A Pair of Black Queens Lock Starving Young Black Princes in a Bedroom While They Go to the Club; Princes Escape and Beg Neighbors For Food

Black women, remember when your Mulatto-of-the-Month, Jesse Williams, was blowing enough smoke up your asses to permanently destroy the Ozone layer? I do. I was particularly entertained by the part about “the black women in particular who have spent their lifetimes dedicated to nurturing everyone before themselves.” I was amused because it was such demonstrably false nonsense based on the general outcomes of black female “nuturing.”

In this instance, we have two black females, which should mean double the nuturing, right? No, we just get double the abuse.

Black men, if this is who you fuck and get pregnant, you might as well fuck another man. You’re already half gay anyway, fucking these manly-looking, high-testosterone critters. If this is who you’re chasing around for sex, then just go ahead and embrace the dick.

There was a knock on the door, and when the residents living there opened it, they were stunned to find two abused, dirty and injured 5-year-old boys begging for food.

Thursday, two women whom authorities said were involved in a romantic relationship with each other were arrested and jailed for having abandoned the two boys in a mobile home room with no bed, covers, clean clothes or food while they visited a nightclub in Atlanta.

Another instance of “lesbians with kids” (black women don’t discover they are allergic to dick until after they’ve had at least two kids by men who aren’t shit). What’s more, these nasty whores don’t have money for babysitters, food, bed sheets, clothes, or entertainment for the children, but come hell or high water, they will find enough pennies to make the drive up I-85 from Alabama to Georgia to shake their nasty asses at the club (for who, I don’t know since they are already in a relationship with each other and don’t like men).

“We are involved in situations that demonstrate some of the worst that people can visit on others, but this case is among the most disturbing,” Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones said on Friday. “Two innocent children that endured unspeakable treatment — our hearts hurt for them.”

The Lee County Sheriff’s Department announced the arrests Friday with a press statement about the case.

Jasmine Nicole Clark, 22, and Brittney Lata Menefield, 25, both of Opelika, were charged with multiple counts of child abuse.

On the night of Oct. 28, around midnight, “the Lee County Sheriff’s Office received a call from citizens living in the area of the 300 block of Lee Road 114 Opelika,” the release stated. “They reported that two unknown 5-year-old boys had woken them up knocking on their front door.

“According to the callers, the two boys were wearing dirty clothing, begging for food, and appeared to be unsupervised. Deputies responded to the area and located a trailer in the mobile home park where they possibly lived but the front door was standing wide open and no adults were inside the home.

Let me repeat myself: Not enough money to get out of the trailer park, or hire a babysitter, or buy food, clean clothes, bedsheets, or even a couple of DVDs to distract the little urchins; plenty of money to drive an hour and half to go shake their stupid, sorry, disease-ridden asses in a fucking nightclub!

“It was later determined that this was the home of the two boys and that they had been left at home but locked inside of a bedroom by their mother, Jasmine Nicole Clark, while she had gone to a night club in Atlanta,” the statement said. “The boys had managed to escape from the room and seek assistance.

“The two boys were transported to East Alabama Medical Center for a medical assessment when it was further determined that they had multiple bruises, cuts and scratches all over their bodies in various stages of healing.

This must be some of that some of that “nurturing” green-eyed Jesse was telling us about.

“Jasmine Clark and Brittney Menefield were involved in a dating relationship at the time of this incident and were known to periodically cohabitate in the trailer where the boys had been left alone.

“The investigation revealed that the two 5-year-olds had been abused on numerous occasions by their mother Jasmine Clark and her girlfriend Brittney Menefield,” officials said in the report.

Normal people buy punching bags off of Amazon. Black women just breed their punching bags.

“Further investigation revealed that the only furniture in the trailer was in the bedroom of Jasmine Clark and Brittany Menefield, to include a bed,” the statement said. “It was also determined that the children were made to sleep on the floor in an unfurnished bedroom with no blankets or covers of any kind.”


Clark is charged with two counts of aggravated child abuse and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child. She is being held in the Lee County Detention Facility on a $102,000 bond.

Menefield is charged with two counts of aggravated child abuse for her involvement in the case. She also is being held in the Lee County Detention Facility, on a $100,000.

Anyone with information regarding the case or any other cases is requested to contact the Lee County Sheriff’s Office at 1-334-749-5651 or Lee County Crime Stoppers at 1-888-522-7847.

I sincerely hope that bond is cash only so neither one of these two rats can get out of the cage before they are tried. Not that I hold out much hope of justice being served by a trial. The black faux-lesbian will get up in front of the white judge, fill her eyes with crocodile tears and say “My babies! My babies needs theys mama!”

And they do need “theys” mama. They need “theys” mama to beat up on them for whatever reason enters her head, whether they were “disrespeckin” her, or making too much noise, or looked at her funny, or if mama just had an off day. They need “theys” mama to starve them, make them sleep on the floor, and leave them locked and unattended to for hours at a time because “mama got to have a life.” And then, once they’ve gone through (survived) all of this wonderful “nurturing” that the Mulatto-of-the-month told us about, they will go out from this trailer park to unleash the hell that was scarred on their hearts onto the rest of the world.


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