South Carolina Woman Cries Rape To Cover-Up Affair

Taffy Timbrelee Wheeler, 31, of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, was jailed for filing a false police report. Wheeler claimed that she had been gangraped along Surfside Beach before she recanted. Wheeler’s allegations changed depending on which police officer she spoke to. There was no evidence that she had been in the sand when she alleged that one of the (non-existent) rapists pushed her face into the sand.

Wheeler finally confessed that she concocted the story because she had been having sex with a co-worker and didn’t want her husband to find out.

“Why would a woman lie about rape?”

So your loving, long-suffering hubby doesn’t find out that “working late” actually means you’re deepthroating Bob from Accounting.

When Sherryl Sandberg told women they needed to “Lean In” to succeed at the office, a few of them heard “Bend Over.”


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