Black Matriarch Rejects Her Matriarchal-Status; Throws Newborn Baby in the Trash at Wal-Mart

Black men, just explain to me how you do it; How do fuck these hoes looking like this? You must be hitting this chick from behind because face-to-face…my dick would turn into cooked spaghetti.

If your baby’s mama looks like this, you need to go to the church, confess your sins, do your penance, and get right with God.

Officials have identified and arrested a woman who allegedly gave birth and left an infant in a trash can at the Walmart in New Roads.

According to the Pointe Coupee Parish Sheriff’s Office, Kyandrea Thomas was arrested by New Roads Police Department shortly after noon on December 24. She is charged with attempted second degree murder. Thomas was also arrested in 2009 on a negligent homicide charge after leaving a young child in a hot car.


Time to Google.

From the Advocate:

Two former employees of the now-defunct Wanda’s Kids World on Brady Street were given suspended five-year prison terms, put on probation for five years and ordered to perform 10,000 hours of community service apiece after pleading guilty to negligent homicide charges in the July 1, 2009, death of D’Myion McElveen.

Thomas, 29, who was an aide in the van, and Veals, 42, who drove the van, faced up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine. Probation was a possible sentence.


So this black matriarch and another, leave a child to roast/suffocate in the back of a van for six hours and nobody goes to prison?

Black matriarchs = state-sponsored terrorists.

These whores are free to kill, steal, destroy, and breed, pretty much at will among other black people and the State will give them the benefit of every doubt that leaves them free to kill, steal, destroy, and breed until they are no longer reasonably fertile to produce the next generation of livestock for State control.

Nobody can tell me different. If the law worked the way it was supposed to, this female would have done that five-year bid in prison.

Back to the original story.

Officials say they believe Thomas gave birth to the baby in the store and proceeded to throw the infant in the trash. She later checked herself into Lane Regional Medical Center, where she was later discharged and taken into custody immediately.

According to NRPD, the infant may have been found a Walmart employee.

Chief Deputy Joe Gannon with the Pointe Coupee Parish Coroner’s Office says the baby was approximately 4 to 6 hours old when found. The baby was unresponsive at first, but medical personnel were able to stabilize the baby at the hospital. Officials are temporarily calling the baby girl Olivia.

The baby was initially taken to Pointe Coupee General Hospital for treatment and was then transferred to Our Lady of the Lake in Baton Rouge via Air Med flight.

According to EMS, the baby is currently in stable condition.

At least this child survived Kyandrea’s “care.” I’ll keep my bounty of tasteless Wal-Mart jokes corked for the moment. It’s fortunate for this child, Olivia, that she survived. But I wonder if this is going to be where the law and the courts finally decide to draw the line on this black matriarch and put her in a cell for at least five years.

Probably not. She will likely be allowed to plead out again, this time to minimal jail time, then be back on the streets to fuck up somebody else’s life because, that’s what the Black Matriarch is here for.

This would get bonus points if she got legal custody of the child and sued the putative father for child support.

Merry Christmas!


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