Love Trumps Hate?

This must be more of that “love” that Hillary supporters want to spread.

Who are these all-loving, kind, peaceful, and tolerant “anti-Trump” protesters (read: rioters)?

The Texas Department of Public Safety arrested 6 members of a local communist group, Red Guards Austin, for assaulting pro-Trump members in Sunday’s protest. They will be charged with assault and resisting arrest.

But “Love Trumps Hate”, right?

While we’re on the topic of love, here’s some more of that Progressive “love” that they just can’t wait to share with the world:

Yes, you read that correctly. Rape Melania.

But fear not! Progressives always have a pivot!

Trump’s critics, meanwhile, are stressing that a single protester does not represent all of them.

Yes, and I expect the same people who turn their noses up and sneer at #NotAllMen will jump down the Progressives throats for not repudiating their hateful undercurrents and dog-whistles and whatever other version of thoughtcrime they typically accuse their opponents of.


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