Instagram Whore/Blackmailer Falsely Accuses Jay Bromley of Rape

Jay Bromley Jr., a 24-year-old Defensive Tackle for the New York Giants, has had a rough road in his life. His father was a pimp and his mother was a crack whore. He was born with an addiction. His father went to jail after beating a whore to death. He was raised by his aunt and uncle in Flushing, Queens, New York. After a stand-out performance at the Outback Steakhouse Empire Challenge (high school all-star game between New York City and Long Island), he was offered a scholarship to Syracuse University. He was a drafted by the Giants in the third round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

And his life was almost ruined by a lying, thieving Instagram whore.

Jay Bromley, like many athletes and famous men, lack understanding about the ruthless and pragmatic nature of females. All they see are tits and ass. And that’s what Jay saw when he hit up Instagram whore Chankeong (Chankeong3) for a “date.” The date was arranged for a hotel in Manhattan. When Bromley came out of the bathroom, Chankeong was naked on the bed. She sucked his dick, then demanded $2,000. Bromley refused, and stupidly, decided to stick around and fuck her. She demanded money again and Bromley hit her with the old Skeet and Skedaddle. Hotel surveillance cameras caught Chankeong chasing Bromley out of the hotel room, harrassing him, and throwing herself on the hood of his car.

But that’s not what she told the police.

The story that Chankeong told the cops was that she was drunk and vomited on his dick (nothing says class throwing up undigested chunks of lunch and stomach acid on someone’s genitals). She claims he attacked her in the room, then hit her with his car.

Thankfully, the NYPD investigated this bullshit story and to quote that other famous New York resident:

“We don’t believe you, you need more people.”

Then, the whore went into damage-control mode:

“I am a female that is emotional like a lot of entertainers I went to social media and said to heck with you, then I said let me delete this and turned to my bishop,” she said.

Chan told Bishop Lamar Whitehead the truth about what happened in the hotel that night; how a disagreement turned into a disaster.

“She said I don’t want this young man to get in trouble,” Whitehead said. “It was a situation where two careers could have been destroyed off a lie.”

Look at that phony crying and that trickle-truthing. The “disagreement” was that she is a whore and he refused to pay her. She cooked up a wild ass story and the video showed that her story was bullshit in part and likely in total.

Instagram is a veritable hunting ground for these aggressive, stalker whores, out for attention, money, or both. This same whore tried to extort Taye Diggs’ for money with a sextape last year.

But you keep right on trusting these mercenary whores if you want to.


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Archived Source 2

The Whore

The Whore Again

“Entrepreneur.” Fuck outta here. Professional groupie/prostitute would be accurate.


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