Baton Rouge Mother of Six Free to Beat and Breed Again

The East Baton Rouge district attorney has declined to prosecute 30-year-old Schaquana Evita Spears (these damned names) on charges of felony cruelty to juveniles, after she “disciplined” (read: mercilessly assaulted) three of her six children for burglarizing a house on their street. Her instrument of “discipline”? Television cables. The court set her bond at $2500 which Winter Applewhite, a local bailbondsman paid on Ms. Spears’ behalf. In additional fundraising news, someone named Devisha Evans started GoFundMe on Spears’ behalf, raising $6,340 in 9 days. She gave an interview to the press after being released and it went a little something like this:

Here are a few important questions:

1. Was it a “belt”? Or a television cable?

2. Who were these “other kids”? Why does she assume that her own kids were following those kids, and not vice versa?

3. If her mama giving her “butt-whoopings” was so effective, why was she catching raw dicks at 16 and popping out babies at 17?

Let’s analyze a few things. First, she’s 30 years old. She has six kids. The oldest is 13. This means that she started getting pregnant at about 16. After having the first kid at 17, she pops out five more. 12, 10, 8, 6, and 2. 3. Next, she, in her own person lacked the means to bail herself out of jail. She claimed that no one she knew had the means to bail her out of jail. She had to wait for the bail bondsman to rescue her from the parish jail. Speaking of which, the sperm donor to at least three of these kids, is currently incarcerated. The kind of guy who fucks a 16-year-old with no condom, knocks her up, and they live in one little tribe in Baton Rouge. And while having six kids, she doesn’t have $1000 to her name to get herself out of jail. What happens when one of her kids gets sick? When the car breaks down? When the emergency bill pops up? Why, the government will get take care of it! All of this, taken in total, screams that this woman is wildly irresponsible.

“But, but, but, she works to take care of the kids!” If she were responsible, she wouldn’t have six kids. It’s not “responsible” to produce six kids by men who fuck underage girls AND go prison, just like it’s not “responsible” to clean up a window after you throw a rock through it; it’s called cleaning up after a mess you made.

Also listen to what she said. “I just picked up a belt off the dresser and…” She didn’t think. She didn’t talk. She just commenced with the ass kicking. Emotional and irrational. Reactive instead of proactive. A pound of cure instead of an ounce of prevention.

Of course, none of the people taking up for her will say “hey Schaquana, maybe you should stop having kids!”


“Hey Schaquana, maybe you shouldn’t leave your six kids at home, unattended, with nothing to do, except rob the neighbors!”


Black women are never in the wrong. They fuck men who aren’t shit. They have kids in the worst neighborhoods and the worst conditions possible to raise kids. If all of the kids are “honor roll students” and in magnet schools, the kindest thing anyone could do is get these kids away from this female before she ruins their lives.


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2 thoughts on “Baton Rouge Mother of Six Free to Beat and Breed Again

  1. “Black women are never in the wrong.” Well, at least you got that part right. Or so my television tells me. And movies, and newspapers, and magazines, and MSM websites, and books, and teachers, and SJWs, etc etc etc.

    PS: you assume she had a kid for each pregnancy. Maybe, but it’s also possible that she had abortions (clearly not enough) and also possible she has other kids out there somewhere.


  2. Nothing like making assumptions, first of all who cares if she was 16 or 26 when she had her first child. I guess in your mind, it would have been better to support her children’s misbehavior than to beat them. Your desire to remove the kids will help ensure they land in jail or prison most likely by the time they are 20, because no matter how much you seem to like the system, they actually turnout more criminals than they help. Thank you for desiring to add to the problem instead of helping correct it.


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