Australian Court Refuses To Release Documents in False Rape Investigation

Last year, I scribbled something about an Australian prison guard who was put through the system by his daffy ex to extort $90,000 from him with the help of a police department that had a raging hard-on to put him in prison for a rape he didn’t commit. Now the case is back. This time, the guard tried to obtain documents about the investigation that nearly ruined his life and the standards (or lack therof) used by the Australian Federal Police.

Or he would have, if a Tribunal had not declared that releasing the documents was “contrary to the public interest.” Interesting thing, that public interest. According to the AFP, the documents were unrelated to Mr. Williamson, but pertained to the investigator in his case and that investigator’s “conduct issues.” I would think a thorough examination of an investigator’s career conduct would be warranted, following such a spectacular mishandling of a case.

The esteemable Tribunal thought that while assisting public inquiries into the deficiencies in conduct of an AFP appointee and possible misconduct was all well and good, it was more important that the stream of “confidential” information be kept flowing to the AFP.

So what if a few eggs get broken? Can’t let the peasants know just how deep the rot in their government runs.


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