Wanna-Be White Knight Attempts to Defend The Honor of Lizards; Men Threaten to Kick His Ass

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Feminists have pushed this “don’t be bystander” and “men should intervene on women’s behalf” nonsense, ignoring the fact (as they ignore so many others) that when you engage in a conflict with another man, there is always the possibility that it will result in violence.

A young man claimed three men threatened to “knock him out” on the Tube after he challenged them over their lewd remarks to young women.

Ed Higgs, 23, said he “snapped” after the men allegedly targeted women dressed up on nights out as he rode the Piccadilly line from Earl’s Court to his home in Osterley on Friday evening.

This guy doesn’t look like he could snap fresh celery let alone “snap” on an adult male. And if the women were “dressed up on nights out” (translation: They looked like whores), then the men probably thought they might be open for business.

I’ll let Dave Chappelle step in here and explain it with his comedic insight:

But despite stepping in, he claimed other passengers failed to back up his intervention as they “scrolled through their phones” instead.

Strangers should back up young Ed Higgs in his moral condemnation of men speaking to club lizards in a way he doesn’t like and put themselves at risk that maybe these are the guys with poor impulse control and irrational minds who might decide to respond the schoolmarmish finger-wagging with hooliganish face-punching.

Mr Higgs, a graduate sub-editor with Sky Sports News, said the middle-aged trio made sexually explicit comments to three women over the course of his journey.

He told the Standard: “At first I thought the men were flirting but it seemed beyond what was acceptable or decent.

“They were saying things to these women like ‘we’ll show you a good time’ and ‘do you want to see my AK-47’.

“When they said to a young girl who was sitting in the same carriage as me ‘show us your t***’ I just snapped.

“I said ‘leave her alone’ but they turned round and told me to ‘shut up and read my paper’. Then they threatened to knock me out.”

He said he had reported the incident to the British Transport Police and expressed disappointment more passengers didn’t back him up.

Ed stripped off his white armor and sat his narrow-ass down before his mouth wrote a check (or “cheque”, for the non-American English readers) that his ass (or “arse”, again for the non-American English readers) couldn’t cash.

He was counting on the righteous indignation of the mob to support him in his hour of male feminist need.

Reality served him with the Backhand of Truth.

He added: “After I spoke one person looked at me as if I was mad and others just continued to scroll through their phones.”

A British Transport Police spokesman confirmed the incident had been reported to officers.

Unlike Ed Higgs, others are smart enough not to ride to the defense of club lizards and other species of female wildlife on the hunt for booze and dicks. I’m pretty sure none of the three fair maidens whose honor he so valiantly tried to defend bothered to thank him for his “chivalry.”

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