November 9, 2016: The Day the Mainstream Media Died

Cause of death? Self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

For months Americans were bombarded by oversampled push polls, pretentious op-eds from well-heeled “journalists”, and sneering TV segments from subpar comedians, Donald J. Trump was elected 45th President of the United States.

What I write next will not be for the victors, but for the vanquished. There won’t be any Trump triumphalism, but cold, bitter reality for Clintonistas.

The alternative media got it right. The mainstream media got it wrong. They got it wrong not because they misread the facts, but because they ignored them entirely.

Tuesday was not just a referendum on eight years Obama failures, missteps, destabilizing, and just bad politics in general: It was a referendum on the entire Beltway political establishment from top to bottom. The people who work for their living rose up and cast down those who talk for their living.

But who are some of the players of the Establishment? Let’s meet just a few. The false prophets (pollsters), the court jesters (news-comedians), and the palace eunuchs (talking heads).

Each of these parts of The Establishment, the royal court of the D.C. Forbidden City, serves a function in how they deal with the people and each uses a different informal fallacy to try to manipulate the public. The ultimate purpose of all of these Establishment flunkies is to cultivate an electorate that is susceptible to fallacious logic, lazy thinking, and emotional sophistry.

The False Prophets of Polling

The false prophets of polling practice the fallacy of argumentum ad populum on a massive scale. They utilized oversampling, push polling, selective sampling, and a variety of dishonest statistical models and methods to cook up a final product that they can present to the people and say:

Look! The majority against Trump! If you’re for Trump, then you are against the majority! You’re a minority! An outsider! Stop being an outsider! Submit to the majority! You can’t win, Rocky!

These phony polls, as President-Elect Trump so adroitly called them, are weapons of psychological warfare, meant to demoralize the enemy.

Nate Silver: Clinton Probably Finished Off Trump Last Night

Nate Silver: Election Update: How Big Is Hillary Clinton’s Lead?

AOL News: Polls show Trump’s chances of winning plummet after debate

Bloomberg: Clinton Has 9-Point Lead as Comeback Obstacles Loom for Trump

Bloomberg: Clinton, Trump Neck and Neck in North Carolina: Bloomberg Poll

Business Insider: Top Latino polling firm: Trump is headed for a historic, lopsided loss among the key group

Business Insider: Things aren’t looking great in the polls for Donald Trump

Business Insider: TRUMP POLL DISASTER: Down 11 points in swing state Ohio, tied in deep-red Utah

CBS News: 2016 by the numbers: One month out, is Hillary Clinton headed for a win? Donald Trump’s polling lead in Ohio has evaporated. Here’s why.

CNN: Poll finds Clinton and Trump tied in Utah as a potential spoiler surges

CNN: Tight races remain in three battlegrounds: Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio

Daily Beast: Clinton Ahead 14 Points in WSJ/NBC Poll

Detroit News: Poll: Clinton widens Mich. lead as Trump support slides

Houston Press: Thanks to Slim Poll Margins, Is Big, Red Texas Now a “Battleground State”?

LA Times: Clinton takes double-digit lead over Trump in weekend poll

LA Times: New Pennsylvania poll shows Hillary Clinton expanding her lead over Donald Trump

Marketwatch: The election’s over — Hillary Clinton won

MSNBC: Latest polls make clear: Trump’s bad week made a big difference

NBC News: After Trump Tape Revelation, Clinton’s Lead Up to Double Digits

New York Magazine: Donald Trump’s Poll Numbers Are Even Worse Than They Look

New York Magazine: Trump Getting Thumped in Post-Tape-Gate Polls


Patch: Donald Trump in Virginia Beach Saturday; Far Behind in Virginia Polls

PBS: Clinton widens lead in polls

Politico: Trump looks into the polling abyss

Wall Street Journal: After Trump’s Tape, Keep an Eye on These Poll Results

Washington Post: Clinton holds clear advantage in new battleground polls

Washington Post: Washington Post-ABC News poll: Clinton holds four-point lead in aftermath of Trump tape

Washington Post: Buoyed by rising polls, Clinton shifts to a new target: the House and Senate

The Court Jesters of Television

The court jesters of TV (Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, John Oliver, Seth Meyers, et al.) practice a pair of fallacious arguments: Appeal to ridicule and ad hominem attacks. It is their purpose to try and make the opponents of the Establishment look silly, rather than address their arguments or their concerns or their grievances.

