Portfolio Manager Tries to Bribe Girlfriend to Abort His Baby; Her Response? “Cha-Ching!”

A hedge-funder tried to fend off fatherhood by offering his model girlfriend $75,000 to abort their child, according to a lawsuit.

Elmira Naymark, 32, a lithe, leggy brunette, met Ron Ozer through mutual friends in 2013 and the pair quickly hit it off, traveling the world during a
2¹/₂-year courtship.

Lithe, leggy, and approaching The Wall at 70 mph. Check the numbers: She was 30 when they started dating. She’s 32 now and has his “oops” baby.

Ozer, 29, a portfolio manager for Citadel who specializes in making multimillion-dollar natural-gas deals, even introduced Naymark to his parents, gave her diamond earrings and whisked her off to Miami for New Year’s.

Of marriage, he would coyly offer, “One day, I will surprise you,” Naymark says in court papers.

For the curious, the average salary of a portfolio manager is about $100,000/year. Pretty good chunk of change and you can’t be a dummy in that area (according to Ozer’s LinkedIn, he’s a Math grad from M.I.T.). He was smart enough to string her along, treat her like she was a square girlfriend, show her some provisioning to keep continued access to her.

But being a STEM graduate doesn’t mean you can’t be reckless with your penis.

But when she told her lover in January that she was pregnant, Ozer grew cold, ordering her to “call the clinic” and “take a pill,” she claims.

When she said she was keeping the baby, he seethed, “I f–king hate you,” calling her “white trash” and “disgusting,” according to a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit Naymark filed last week against Ozer.

Of course she’s not going to abort her meal-ticket. Come on, Ozer, you have to be a little bit smarter than that. What did I just say about being reckless with your penis? If you are going raw in woman, either she’s sterile, you’re sterile, she’s taking birth control daily and in your presence, or you are essentially giving up your reproductive rights and future to a woman.

Ozer, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology grad who owns a $2 million West Village pad in a building where Robert De Niro once lived, swore he would deny the child was his, court papers say.

Then he had a colleague offer Naymark a pile of cash for her to end the pregnancy, even suggesting she could use the money to freeze her eggs and have fertility treatments later “with the support network of a husband,” according to court papers.

“He wants to help you out and take care of this,” the friend allegedly texted Naymark. “This isn’t the only chance for you to have children. You don’t have to force this and do it alone.

“With the support network of a husband,” meaning he wasn’t trying to marry this female, he was just playing around with her. When the feces hit the ceiling-mounted rotating oscillator, he thought he could buy her out. Little did he know, she had him scoped from the start. She was going to get a ring or a baby out of him, and either one would get her a lot more than a measley $75,000.

Now, according to the New York Child Support calculator, let’s assume his annual gross income is $250,000. For one child, the amount required is 17% from the noncustodial parent which comes out to $38,250 per year. This is not the end of the analysis. The Child Support Standards Act states that “The goal is to give children the same standard of living they would have if their parents were together.” Now refer back to the “$2 million West Village” and understand that $38,250 is a floor, not a ceiling. Elmira and the “Oops” baby will not be living in Bed-Stuy or Harlem. The court will require that Ozer set her and the “Oops” baby up in the West Village, or something comparable to the standard of living he now enjoys, but won’t for much longer.

“He wants to help you out and take care of this,” the friend allegedly texted Naymark. “This isn’t the only chance for you to have children. You don’t have to force this and do it alone.

“He’d be willing to offer a lump sum of money to you . . . I’m sure he would have no problem with 50k-75,000+.”

Naymark gave birth to a girl in September.

She claims Ozer hasn’t given her a dime — despite doing $60 million in a single business deal last year — forcing her to go on Medicaid and food stamps.

Pay attention to the Medicaid and food stamps statement. She is gaming the child support system, reducing her own income so that Ozer will be forced to pay more, despite her being a “model.”

The young mother, who briefly worked as a Manhattan leasing agent, says she is trying to get her real-estate license and relies on her mother for child care.

On an unrelated note, why is it that a lot of these models, actresses, bottle girls, and moderately-successful whores “retire” into the real estate business?

She is asking a judge to force Ozer to fund a lifestyle for his daughter “proportionate with [his] vast wealth and income,” according to court papers.

In addition to child support, Naymark is seeking a paternity test, full custody of the girl, health insurance for the baby, funding for private schools and summer camps, and a $5 million life-insurance policy listing herself and their daughter as beneficiaries.

A lawyer for Ozer did not respond to a request for comment.

Today, you bend her over, but tomorrow, she fucks you in court.

By “fund a lifestyle for his daughter proportionate with his vast wealth and income” she means “fund a lifestyle for ME proportionate with his vast wealth and income.” This looks like a textbook pre-Wall spermjacking. She was thirty, her model lifestyle was winding up, she ran down this guy’s resume, saw his account, played the girlfriend role, let him bust all kinds of nuts inside of her, and now she’s got the golden ticket to the chocolate factory, while he gets to be 18 Years a Slave.

And the Family Court will place its stamp of approval on this “in the best interests of the child.”

I don’t fear women; I fear the government that sponsors women in their mercenary pursuit of money and personal destruction.


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3 thoughts on “Portfolio Manager Tries to Bribe Girlfriend to Abort His Baby; Her Response? “Cha-Ching!”

  1. That’s was prettt stupid offering her money You dummy. Now she hates you and with her lawyer will squeeze every nickel from you oh and let’s not forget your daughter grownup and reading about her father trying to pay money to eliminate her. You get the dummy of the year award I guess money don’t give u brains when it comes to making a women feel good. Now ur names plastered all over the internet forever and you’ll be know for the prick that stuck his pecker in the hot model and didn’t know how to handle it when he dumped inside her. Good job baby your into a life of easy rides and bury him for whatever u can.


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