Good Cuck Project/Andy Grant: “I Sympathize With MGTOW. LOL/JK You’re A Bunch of Pseudo-Incel Potential Murderers.”

The Good Men Project (hereafter to be known as the Good Cuck Project) has had MGTOW in its crosshairs as a collection of wrongthinkers to be eventually purged for the approval of their feminist overladies. Alek Minassian’s less-than-safe driving in Toronto and prior Facebook vomiting has given them fresh gristle to chew over and attempt to smear people as ‘masculine terrorists.’

One of these drones desperate to protect the queen is Andy Grant, host of Real Men Feel on Youtube. After a ‘discussion’ (such as it was) with a Youtuber named MGTOW Universe about the topic (mistake) and several people becoming metabolically-challenged as a result of Mr. Minassian’s Wild Ride. Andy had this to say about MGTOW as a whole.

Talking with men who hide their faces and names made me feel like I was talking to terrorists.

Yeah, because feminists always behave so rationally and engage exclusively with your thoughts and beliefs. They don’t try to cost you your livelihood and exiled from civil society (James Damore, Jason Miller, Gregory Allen Elliot, Phil ‘Thunderf00t’ Mason, Jon Malin, Kevin Williamson, Jared Sakren, etc.)

Anonymity and Pseudonymity may be used for good (like many writers who have published things that ran contrary to the paradigm preferred by their social and political ‘betters’) or evil (the Black Bloc of Antifa, the White Knights of the KKK)

Prove our anonymity/pseudonymity is being used for evil. Use small words, if you would.

The few men who took the time to email me or engage in a conversation, I gained respect and understanding for.

Uh-huh. But?

Men who avoid women because of the perceived dangers of divorce, abuse allegations, losing their time, money, etc. to her are living in fear.

I occasionally go into the woods. I go to places where wolves and bears are present. I take steps to avoid said wolves and bears where I can, and bring measures to protect myself from them if avoidance or escape become impossible.

There is a difference between rational fear (being mauled by an animal, being falsely accused by a woman) and an irrational fear (agoraphobia).

The MGTOW men that I’ve spoken with recognize that their philosophy doesn’t serve society and that if all men took part, the human race would go extinct.

So? Après moi, le déluge.

When I saw a new story last week about the man who killed ten women in Toronto with a van, I wondered if that guy was going to be tied to MGTOW. He did identify himself as a member of Incel which doesn’t seem to be all that different from MGTOW when it comes to philosophy but does support more aggressive actions.

Which only demonstrates that you didn’t pay one iota of attention to any MGTOW who wasted their time speaking or writing to you.

The game is to be sold, not told, gentlemen.

It is a waste of time to try and reason with the bluepilled. Some kids need to burn their hands on the stove in order to learn not to touch it. Do not discuss MGTOW with people who aren’t with it.

In front of the bluepilled, MGTOW just means “Mass Gross Take-Off Weight” and nothing else.

If you want to know more see What Is an Incel? from the NY Times. The story referred to Southern Poverty Law Center – a name I often see in stories about hate groups. I decided to visit their site and search for MGTOW which resulted in this:

Fuck the SPLC. That is all.

If the MGTOW philosophy is only spread via angry, anonymous internet trolls, then I fear it is destined for hate group status.

Really? Based upon what? Your imagination?



Black Panther: Killmonger Was Hitler

Muh Oppression

I can already hear an objection being formed in your furious little fingers about ‘muh oppression.’ ‘Only whitey can be an oppressor!’ ‘Whitey can never be oppressed!’ Et cetera, et cetera, blah, blah, blah.

Well, Hitler argued, quite successfully, that the German people were oppressed. His entrance into politics was spurred by the end of World War I and the myth of the ‘stab in the back,’ the notion that Germany could have won the war but for ‘betrayal’ on the homefront by Jews and Socialists. The truth is somewhat more complicated. The armistice and subsequent Treat of Versailles was demanded by the German High Command. The head of the civil government, Prince Max of Baden, didn’t know how bad the war was going because the military concealed the truth from him. The Social Democrats(Socialists) formed a republican government and signed the armistice and Treaty of Versailles to keep Germany out of the hands of the Bolsheviks. None of this mattered to Hitler, who condemned the Social Democrats as the ‘November criminals’ a label which stuck to them from 1923 to 1933 when the Nazis finally attained political power.

The danger of the oppressor/oppressed mentality is that it can be wielded by anyone and that it justifies every brutality imaginable, because it does not condemn a person for anything they have actually done; it condemns them for what someone else did. Killmonger murdered the museum curator with a smile because some white person somewhere did a thing in Africa and picked up a Vibranium pick axe.

