Aziz Ansari: A Modern Romance Between The Male Feminist and The Empowered Woman

So. Woke male feminist bae Aziz Ansari has gotten himself in a bit of a pickle. He tried to fuck a woman and she was less than awed by his rampant manhood or sexual prowess. Now he’s been #MeToo’d.

This is the part where feminists’ brains shut off in unison and assume this is a full-throated defense of Aziz Ansari.

Sorry. There are no saints in this story, only sinners.

I’m not going to go point-by-point through the article. It’s linked below for your edification.

Grace: The Sexually Dysfunctional Empowered Woman

Grace is a portrait of the sexually dysfunctional modern Anglo-woman prude. She can chatter about universities, old cameras, and pictures of food she’s eaten. When it comes to sex, she expects men to instantly know not only how and when to pleasure her, but to do so with no little-to-no input from them. “Let’s chill” is not instructive of anything.

Here’s where it gets interesting: Grace that she moved away from him in the apartment. She claims that she gave non-verbal cues to indicate how uncomfortable she was, went to the bathroom, came back and mumbled some.

You know what the best ‘non-verbal cue’ is that you aren’t interested? Putting on your clothes and walking out of the door. I’ve done it. I’ve had it done to me. It has a 100% success rate of all of the leading ‘non-verbal cues.’ As far as verbal cues go, a hard ‘no’ followed by ‘I’m leaving’ has no ambiguity whatsoever.

It wasn’t until she retreated to the safety of her tech/girlspace bubble that her verbosity returned, which in turn allowed her to draft that ridiculous text-message-cum-essay to Aziz about the sanctity of her female tears. Men should understand that when you are dealing with a woman, you’re not dealing with just that woman; you are dealing with her entire collective of female friends and collaborators.

This is why women eagerly take to collectivist ideas like Feminism, Socialism, Communism, corporatism, cults, fads, etc.: Women do not have a moral center. A woman’s “morality” is based on the opinions of those around her. Women cannot do the ‘right thing’ (even when it is actually the right thing) unless they have an army at their backs.

And women admit to it. Listen to the dearth of women who squat on these allegations of sexual impropriety for 10, 20, or 30 years and then say ‘well, I was afraid of not being believed/afraid of men/afraid of whatever’ but now that there is a hashtag (read: other people) women can do the ‘right thing.’

Validation is the core of a woman’s life and thinking. The center of all female interactions is the acquisition and maintenance of that precious commodity called ‘validation.’ Women don’t have the capacity to tell right from wrong without the validation of others.

Aziz Ansari: The Sexually Dysfunctional Male Feminist

I’ve already given some thoughts on male feminists that don’t require a full repetition here. I’ll just restate the conclusion:

Men become feminists because they are genuine fools, or disingenuous power-seekers.
Ansari, like most of the male feminists being swept up by #MeToo, is an example of the latter. He says what he thinks will gain him favor with women so that they will give him money and sex.

The article notes that Grace was excited to meet with a successful comedian and celebrity. We don’t know what the text messages leading up to the date contained (strangely enough, Grace didn’t feel the need to screencap and publish those texts), however, there was a difference in the social status of the two. I lack sufficient information to categorize Grace as a starfucker, but allow me a little realistic speculation:

Aziz Ansari is a skinny, 5’3″ man who looks like a Tamil bobblehead. Despite what the guys at r/incel and lookism might think, being short, skinny, or average looking are not a sexual death sentence. But if Aziz Ansari weren’t famous or a comedian, 22-year-old photographer would likely not approach him or make goo-goo eyes at him all night.

Bad sex is always hilarious when it happens to other people. And this is some particularly bad sex. There are some issues of sexual etiquette here. His most glaring error was that Ansari moved in with a move that I hope is remembered forever in infamy as ‘The Claw.’ He tried to stick his fingers in her mouth and then finger-pop her vagina. A man should not fingerpop a dry pussy, especially with more than one finger. Sticking your fingers in her mouth, especially to start with, is porno stuff and generally you don’t hit square girls with porno moves unless your sexual value to her is just that high. Finally, just stripping a chick down and then telling her to wait while you get the condoms is a bit tawdry.

In Aziz Ansari’s book, Modern Romance, he states that part of his comedic motivation is a preoccupation with “douchebag bro culture” and those white cis-hetero jocks who had an “unfair advantage” during his childhood because he lacked social media to show women how witty and smart he is. But when placed in a situation where sex was all but assured, he showed neither wit nor intelligence; only the frustration of a beta poseur lacking sexual competence and social skills to convert his social status into sexual attraction.

Grace is no better. She is an example of a woman who has been fed this commercial, prepackaged, pop culture girl power feminism. It is cheap empowerment in the internet age that requires no courage and no growth; it is bravery born from the distance and numbers of Twitter; it is the heroism of women putting their money into other people’s pockets to watch Wonder Woman; it is the valor of wearing a black dress to a place surrounded by armed security guards.

As shown by this Aziz Ansari incident, when a “strong, empowered woman” is cut from the safety of her herd of female cohorts and deprived of her electronic security blanket, she shrinks back down to her proper size: A mumbling, bumbling, overgrown teenage girl being chased by an overgrown, sexually-frustrated, teenage boy with a fetish for white women.

Just another instance of how the male feminist and the empowered woman deserve each other.


P.S. I’m in no danger of Aziz Ansari ever reading this, but for the love of Aqua Buddha, the most holy and benevolent of all the divinities, buy a damn shirt that fits around your neck. When you’re rich, there’s no excuse to have that much gap between your collar and your neck.


One thought on “Aziz Ansari: A Modern Romance Between The Male Feminist and The Empowered Woman

  1. […] 像我這樣的人,必須要在一片貪婪的陰莖海中殺出血路,才有辦法建造我們現在享受的世界,而要能夠享受的社會,就必須要對於性有更高的標準,不能妥協於「只要不是強暴就ok」。如果男性沒有達到這些標準,我們就有權利談論這件事情,尤其,當這個男的,還寫了一本「如何好好做愛」的書呢! […]


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