Black Matriarch Throws Her Grade School Son Out of the House for Voting for Donald Trump in a Mock Election

Do I really need to fucking add commentary to this?

You females make sick. You really do. Can you really ask why black children and black adults are just emotionally warped and desperate for genuine affection? This is emotional terrorism. These whores just get to have kids and do whatever the fuck they feel like doing to them, and if, by some miracle, you make it to adult and aren’t a psychopath, you should praise the Black Matriarch.

This boy is bawling his damned eyes out, and the first person from whom he should learn love and understanding (Mom) puts his stuff in a suitcase (a pink suitcase, mind you), curses at him, and throws him out of the house for casting a fake vote in a fake election?

The thing that worries me is that I’m not angry at this. I’m not sad about. This doesn’t even surprise me anymore.

Congratulations, black females. You once again have met me at the level of my expectations.

And Hillary Clinton voters… I’m sure you’re not going to protest the hate this woman has clearly demonstrated for her son, right? Not going to throw any “love” trash cans through her windows, or set any “love” fires in her dumpster, or spray some “love” graffiti on her property, right? Because Love Trumps Hate, right?!

You bunch of fucking phonies.


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