The Water Fall Putsch

In 1923, the NSDAP was a small but rapidly growing provincial party in the German state of Bavaria. The Bavarian government and the national government had a falling out over the treaty of Versailles, reparation payments to the French, and the dictatorial powers assumed by the German army generals. Like any good socialist revolutionaries, the Nazis thrived in conditions of civil unrest and economic uncertainty. However, Hitler, inspired by Mussolini’s successful march on Rome, decided that the time had come for the Nazis to launch a ‘Putsch’ on the Bavarian government, which would then give them the resources to confront and force the national government to concede. The name Beer Hall Putsch comes from the Buergerbraukeller in Munich where the Nazis seized the leaders of the Bavarian government (and subsequently allowed them to escape) and declared their intentions to overthrow the national government. Or, as most people call it, treason. After the Bavarian state leaders got loose, they marshaled the state police and the Reichswehr to suppress the Nazis. By the time it was done, 16 Nazis and 3 policemen were dead, and Adolf Hitler was in custody awaiting a trial for treason that would, far from ending his ambitions, give him the biggest platform for National Socialism he had to that point.

Killmonger’s Water Fall Putsch went a little better for him. Replace the Bavarian state with the Border Tribe. Rather than try to overthrow them, Killmonger wins their leader with a nice little present that he’s been waiting 20 years to receive: the bullet-riddled corpse of Ulysses Klaw. Overjoyed at this thoughtful gift, W’Kabi promptly switched sides from Wakandan nationalism to Wakandan identitarianism and walked his new best friend Killmonger right into the royal palace. Then a half-naked fight happens and Killmonger becomes the new king.

So Hitler’s putsch failed. He would succeed later through electoral politics. Killmonger’s putsch succeeded, though its success would be short-lived.

The Wakandan Anschluss

This brings us to the most blatant similarity between Adolf Hitler and Erick Killmonger: the question of the Anschluss Osterreichs. Hitler, a native Austrian, wrote in that funny little book of his that one of his dreams was the union of all the German people into a Greater German state, an Osterreich, if you will. And the largest population of Germans in Europe outside of Germany itself were in Austria. Therefore, those Germans needed to united, or Anschluss’d, with Germany. And if you’re going to take half of a pie, you might as well take the whole thing, so, might as well Anschluss all of the non-Germans of Austria as well. But how to go about it? One way is to have allies in Austria. By 1936, a nice, healthy, National Socialist party was established in Austria. Propaganda, political pressure , lobbying, organizing, etc. were underway but the Germans were getting a bit impatient. So it was decided in Berlin that efforts would be undertaken to demonstrate to the Austrians just how serious the Nazis were about this Anschluss business. In 1937, a group of Austrian Nazis known as the Committee of Seven launched a campaign (secretly financed, armed, and directed by the Schutzstaffel) of bombings and violent demonstrations to weaken the position of the Austrian government. At the same time, the Nazis publically made it known that if Austria cracked down too hard on the poor oppressed Germans of Austria, they would send the Reichswehr over the border to protect the sanctity of German blood. This strategy worked fantastically and Austrian Chancellor Kurt von Schussnigg, meekly handed over Austria to the Nazis.

The same strategy would be repeated in Czechoslovakia in 1938 through the Sudeten German Party, and again in Poland of fomenting political unrest, covertly arming partisans loyal to Germany, and threatening military conflict unless Germany received concessions.

Killmonger never got past the first step, though he made no bones about the fact that he intended to arm ideologues, and likely those who shared his vision of a Black Anschluss with Wakanda at its center. Out of this unrest, Killmonger would likely have carried guerrilla war into open war, especially in the face of countries not inclined to submit to terrorism, no matter how much magical Vibranium the terrorists had. By this I mean America. The Europeans would bend over and grab their ankles faster than you can say ‘Heil Mein Schwarze Fuhrer.’

The Night of Long Spears

I’m proceeding along the movie’s timeline but jumping back and forth through the history of the Third Reich so I’m going to beg your indulgence if you get confused by me going from 1923, to 1938, then back to 1934. At the climax of the movie, there is this big battle between the Border tribe who are in Killmonger’s pocket because he presented them with the corpse of a dead white guy, and the strong, empowered women of Wakanda who are loyal to T’Challa. A similar schism and subsequent house-cleaning occurred in the Nazi Party in 1934. The Nazis had control of the Reichstag after the 1933 election, they didn’t have the loyalty of the officer corps Reichswehr. Ernest Roehm, a long-time Nazi, personal friend of Hitler, and leader of the S.A. or Brownshirts, took it into his head that the Stormtroopers ought to become the new German army, with him at its head. This did not sit well with the officers who were of old, noble blood and turned their noses up at letting the cabal of street-fighters, drunks, pimps, and homosexuals that comprised the leadership of the Brownshirts have any say in commanding the Reichswehr.

