Irishwoman Sentenced to 3 Years For False Rape Claim…with 18 Months Suspended Sentence

Amanda Hayes, 26, of Inis Eagla, Shannon, falsely reported to the…gardaí (I guess that’s the Irish police) that she was raped on December 26, 2014. The alleged rape was at Drumgeely in Shannon. A six-week long investigation disproved the complaint and Hayes was charged and sentenced for filing a false report. An Ennis Circuit Court sentenced Hayes to three years imprisonment, the last 18 months to be suspended (18 months in prison). When asked why she claimed she had been raped, she replied, “I don’t know why I said, I really don’t. I am sorry for what I said.” Her attorney blamed her false report on her addiction (NEVER HER FAULT) and argued for leniency.

A cursory investigation shows that this is not Hayes’ first brush with the law and that Hayes, a mother of two, has a history of public intoxication. Additionally, has 59 prior convictions and was a fugitive from justice for two months when she escaped from the Ennis Courthouse through an open window.

I’m proud of myself. I made it through this entire thing without a single wisecrack about Irish drunks. I’m becoming more sensitive and politically correct everyday.

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