Black Matriarch Abandons Children To Be Cared For By Evil Police Who Hate Black People

BATON ROUGE – Police say a Baton Rouge woman was charged with child desertion after leaving three small children under the age of 9 unattended at her home.

According to arrest records, Baton Rouge Police were dispatched to a home on Byron Street Wednesday night in reference to an alarm. At the scene, police found three small children in the home.

Police say the children told officers that 28-year-old Angelica Minyette Causey left the home around 11 p.m. with two other women. Officers tried to contact Causey by phone but she did not answer.

BRPD officers then transported the children to the 4th District where they were provided food and drinks.

An hour later, police say Causey sent a text message to the officer’s phone with, “Who dis MzJ (heart face) 2 U Biiiih (wink face) (kiss face)”

Some readers might be confused here. Have no fear. I’m fluent in Hoodrat Patois. What this dumbass is saying is “Who is this?”, responding to the police officer. Her ghetto hoodrat nickname is “Mz. J” which she is using here as a signature. “Biiiih” is a variation of “bitch,” which hoodrats use as both a term of affection or derogation, depending a variety of factors including, the relationship of the parties, intonation, posture, volume, and whether or not the hoodrat is baring her teeth. By “giving” the heart emoji to the police in conjunction with the use of the word bitch, the hoodrat is attempting presume familiarity with the unknown officer while simultaneously assuming an aggressive posture, indicating her readiness to attack. The wink emoji and the kiss face emoji are used to display a false air of confidence and relaxation, communicating to the officer that she is unconcerned with his response, whatever it might be.

As you can see, Hoodrat Patois is a deep and rich dialect, full of intricate meaning and multiple layers.

I’m just playing. This bitch is dumber than a bag of hammers.

The officer then replied with, “This is the police. We have your kids. Call BRPD 4th District.”

Police say Causey contacted police around 2:25 a.m. and asked police where her kids were. Around 2:35 a.m. she arrived at the 4th district and was placed under arrest.

Investigators say Causey stated she left the children inside the home to move items from her apartment with her friends.

Causey was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on child desertion charges.


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