General von Blomberg, on behalf of the Army High Command made Hitler an offer that he couldn’t refuse: Get rid of Roehm, the S.A. commanders, and disarm the Brownshirts. In exchange, the Army would endorse Hitler to replace Hindenberg as President. With the offices of President and Chancellor, and the Reichstag under Nazi control, he would be the absolute ruler of Germany. A few dozen deaths in exchange for absolute power was a hell of a bargain.

June 30, 1934 has multiple names: Operation Hummingbird, the Roehm Putsch, the Blood Purge, and the Night of Long Knives. The outcome is what matters. Hitler dispatched Himmler’s S.S. to dispatch Roehm and all other ‘disloyal’ elements targeted for death or ‘schutzstaff’ (protective custody). By the end of the three day purge, 77 were dead and a thousand were taken to prisons or concentration camps. Germany was firmly in the hands of its fuhrer and would remain that way for the next 11 years.

Killmonger’s blood purge did not go as well. He intended to kill T’Challa’s family, along with anyone else who defied his plans to Anschluss all of the world’s blacks into his Wakandan Reich. His Border tribe loyalists were not as committed to his cause as the S.S. was Hitler and surrendered rather than continue fighting the T’Challa loyalists.

Ironically, Killmonger probably spilled more Wakandan blood in his brief reign than T’Challa or his father in the entirety of theirs.


Hitler opted for suicide in the bunker rather than capture.

Killmonger blathered about ‘muh Middle Passage’ and stabbed himself in the chest rather than be tried and imprisoned by Wakanda. That’s a shame. I’m sure his version of Mein Kampf would have been an interesting read.


Black Panther is the struggle between nationalism and identitarianism. T’Challa and T’Chaka are nationalists. Their duty as kings was to protect the nation of Wakanda, which includes its land and the people within it. The Wakandans generally did not interfere in the affairs of other countries UNLESS it posed at existential threat to Wakanda and would not allow others to interfere in their affairs, hence the whole secrecy policy. Even the pursuit of Ulysses Klaw, while straining nationalism a bit, fit within it. Black Panther’s goal was to capture Klaw, snatch and grab, quick and quiet. He did not intend to capture any land for Wakanda, take any resources for Wakanda, or alter South Korean government to one more amenable to Wakanda. Nationalists comprehend national sovereignty of both their own nation and others.

Identitarians, on the surface, appear similar to nationalists. But they aren’t. The identitarian view is rooted in ideology rather than blood or borders or law. For identitarians, it’s not enough that you are black, or white or brown or a man or a woman or whatever; you must adhere to what identitarians perceive as ‘correct thinking.’ This ‘correct thinking’ always boils down to some perceived grievance with those not in the identitarian’s group. This grievance justifies whatever act the identitarian may take against an outside, and usually ‘oppressor’ group. This leads to the second part of the ‘correct thinking’: justification. Whatever the identitarian does to a person in an out-group or oppressor group is justified solely by being in that group.

This formula fits across identitarian ideologies. Hitler murdered a number of Germans, despite his talk about the sanctity of German blood and the greatness of the volk. Killmonger, by his own admission, murdered Africans, other black people, and Wakandans in his pursuit of the throne, Vibranium, and a war with the out-groups and oppressors.

T’Chaka tried to bring N’Joba back to Wakanda for trial. T’Challa tried to save Killmonger and put him on trial. Despite being a traitor in fact, N’Jobu’s Wakandan identity entitled him to the protection of Wakandan law.

Nationalists pursue civic tranquility because they value the lives and safety of people in their nation-state. Identitarians pursue civil war because they value no one’s lives, not even those of their supposed people, and will destroy anyone through internal or external conflict to achieve race/class/gender purity.

Nationalists deal with real people. Identitarians live in a utopian delusion baptized in the blood of its enemies.

Happy Memo Day! A Brief Timeline of the HPSCI Memo

March 2009 – Christopher Steele and Chris Burrows found Orbis Business Ltd.

Summer 2010 – Steele meets in London with the FBI “Eurasian Organized Crime Task Force about possible corruption in FIFA.

March 2015 – Terry McAuliffe recruited Jill McCabe to run for Virginia State Senate and donates $500,000 to her campaign.

