Mulatto BLM Fanatic Breaks Into A Cop’s House; Catches Hot Lead to The Chest

Tyler Gebhard, 20, of Affton, MO, broke into the home of an off-duty St. Louis County Police officer after threatening the officer and his family on Facebook (Heil Zuckerberg!) as the result of an argument online between himself and the officer. Gebhard and the unnamed officer had a prior acquaintance. Gebhard arrived at the officer’s home at around 6 PM. He tossed a 50-pound planter through a glass door at the rear of the house. The officer’s family retreated to a bedroom while the officer confronted Gebhard. The officer shot Gebhard twice in the chest. EMTs took Gebhard to St. Anthony’s Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Once again, another person who takes this Facebook/Social Media shit way too seriously. I pray to Aqua Buddha for the day when somebody drags Zuckerberg and the rest of his ilk into court for a wrongful death lawsuit. I’m not sure it would work, but I hold Facebook in the same contempt as I do Gawker. And Salon. And Slate. And Jezebel. And The Huffington Post. And Bustle. And CBS. And FOX. And ABC. And NBC. And USA Today.

But I digress. Most of the time, if you are arguing with someone on the other end of a computer, the argument is probably stupid and you gain nothing from it. In this case, Tyler did gain something; two small brass projectiles, hurled into his body at approximately the speed of sound which left him metabolically challenged.

His uncle (no mom and dad in this story, which is telling) said that he was such a good boy because, well, he played football, and he went to college. Because aren’t all college students and football players fine, upstanding, moral individuals? There was also a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, for which he was prescribed medication, but didn’t like to take.

Which brings me back to the prior point about arguing on the computer with people. I just assume you are all drugged and insane and that engaging you for any length of time will only worsen your insanity. And this is another nutjob that has flocked to the Black Lives Matter banner. I just posted about the nutty Miss Alabama and the bullshit argument about collective guilt.

When Dylann Storm Roof shot the Churchians in Charleston, the usual suspects were quick to broad-brush Roof as the poster boy for “White America.”

Dylann Storm Roof and the conversation white America should actually be having about race

Dear white allies after Charleston: Please understand this about your privilege
White Terrorism Is as Old as America
I’m still waiting for white people to start apologising for Dylann Roof
America needs some soul searching
This is American terrorism: White supremacy’s brutal, centuries-long campaign of violence

I said my peace about Roof and will not rehash it. It’s interesting that both Dylann Storm Roof and Micah Xavier Johnson were both failures at life, both tied their identities to the accomplishments/worth of people not themselves, and both wanted to provoke a race war.

It’s almost as if race/class war ideologies tend to attract losers and failures and incompetents whose lives are without value or purpose.

Sort of like the type of guy who would run off to a cop’s house to pick a fight over a Facebook argument about BlackLivesMatter.


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