Black Matriarch Crashes Car, Tries to Throw Baby Out of A Car Window, Says Baby Is Ugly Like Its Daddy

India Turner of Palmetto, Florida is facing charges of aggravated child abuse, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, and leaving the scene of an accident. The incident occurred on May 10 in Bradenton when Turner, with her son in the car, rammed the vehicle of another woman on First Street. Turner threw bottles at the car and pulled along side the victim’s vehicle. Turner seized the baby boy by the neck saying:

“You gonna get this baby,”

“It’s all about this ugly (expletive),”

“he looks just like your husband,”

Turner then threw the baby towards the open window; the baby struck either the door or floor boards. Turner then fled the scene. When Manatee County Sheriff’s Deputies tracked Turner to her home to gather evidence concerning the crash, Turner fled the house. Later Turner took the baby to the children’s hospital in St. Petersberg (mother of the year award forthcoming), claiming that she could not pick him up without the boy crying (maybe because you tried to throw him out of the window of a car?). The hospital called the state’s child abuse hotline when she was reluctant to explain the injuries they found on her. Later, Turner called her sister to try and get her to take the blame for the child’s injuries.

The next day, a detective located Turner to interview her about the previous day’s activities. Turner (mother of the year) claimed that the injuries must have occurred while the boy was at her sister’s house (mother of the year). A subsequent interview with child services produced the additional story that Turner got a call about the child being in a car accident (a half-truth).

The police arrested Turner on May 25 on the aggravated battery charge. The Manatee County District Attorney’s Office brought additional charges two days later. Turner is currently held at the Manatee County jail on $65,000 bond. Somebody better get her a GoFundMe started.


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2 thoughts on “Black Matriarch Crashes Car, Tries to Throw Baby Out of A Car Window, Says Baby Is Ugly Like Its Daddy

  1. What happened to the baby? Why didn’t the police take the baby into custody the first time they went to her house since there was a report of witnessed child abuse in her car?


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