Black Matriarch Shoots Black Male In the Chest During an Argument

Police expect to charge a Jackson woman with murder after she allegedly shot her boyfriend during an argument.

Kenisha Johnson, 28, of Jackson, allegedly shot her boyfriend, 35-year-old Larry Gaylor, once in the chest during an argument Thursday night, according to Jackson Police Department Commander Tyree Jones. The incident occurred at Summer Park Apartments, located at 2010 Chadwick Dr., around 11 p.m.

He died Friday morning.

Alas, another black man, cut down in the prime of his life by racist, white police…wait a minute…that’s not a white person…I’m pretty sure it’s not a man, though that face is hard enough to cut granite with…I believe that it’s a black female.

Quick! Someone call BlackLivesMatter!

Wait, what? You mean…when a black female causes your death, it means your life doesn’t matter? Got it.

False alarm. Everybody, return to what you were doing.


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