Progeny of the Black Matriarchy Kidnap and Torture a White Man On Facebook Live

Where to start with this one?

These niggas are just slap-ass stupid. There isn’t an IQ above 70 in this room. It’s bad enough that they kidnapped this man, tortured him, assaulted him, and scalped him.

But what does the hoodrat negress do when this violence and brutality are taking place in her home? Does she plead for peace? Does she call the police?

Nope. She turns on Facebook Live and records the criminal activity.

Watch this video. Listen to the way these idiots speak. This is the finished product of the Black Matriarchy. Violent, irrational, unjustifiable egos, and desperation of fame. Most of these degenerates raised by the Black Matriarchy would rather be infamous than anonymous, which is why this dumb bitch fired up Facebook and started recording, smoking, drinking, and playing in her goddamn weave. This bitch thinks she looks good and you probably couldn’t tell her shit to the contrary. She actively encourages more violence from the two niggas. She giggles when the two niggas threaten to put the white man out of his misery. Most of these ghetto whores were never properly loved as children. They never saw an example of a healthy expression of love. So now, the ghetto whores get on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and whatever the fuck else is out there, showing ass, titties, and criminal activity, for that little hit of dopamine that they get when other ghetto whores and thirsty niggas click the “Follow” or “Like” buttons.

Casual violence is amusing to black females. Death is amusing to black females. I eagerly await some explanation as to how one can build any sort of productive, law-abiding citizen, much less a community of likeminded black people, when the females actively create chaos and misery.

Which brings me to the second point. The person who called the police, Dominique Williams, the granddaughter of Lula Williams, who lives two floors down from the hoodrat whores arrested, Brittany Covingtion and Tanisha Covington. Lula Williams, who is reported to be 89, said that the sisters moved in a year ago and since then have made all kinds of racket, fought in the hallways, and basically made a nuisance of themselves to the entire building. When she tried to get them to quiet down, they threatened to beat her up and kicked in her door.

Lovely young ladies aren’t they? Threatening to beat up someone’s (likely) great-grandmother. And here’s the problem: When you permit ghetto whores, Black Matriarchs to move into your buildings, neighborhoods, suburbs, etc., they will bring mayhem with them. They will bring their equally depraved fellow Black Matriarchs with them. They will bring their unruly bastards with them. Most importantly, they will bring thugs and niggas with them, because, the Black Matriarch cannot live without some thug dick in her life. The little ghetto whore even said in the video, her man is currently locked up.

When Black Matriarchs and ghetto whores move into your building, community, neighborhood, they aren’t coming to conform to the customs and standards of your status quo; they are coming to colonize and fuck up your shit.

Point three: The hate crime nonsense.

“Fuck white people.”

“Fuck Donald Trump.”

“He’s from Europe.”

I am opposed to “hate crime” legislation in general (flies directly in the face of the concept of equality before the law). I appreciate the argument that hate crimes as sentencing-enhancement to punish socially undesirable behavior, however, killing a man for being the wrong skin color does not make him more dead than if you killed him to take his wallet. Beating a man for adhering to a different religion than you doesn’t make him more harmed than if you beat him because he owed you money. The crime is the crime. Motivation while great fodder for crime drama shows, is not necessary to put a person in prison, only evidence that the criminal act took place, that the defendant did the criminal act, and that the defendent intended to do the criminal act.

However, make a few edits to the script of this particular drama. If two white men and two white women kidnapped, scalped, beat, and tortured a young black man of diminished mental capacity while laughing and shouting:

“Fuck black people.”

“Fuck Barack Obama.”

“He’s from Africa.”

How fast would the hate crime charges come down on our four imaginary criminals?

But this is the mindset of the Black Matriarch, which Black Matriarchs have transmitted down to their dumbassed progeny as displayed perfectly in this video:

It’s always somebody else’s fault.

Every problem, grievance, and inconvenience in the life of a Black Matriarch is somebody else’s fault. “That bitch at my job hates me. That nigga that fucked me, got me pregnant, and skedaddled ain’t shit. White people always messing with us.” Whitey made them do it. Donald Trump made them do it. Slavery made them do it. Post-traumatic slave syndrome made them do it. Poverty made them do it.

All of the blame-shifting results in what was shown in this video: justification for bad acts. When the Black Matriarch or her loyal thug drones does some bad act, it’s always someone else’s fault.

You get more of what you subsidize and less of what you penalize. This is one of the foundational ideas of economics. If you liked this video and what it displayed (violence, stupidity, degeneracy), then by all means, keeping giving Black Matriarchs government checks, and EBT cards, and housing vouchers.

For my own part, it’s past time for Black Matriarchs to be subjected to heavy penalties for their bullshit.


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