believed she was having sex with Zack Garrison. The jury exonerated Obeghe of the rape charge after 27 minutes of deliberation in the Bolton Crown Court.


Archived Source


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