Because it’s easier to laugh at someone than to listen to what they are saying and consider the merits and flaws of what they are saying.

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert Mocks ‘Coward’ Donald Trump: ‘He’s a Chicken’

Stephen Colbert blasts Donald Trump-Hillary Clinton exchange on Russian President Vladimir Putin

Stephen Colbert Helps Decode All the Conspiracy Theories Against Donald Trump

Stephen Colbert Wants to See Donald Trump Fight Joe Biden on The Late Show

Colbert rips Trump again for election comments: ‘Truly the p—y has grabbed us’

Stephen Colbert Trolls Donald Trump by Heaping Praise on Mike Pence

Colbert Mocks White Woman Holding Sign at Florida Trump Rally

Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump’s Tax Spin: ‘Only a Genius Can Lose $1 Billion Running a Casino’

Stephen Colbert trolls Trump for his lack of Emmys

John Oliver

John Oliver Shows Trump’s ‘Winning Temperament’ In a Hilarious Montage

John Oliver Mocks Donald Trump for Having No Idea How Late-Term Abortions Work

John Oliver mocks Donald Trump and Sean Hannity for citing unscientific ‘bogus polls’

John Oliver Doesn’t Want the World to Forget About Trump’s ‘P*ssy’ Comments

Seth Meyers

Late night hosts on debate: Seth Meyers calls Trump ‘pervert on the bus’

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah Blasts VP Debate: Uninformative “White Guy Argument” Minus Critical Moderator Fact Checking

Trevor Noah Mocks Melania Trump for Giving Identical Interviews (Video)

Trevor Noah compares Donald Trump to King Kong

Trevor Noah Says Donald Trump Reminds Him of an African Dictator and Stand-up Comedian

Bill Maher

Bill Maher: Trump is ‘the Che Guevara of deplorables’

Bill Maher Rips Trump’s Debate Fail: ‘The Coke Wore Off’

Bill Maher Rips On Every ‘Whiny Little B***h’ Supporting Donald Trump

The Palace Eunuchs of Opinion

Ah, the talking heads, who make their living pretending to be serious thinkers, when in reality, they are paid hatchetmen whose jobs is to attack their enemies, typically with ad hominem attacks and sophistry. Their number is legion and they are never held to account for the falsehoods and personal attacks they spew out into the public space.

CNN/Julian Zelizer: We’re shocked: Donald Trump is a sexist

CNN: Trump’s vision of capitalism is amoral

LA Times: The Nazi echoes in Trump’s tweets

It takes a village to raise a misogynistic monster like Donald Trump

New York Times: Donald Trump Goes Low

USA Today/Kirsten Powers: Donald Trump’s cowardly debate performance – A self-proclaimed sexual predator prowls the stage.

Trump’s greed helped ruin Atlantic City. The rest of the country could be next.

Just to recap from this small sample taken from a month before the election: Trump is (a)Sexist (b) Amoral (c)a Nazi (d)A Monster (e) A Coward (f) A Sexual Predator. Now these same purveyors of slime will take up their pens once again, completely unchastened by defeat, and presume to call for “unity” and “understanding” (after attacking Trump as morally defective) while, with the same arrogance with which they denounced Trump, presume to instruct him on how he ought to govern.

But even after all of this noise was generated, all of this ink spilled, and bandwidth wasted, Trump still won. Trump won because despite the False Prophets loudly proclaiming that Hillary’s victory was ordained by heaven itself, and the Court Jesters dancing around with their clown noses and dunce caps laughing about how anyone who supported Trump was dumber than the fools themselves, and the Palace Eunuchs sneering down at the unwashed peasants should just quietly submit to their intellectual and moral superiors, this country and this government still belongs to the citizens, not Establishment propagandists and power-brokers.

November 9th, 2016 is the day when those who work for their living repudiated, once and for all, those who talk for their living.


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