McAuliffe is the former co-chairman for both Bill and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns and one of their largest fundraisers.

July 2015 – FBI Counterintelligence Office begins probe into Clinton email server. Peter Strzok is in charge of a dozen investigators involved in the probe.

September 2015 – Washington Free Beacon hires FusionGPS to research the Republican presidential nominees, including Donald Trump.

July 2016 – Donald Trump becomes the Republican candidate for President of the United States. FusionGPS is hired by the DNC and the Clinton campaign to continue its opposition research into Trump. FusionGPS retains Christopher Steele to conduct the ‘research.’

FBI agent Peter Strzok is assigned to investigate Trump campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos. Strzok exchanged a series of texts with FBI attorney Lisa Page. The texts indicated a strong politically partisan bias against Trump and discussed Strzok’s investigation, orchestrating leaks to the media, and a meeting with then-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe about an ‘insurance policy’ against Trump’s election.

September 2016 – Steele told Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr about his politically partisan bias against Donald Trump becoming president. Ohr recorded the meeting in FBI documents.

Nellie Ohr, an employee of FusionGPS and wife of Bruce Ohr, participated in opposition research on Trump. Bruce Ohr provided his wife’s research to the FBI.

Steele, at the direction of FusionGPS, met with several media outlets (New York Times, Yahoo!, New Yorker) to leak the information in the ‘Steele dossier’. At least one of these meetings was hosted by Perkins Coie.

September 23, 2016 – Yahoo!News publishes an article by Michael Isikoff with information leaked by Christopher Steele.

October 2016 – The FBI files a FISA application directed at Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page. This application does not mention FusionGPS(Glenn Simpson), Perkins Coie (Marc Elias), or that Steele, FusionGPS, Perkins Coie were being paid by the DNC and the Clinton campaign. The application does not mention that Steele received payments from the FBI.

FISA warrant applications require at least one high-level signatory from the FBI (Director or Deputy-Director) and one from the DOJ (Attorney General or Deputy Attorney General)

The FISA application and its three subsequent renewals were signed by:

James Comey (x3, FBI)

Andrew McCabe (FBI)

Sally Yates (DOJ)

Dana Boente (DOJ)

Rod Rosenstein (DOJ)

At the end of October, the FBI revealed that it was reopening the investigation into the Clinton emails, having discovered a cache on Anthony Weiner’s laptop in late September 2016. Andrew McCabe is alleged to have delayed investigation into the Weiner cache of emails. Then-Director James Comey announced that the probe was shut down again.

October 30-31, 2016 – Mother Jones publishes an article by David Corn containing information leaked by Christopher Steele. The FBI terminated its association with Steele around this time based on his concealment of his September meeting with the media the revelation to the media of his FBI status.

January 2017 – Then-Director James Comey briefed President Trump on a summary of the ‘Steele dossier.’

May 2017 – Mueller appointed special counsel. Strzok joins the office of the Special Counsel.

June 2017 – Then-Director James Comey testified before the House Intelligence committee that the information in the ‘Steele dossier’ was “salacious and unverified.”

July 2017 – Robert Mueller learns of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page’s communications in July 2016; Strzok is reassigned to human resources at the FBI. The texts also revealed that Page was Strzok’s mistress.

December 2017 – Then-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe testified before the House Intelligence Committee that no FISA warrant would have been sought without the ‘Steele dossier’ information.

January 2018 – Deputy-Director Andrew McCabe resigned from the FBI in advance of an Inspector-General report criticizing the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email server investigation.

February 2, 2018 – MEMO DAY!

Bruce & Nellie Ohr sliding information from a private organization into FBI files under the radar is highly improper, if not unethical.

Andrew McCabe should have recused himself immediately from the Clinton email investigation as the connections between his wife and the Clintonistas (McAuliffe has always been an extension of Bill and Hillary) were too close to ensure that he could investigate Hillary impartially and critically.

If Michael Flynn and George Papadopoulos are in the docket for the mortal sin of lying to the FBI, Peter Strzok, Christopher Steele, and Lisa Page should be standing right next to them.

The only collusion we’ve seen evidence of is collusion between Democrats to undermine the 2016 election wherever possible and to lie about their biases while doing so.

But, at least Russians have finally gotten woke to Russian subversion, even if it 60 years after they should have.

D.C. is an incestuous little nest of vipers. This is not new. What the HPSCI memo reveals is how highly-placed government officials will use the power of their office in service to partisan politics. The Democrat abuse of FISA only proves that their villanization of Richard Nixon as a political anti-Christ for spying on his political enemies is not based on any moral objection to spying, but the fact that a Republican would have the temerity to spy on them.

