First Black Miss Alabama (1993) Calls Micah Xavier Johnson A Martyr

Of course she’s just come from church. Black females love them some Jesus. They won’t actually endeavor to abide by any of the 10 Commandments, the Noahide, the Mitzvot, or even the two commands Jesus said encompassed the entirety of the Law of Moses. Her “feelings” matter more to her than her Jesus.

Micah Xavier Johnson was a martyr…for murdering five people.

But she values all human life.

A martyr, in the sense that the early church used it and has become its common meaning, is a “witness.” What was Micah Xavier Johnson a “witness” for?

Getting kicked out of the Army for being a pervert to such a degree that rather than give him the usual counselling services, they handed him discharge papers?

That his divorced black mother tried to hammer him with the black woman’s watered-down, bullshit version of Jesus and Churchianity (Sin on Saturday, Sing on Sunday) and rather than turn to that neutered, feminized horseshit when things were going wrong in his life, he turned to self-aggrandizing, ineffectual Black Power, thus proving once again that single black females raise broken males?

That the gospel of the Progressive, the racist, and the social justice fanatic, the doctrine of Collective Guilt, means that he ambushed five men who had nothing to do with the deaths of either Alton Sterling or Philando Castile, three of whom were fellow veterans?


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