Group of Black Hillary Supporters Beat, Rob, and Attempt to Kill a White Man Who Voted for Trump

On November 10, 49-year-old David Wilcox drove his Bonneville near the corner of Kedzie and Roosevelt, when another driver in a black sedan scraped his car. When Wilcox got out to investigate the damage and ask if they had insurance, the driver and passengers in the vehicle attacked him, screaming “You voted Trump” and “Don’t Vote Trump.” He was thrown to the ground, punched, and kicked.

When Wilcox tried to get crawl back to his vehicle, someone got in and drove away with Wilcox hanging on to the open rear driver’s window. The driver of the now stolen vehicle drove 70-80 mph down Roosevelt with Wilcox hanging on for dear life.

These are the Hillary “voters” (placed in quotes as if any these numbskulls had the requisite intelligence to cast a ballot). Will any of the Hillary supports calling for “peace” and “unity” repudiate this assault and robbery?

Of course not.

What they will offer are: (1) Paper-thin faux-sympathy. (2) Tu quoques and equivocation (Argh, Chicago PD does it too!) as if that justifies attacking a stranger (3) and justifications (OMG! They’re emotional! And sad about things! And poverty! [Which is a slander against the poor] And undereducated!)

If Wilcox were armed and put down even one of these bastard children of the Black Matriarchy, oh how the tears would have flowed and the excuses would have flown (see the previous post about Michael Renard Grace Jr..

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