Black Matriarch Beats Her Daughter On Facebook Live

This video of the Black Matriarch Shanavia Miller has made the rounds for a couple days. For those not interested in watching it, the daughter, Nia Green, 16, apparently put up a picture of her and her boyfriend in bath towels, either before or after having sex. Not entirely surprising. But the black mother has an entirely mature, responsible, level-headed and appropriate response to her daughter’s irresponsible behavior.

Aww, I’m just kidding. Shanavia beat the living crap out of her daughter.

Video starts with mom and another bastard daughter getting access to Nia’s Facebook account and firing up a livestream (All Hail Zuckerberg). Mom complains that her daughter is a “thot” (shorthand for “That Hoe Over There”) while broadcasting herself to the world in bright pink booty shorts and a torn spaghetti-strap tank top.

Let that hypocrisy marinate for a moment before we continue.

Mom gets on camera with a stick or a paint stirrer or a ruler, and strikes the daughter, repeatedly, asking her if she “wants to be a little thot on Facebook.” Breaking the stick doesn’t stop the black matriarch as she hits her two more times as the daughter tries to retreat to the kitchen. Miller tells her other daughter holding the camera to follow her and memorialize all of this child abuse. Miller stalks after Green, shouting at her about the picture of her and her boyfriend in what appear to be nothing but bath towels. Miller accuses the daughter of having sex in her house and slaps Green twice. Green tells Miller that she and her boyfriend weren’t in the house. Miller slaps her two more times while Green tries to cover up. Green says something inaudible to Miller, provoking a response of “oh, you thought it was your period, huh?” and another slap to Green’s abdomen.

(Black female parenting? Or bad boxing match? You be the judge.)

Miller tells green that she’s probably got vaginal discharge and that she is “nasty as hell.” (Building up young girl’s self-esteem is such hard work) Miller punches Green in the shoulder and in the face. Miller then complains that she works too hard and her daughter wants to drive her crazy. Miller then says Green has a job (at McDonald’s) and tries to “downtalk” her, then hits four more times, once in the stomach, once in the back, slaps her once in the head and punches her in the face.

(You must not be doing too much for someone who isn’t a manager or an owner of a McDonald’s to “downtalk” you.)

Miller then asks Green if she wants to embarrass her on social media, followed by four punches to Green’s body. Miller asks Green if she wants “to be a little thot.” When Green says no, Miller responds with two more punches to the body. Miller asks “what’s the problem?” then punches her in the arm twice. Green attempts to cover her face and turn her body away from being hit. Miller asks “why you want to be a thot?” Green gets out a “how am I…?” before Miller punches her in the face again. Miller shouts that Green needs to get her grades up before she tries to “stunt” on Facebook, keep her room clean, be nice to her sister.

(I’m absolutely positive that Miller is providing her daughter with a shining model of academic achievement, domestic cleanliness, and familial affection, which is why young Nia doesn’t need to go out and seek affection from boys….oops.)

Miller slaps Green in the face again and informs her that has to quit her McDonald’s job, pay rent, (how she’s going to pay rent with no income, who can say, but Black Female Logic) and her own expenses. Miller calls her daughter a savage and a thot (after beating her daughter for the last 3 minutes). Miller says the boy can’t buy Green shit, then cracks her in the face again. Miller punches Green three more times and tells her “these punches ain’t hurting you.” Miller punches her three more times and tells Green “you like this shit.”

Miller takes the camera from the other daughter and declares that Green’s Facebook page is her’s now. Miller zooms in Green, still covering her face, and calls her a clown and a goofy ass. Miller accuses Green of making her look like a bad parent and that Miller does her best and that she doesn’t have a parent that will do what Miller does for her.

And, that’s pretty much the video. I score the round 10-9 Miller. Miller landed 100% of punches, going 30 for 30. Miller trapped Green in the neutral corner, found a lot of openings, wasn’t afraid to attack Green’s guard, kept her punches mixed up, even threw in some trash talk to try and break her spirit…

Wait, what? You mean I’m not commenting on a boxing match? This is supposed to be parenting? I got carried away there.

This video is proof against the narrative that females, especially black females, should be allowed to raise children in the absence of men, or some type of supervision. This female, Shanavia Miller thought, in her tiny lizard brain, that the appropriate reaction to her 16-year-old daughter having sex and posting provocative photos on Facebook (neither of which is good) is to publically beat and verbally humiliate her daughter in the town square of the Internet: Facebook(All hail Zuckerberg). This is the kind of physical violence and emotional terrorizing that many black children are raised with from the age of 0 to whenever they get a way to escape their mom’s house. For black females, that escape usually comes in the form a little dusty, knucklehead negro male, who doesn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of, or, has a little bit of dope money and some shiny baubles to wave in front of a stupid young girl. She’ll run off with him, he’ll drop a baby in her and they’ll either fall out, or he’ll go on his first of many stints as a prisoner of the state, and the cycle of the black matriarchy will continue.

If a man beat on this girl like this, or hell, if a man beat on Shanavia Miller like this, he’d be locked up, right now. But the black matriarch, she gets to indulge in whatever sadistic, violent urges pop into her head at any particular moment. And if black females raising the majority of children, male or female, where are the children, male or female, learning to be violent and irrational? Could it be from their violent, belligerent, irrational, abusive mothers?

Nah. That’d make too much sense.


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