Serial False Accuser Accuses Teenager of Rape Over One-Night Stand

Sapphire Phillips, 21, of Fakenham, called the police after a one-night stand with a 17-year-old to get him arrested. Her reasons? She felt “used.” And she cheated on the man she was already with. Phillips has a history with the Lynn Court, having falsely accused others of robbery and rape in the past.

The teenager spent 20 hours in police custody and was forced to undergo a “forensic examination” (where they take your spit, pubes, and blood for comparison with the non-existent rapist). Twelve days later, Phillips told the police that her story was a bunch of made-up bullshit. Prosecutor Fergus Harold noted that this was the third instance of Phillips falsely accusing people to the police.

Phillips’ probation officer, Sharon Cooper explained that Phillips made false accusations as a “coping mechanism” and that Phillips needed attention, even if it was negative attention (don’t they all?).

What’s that little phrase I use for this ready-made slew of justifications for why a female, despite being clearly wrong, is not at fault for her choices and actions?


Doesn’t matter who they hurt or kill along the way. They either were crazy (seems females are not expected to keep their emotions in check) or someone else made them do it (so strong and independent).

The magistrate judge, for the crime of nearly ruining a young man’s life, threw the book at Phillips: 16-weeks imprisonment, suspended for 12 months, court-ordered rehabilitation, and a £165 fine.

That’ll sure send a warning that the English courts take false rape accusations seriously.


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