Woman Sends False Rape Confession from Ex’s Phone; Gets 15 Months in Jail


Natasha Uttamsingh, a 22-year-old midwife-in-training at the University of Surrey, was sentenced to 15 months in jail for perverting the course of justice. Uttamsingh stole her ex-boyfriend, Aakash Andrews’ cell phone and used it to send a false confession of rape to her own phone. She also falsified a medical report to obtain a protective order against him.

This strange drama began in 2014. 37-year-old Uttamsingh and 22-year-old Andrews had an eight-month relationship. Andrews wanted to end it, undoubtedly because she was the kind of psychopath who would frame someone for rape. Uttamsingh first told Andrews that she was pregnant (the classic “Oops-a-baby”). She followed up by telling him that she would report him for domestic violence and actually pretended to a person named Nicole Smith and called the police, pretending to be a “concerned neighbor.”

The police interrogated Andrews about a red mark they saw on Uttamsingh’s neck. Andrews admitted (Tip of the Day: Never admit anything to the police past your legal name) that they had struggled. Uttamsingh then piled on by accusing him of raping and strangling her to the point of unconsciousness.

To garnish this heaping platter of fabrications she had cooked up, she stole Andrews cell phone and used it to send a threatening text that could be interpreted as a confession to rape. But she wasn’t done. The last course was the protective order she filed for in Kingston. In support of the order, she used a falsified medical report, courtesy of a little white-out and a lot of forgery, adding that haer neck had been cut.

Uttamsingh’s attorney raised the classic legal defense of NEVER HER FAULT:

“These offences happened when she was hormonal and under the stress of being pregnant and struggling with being a single mother at a young age.”

When females are young, or pregnant, or hormonal, or stressed, they go out and frame men for rape. Makes perfect sense.
Her attorney also noted that her brilliant potential career in midwifery had been undermined by all of this childish mischief.

In my court of law, she wouldn’t have gotten 15 months. She would have gotten 15 years. This was a planned, executed, and savage campaign of defamation that would have ended in prison for the man if the police had not, for a change, done their jobs and thoroughly investigated the crime rather than citing the holy Feminist mantra of “Believe Her.” Uttamsingh knew exactly what to do set this man up, she knew how to falsify evidence, she knew how to make him look guilty. All at the tender age of 22.
This isn’t a brilliant school pupil, this is a psychopathic predator who tried to use the legal system to destroy a man who wouldn’t give her her own way.


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