Top Ten Fugitive in Murder of Woman and Unborn Captured in N.C.

This morning, police in Fayetteville, North Carolina captured Shanika S. Minor, 24, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Minor is wanted in Milwaukee for the March 6 murder of Tamecca Perry and her fetus/baby/clump of cells/whatever.

The March 6 murder was the result of Minor’s mother calling her daughter to complain about loud music at late hours in her apartment complex coming from Perry’s apartment. Minor did what any reasonable person might do, and challenged the 9-month pregnant Perry to fight her in the streets…while Minor brandished a pistol. Don’t call the apartment management, don’t call the police, call that bitch out to fight, and then offer to shoot her. Makes perfect sense. Minor fired off a shot into the air, then fled in her car.

Minor then returned to the apartment and AGAIN got into an altercation with Perry. Minor’s mother tried to calm Minor down, but then, according to the FBI, Perry DISRESPECKED Minor, which, among black females, is an offense so heinous, so unspeakable, so contrary to human decency, that it is punishable by summary execution. Which Minor carried out by shooting Perry in the chest. If you didn’t know by now, let this be a lesson: Don’t you ever, EVER, DISRESPECK the black female. She will shoot you to death for her RESPECK.

Minor went on the run. The FBI in Milwaukee, having not much better to do, put her on the 10 most wanted list, making her the 10th female in history to make the list. Congratulations, Shanika. You join the prestigious ranks of such luminaries like James “Whitey” Bulger, Eric Rudolph, Osama bin-Laden, and Shauntay Henderson.

It’s time to repeat the narrative: Black males, the ones who are filling the jails and the prisons and the streets, are learning this thin-skinned, irrational, violent, bullshit behavior from the women, because they aren’t being raised by men. This is what black men get to see, this their “normal” with mama, auntie, sister, cousin, girlfriend, baby’s mama, waving guns, and fighting in the streets and murdering other people over “DISRESPECK.” And at least a dozen black males would gladly lay up with this disgusting, homicidal creature, put a baby in her, let


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