Black Matriarch Stabs…Dammit, Again?

An Alexandria woman is behind bars, accused of stabbing a man twice in the chest at a home in the 1800 block of Polk Street.

Police said the man was stabbed on December 11. He was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Detectives learned that another resident of the home was allegedly responsible for the stabbing. An arrest warrant was obtained for Emma Herron, 47, for aggravated second degree battery.

Herron was located on December 28 and arrested.

*Knock, knock*

Hi, black men. Mind if I come in? We need to have a brief chat.

Are you at all tired of being stabbed in the head, neck, arms, chest, or any other body part you mind find valuable?

Take heart! There’s something you can do about it today!

Stop fucking with goofy bitches like this! Stop putting your dicks in them! Stop breeding with them! Stop cohabitating with them!

Treat them like the lepers they are and shun them. It might save your life. Or at least keep her from turning you into a human knife block.


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