Black Matriarch Hires Thugs To Kill Her Ex and His New Baby Mama

A Minnesota woman has been charged with hiring four gang members to shoot her ex-boyfriend.

According to the criminal complaint, Chelsey Lanae Majors, 26, contacted four men affiliated with the Minneapolis gang “I-9 Block Dipset” to shoot her ex-boyfriend. Her breakup was characterized as being “acrimonious and violent.”

On December 19, Majors’ ex-boyfriend and another woman were in a car that was hit by a drive-by-shooting. Each of the victims was shot multiple times and seriously injured. Both the man and the woman, who was pregnant at the time, underwent surgery. Their conditions are unknown at this time.

The four men accused of carrying out the drive-by-shooting agreed to the crime if Majors would make a visual identification of her ex-boyfriend in the car.

Surveillance video shows Majors’ car following her ex-boyfriend’s car into a Super America. She entered the store and placed a call while looking at her ex-boyfriend’s vehicle.

The police also have cell phone records that connect Majors to the four men accused of the drive-by shooting and the planning of the shooting.

Majors had agreed to turn herself into the police on December 21, but failed to appear. She was later found and arrested by Minneapolis police and remains in custody.

The Black Matriarch needs thug dick like a fiend needs the needle. When she is denied the thug dick, look out world! She will do her best impression of Ezekiel 25:17 and execute great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes; and they shall know that she is the Black Matriarch when she shall lay her vengeance upon them.

Isn’t it interesting that this Black Matriarch had some other thugs on speed dial, ready, willing, and able, to kill a black they had no dispute with and probably didn’t even know, along with a pregnant woman, at the behest of a Black Matriarch and some money.

And of course, because the Black Matriarch is a government-sponsored terrorist, Majors, rather than being hooked up in handcuffs and perp-walked through the front door like any other suspect in a murder-for-hire, she was invited to turn herself in, which she failed to do.

Good-bye 2016! Resolution for 2017? Avoid Black Matriarchs with gun-thugs and other assorted shit-heads on her resume.


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