Stripper Robs, Beats Elderly Man, Threatens To File False Rape Report Against Him

A 72-year-old man from Bridgeport, CT made one of the cardinal mistakes any man can make: He tried to save a ho. The man met a woman at a strip club, working under the handle of “Madison.” Madison fed him a BS sob story about her alcoholic mother kicking her out of the house (she ought to be rolling in that sweaty, sticky stripper dough. WTF?). This old simp decided he was going to save a ho, and offered her the use of his residence.

Day two into her stay, and the man discovered that the stripper robbed him of his credit cards. When he confronted her, she attacked him, threatened to file a false rape report against him, then stole his wallet and his car.

The police caught “Madison” at McDonald’s, later identified her as Aleksandra Kamiska, 32, and charged her with third-degree assault on an elderly person, second-degree larceny, and interfering with an emergency call. Her bond is set at $7,500.


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