Black Matriarch Forces Her Son To Strip Naked And Walk Through School Parking Lot

Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I can’t even…

Three times…this “thing” has three children. I would sooner stick my dick in between the couch cushions.

Cobb County police arrested a mother they say forced her 11-year-old son to walk nude through his school parking lot.

Joyce Sweetheart Cole, of Smyrna, was booked into Cobb County jail on charges of first-degree child cruelty and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, according to jail records.

Well, he wasn’t really delinquent if he was on the school property, at least she accomplished that much. She also lives up to her middle name.

The boy and his two siblings are no longer in their mother’s custody, police said.

An arrest warrant said Cole forced her son to strip nude at the front entrance of Norton Park Elementary and walk to her car in the parking lot at 10:15 a.m. on Halloween.

She told her son in the past that she was “going to embarrass him in front of people” if he “got in trouble at school again,” according to the warrant.

School staff ran out to the boy’s aid.

Cole was also booked on a charge of simple battery for slapping him on the side of his head while he was walking.

As much as I hate to take people on a stroll down memory lane, because as Justin Trudeau reminds us, it’s the current year, but I seem to vaguely remember, back in 2003-2004(not the current year) when there was a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth about how stripping adult men naked, beating them, and taunting them, were war crimes.

Abu Ghraib

I forget, it’s not a war crime when the black matriarch does it to children; then it’s just good parenting.

She was released from jail on a $5,720 bond the same day.

Sweetheart came up with the $5,720 (not likely) or got a 10% bond and somebody bailed her out.

Is every black matriarch stripping their 11-year-old son naked in the school parking lot (I would have tacked on some indecency charges)? No. But the black matriarchal logic is pretty much uniform in that the black matriarch tends to meet irrational childish behavior with more irrational childish behavior PLUS violence. Is it any wonder then that black children, constantly exposed to irrational thoughts and behaviors and violence, grow up to be adults who meet their issues with irrationality and violence?


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