Hoes Gon Be Hoes: Featuring Kellie Jackson

This letter to the editor isn’t really groundbreaking. It’s just a good example of the brainwashing and rinsing that feminism has done on American women and the undue value they place on their vaginas.


Over the past week it has been difficult to browse any social media or tune in to any major news organizations, without hearing the names Brock Turner and Aaron Persky. While dismissing the heinous acts of Brock Turner, Judge Persky single handedly, unintentionally, did one good thing; he made people think and talk about rape.

Really? I must have been drunk for longer than I thought. All feminists have been talking about for the past decade or more is rape is prevalent, rape is everywhere, rape culture, rape jokes, rapey thoughts, et cetera ad nauseaum.

For far too long the issue of rape has been taboo, should not be discussed. Why? Because it makes people uncomfortable. If the issue of rape does not make you uncomfortable, something is wrong with you. One of the most difficult things for a rape victim to do is discuss their rape. If a person trusts you enough to open up, stop worrying about your comfort, just listen, possibly offer support. If a victim is strong enough and brave enough to file charges, please stop victimizing them by questioning their culpability.

More difficult than lifting tractor tires? I kid, Kellie. Asking a complaining witness questions is “victimizing” them? Gathering facts about a possible crime is “victimizing”? Assessing the veracity of a person before marshalling the juggernaut known as the American criminal justice system by asking them to tell their story and then tell it again is “victimizing” them?

Clearly, women are too fragile to exist on this sinful earth.

Yes, false charges are sometimes made, but they are few and far between. What the victim was wearing, what they were drinking, what they have done or not done in the past has no bearing or responsibility for the crime. Binge drinking by the rapist, or their victim, is not the reason for the rape. Peer pressure did not cause the rape. There is not one plausible, irrefutable reason that excuses rape.

So, questioning an accuser’s story is a terrible, heinous act of “victimizing.” Throwing the occasional man to the wolves is acceptable so long as it is “few and far between.” Got it. Injustice is tolerable to Kellie Jackson, so long as it only happens here and there. So what if you lose your career, reputation, years of your life, your family, and your sanity?

Got it. Thanks.

The only reason an individual is raped is their rapist had no self-control, they intentionally, maliciously and callously stole the most intimate part of a person’s heart and soul.

The vagina is the seat of the soul? And by raping the vagina you steal the most intimate part of a person’s soul? You learn something new every day. But what if I don’t have a vagina? Does that mean I don’t have a soul? Or do I simply have a lesser soul comparative to a female, sort of like how in Catholicism, animals have inferior souls to humans?

I appreciate good prose as much as anyone, but rape = stealing “the most intimate part of a person’s heart a soul” is laying it on thicker than Dolly Parton’s makeup.

Turner’s father called the rape “20 minutes of action,” saying it should not severely impact the rest of his son’s life. If you agree with that statement, in any way, please consider this: the rape victim will have to live with that brutal act for the remainder of their life. When the physical action of rape ends, the trauma of rape begins. It will haunt their dreams; it will tear away at their self-esteem; it will make future intimacy difficult; it will make the victim look over their shoulder and question their decisions for years to come; and it will turn that person into someone you may not recognize.

Please understand while living through the rape is difficult, to the victim, completely healing from the rape seems nearly impossible. A rape victim does not want sympathy; they need empathy, compassion and a safe harbor, while the trauma of rape continues to ravage their heart and soul.

Brock Turner will spend three months in a county prison while his victim will spend the rest of her life trying to heal and free herself from the prison of rape.

Kellie Jackson


Or…she’ll move on with her life. This is one my sticking points against feminism and it’s rape histrionics: They encourage women to reduce their entire existence to one wrong done to them, specifically, to one person touching their vagina without permission. I don’t have any saccharine pablum to offer up about healing, forgiveness, or self-help; what I do have is cold, hard truth, and one of those truths is that the majority of the people who have wronged you in your life, don’t give a shit about the fact they have wronged you. They are not dwelling on the fact that they have wronged you. It doesn’t “haunt their dreams.” It doesn’t “tear away at their self-esteem.” They don’t look over their shoulder for you or anyone else. Despite that, you are perfectly willing to let another person occupy space in your head, rent-free, for the rest of your life based on “20 minutes of action.” You will let another person interfere in your work, your personal relations, your health, and your peace of mind until you take your last breath, based on 20 minutes. That seems perfectly rational…to a feminist. To a sane human, not so much.


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One thought on “Hoes Gon Be Hoes: Featuring Kellie Jackson

  1. “One of the most difficult things for a rape victim to do is discuss their rape.” yeah that’s a good one! One of the most difficult things is to get them to shut up about it, and the ones who made up their stories out of whole cloth are usually the loudest.


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