Black Matriarchs Battle Outside Boynton Beach Big Box Store With Babies

Taiyaima Jean, 18, tried to pull out of a parking spot at the Wal-Mart on Old Boyton Road when two women, one pregnant and holding a three-year-old walked in front of her vehicle. This touched off an argument about who had the right of way. Rather than letting that shit go and going on about their lives, these three Black Matriarchs decided to engage in:

Jean got out of her car, chest bumped the pregnant woman and punched her in the face. The pregnant woman put down the three-year-old and fought Jean. One of Jean’s fellow Black Matriarchs joined in the fray, followed by the pregnant woman’s sister, making it two-on-two Mortal Kombat. There were about 30 onlookers when the police arrived.

People are getting smarter. You don’t try to break up Mortal Kombat between Black Matriarchs. They get an automatic Brutality finisher against characters that interfere in their fights.

The police charged Jean with aggravated battery on a pregnant woman, child abuse, and simple battery. Her bail was set at $5,500.

$5,500? If she gets that reduced to a 10% bond, all she has to come up with is $550 to get back out on the street.


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