Bombay High Court Issues Notices to Mother & Daughter In False Rape Case

The Bombay High Court has issued notice to a woman and her mother regarding why neither had been charged for willfully bringing a false rape charge against a man over an unpaid debt and an extramarital affair. During the man’s bail hearing, the woman admitted that her mother talked her into filing the rape complaint, as well as knowing that the man was married. At her request, he accompanied her to the abortion clinic.

The woman’s mother told the court that they “settled the dispute” with the man concerning 1.7 lakh borrowed by him and repaid after the complaint was filed (talk about aggressive debt collection tactics!).

The judge at the bail hearing stated that no citizen could be allowed to misuse the provisions the law to carry out a personal vendetta. Justice Sadhana S Jadhav of the Bombay High Court, upon issuing the notices to the women, noted that the High Court had encountered at least four cases that terminated at the bail application stage that the prosecutrix/complainant admitted to filing a false rape complaint to accomplish a personal vendetta against a man.


Archived Source


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