“Women Are Afraid of Men” Is Bullshit

A thesis has made the rounds recently in the feminist blogosphere and the gynocentric media over the last few months in conjunction with #MeToo slacktivism. It’s based on a statement made by Margaret Atwood during a lecture in 1982:

“Why do men feel threatened by women?” I asked a male friend of mine. … “They’re afraid women will laugh at them,” he said. “Undercut their world view.” Then I asked some women students in a quickie poetry seminar I was giving, “Why do women feel threatened by men?” “They’re afraid of being killed,” they said.1

Naturally, this is absolute bullshit.

Women have always been sexually aroused by the male capacity for violence.
During the Roman Empire, women purchased the sweat of gladiators, the lethal entertainers and celebrities of that period, for use as an aphrodisiac.2 Some Roman women, not content with the secondhand bodily fluids from trained killers, preferred to use more direct methods of collection by bribing guards of the gladiator camps for entrance and a sweaty evening with the day’s winner.3 The second century poet Juvenal’s sixth satire, the story of Eppia, the senator’s wife, who ran off with the gladiator Sergius, who Juvenal described as having “sundry deformities in his face: a scar caused by the helmet, a huge wen upon his nose, a nasty humour always trickling from his eye. But then he was a gladiator! It is this that transforms these fellows into Hyacinths!”4

The female arousal for male violence continues into the present, despite male violence being far more controlled than in Roman Empire, particularly with the fascination of women with men who do violence on behalf of the state, otherwise known as ‘men in uniform.’ During the reign of King George III, this affinity for state-sponsored killers was referred to as the ‘scarlet fever’ a reference to the red coats issued to infantrymen in the royal army. The 19th century English journalist, Henry Mayhew noted that to serving women of that period:

“A red coat is all powerful with this class, who prefer a soldier to a servant, or any other description of man they come in contact with.”5

One hundred years later, during the First World War, the disease of ‘scarlet fever’ transmogrified itself into ‘khaki fever’ though the symptoms remained the same: a mania for violent men in uniforms. Contemporary essayist Catherine Hartley noted that:

“war turned men into heroes, while women thought the war was going to be so fine they could do anything to help; they wanted their share, each one to have a stake for herself, and the easiest way to gain this was the ownership of a soldier-lover. It prevented the feeling of ‘being left out.’”6

A report of three studies prepared by Hannes Rusch, Joost Leunissen, and Mark van Vugt stated that Medal of Honor recipients tended to sire more children than regular veterans. There is also evidence that women find men more sexually attractive if they are war heroes (i.e. the most successful killers).7 The female lust for government-sponsored killers is not always so patriotic. In France, there are estimated to be 200,000 ‘war children’ whose fathers were German occupation soldiers World War II, accounting for nearly a quarter of all of the children sired by soldiers of the Wehrmacht in German-occupied Europe.8 Women fall easily into the arms of conquering men, even before the war is lost.

Women’s attraction to the dangerous man is exclusive not to those whose violence is approved by the government. Plenty of blood and ink has been spilled on the female infatuation with ‘bad boys.’ Men on death row and famous serial killers have no trouble acquiring female attention, despite committing heinous crimes against female victims.9 Further down the food chain are the ‘good girls’ who become molls for their ‘bad boy’ boyfriends. These women may come from middle-class backgrounds. At best, they associate with violent criminals, knowing what they are. In other situations, they facilitate their boyfriends’ criminal activities, hiding their boyfriends’ weapons and contraband, or actively participating in crimes themselves. Teenage girls view these criminals as exciting and prestigious and protective of them.10
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Aziz Ansari: A Modern Romance Between The Male Feminist and The Empowered Woman

So. Woke male feminist bae Aziz Ansari has gotten himself in a bit of a pickle. He tried to fuck a woman and she was less than awed by his rampant manhood or sexual prowess. Now he’s been #MeToo’d.

This is the part where feminists’ brains shut off in unison and assume this is a full-throated defense of Aziz Ansari.

Sorry. There are no saints in this story, only sinners.

I’m not going to go point-by-point through the article. It’s linked below for your edification.

Grace: The Sexually Dysfunctional Empowered Woman

Grace is a portrait of the sexually dysfunctional modern Anglo-woman prude. She can chatter about universities, old cameras, and pictures of food she’s eaten. When it comes to sex, she expects men to instantly know not only how and when to pleasure her, but to do so with no little-to-no input from them. “Let’s chill” is not instructive of anything.

Here’s where it gets interesting: Grace that she moved away from him in the apartment. She claims that she gave non-verbal cues to indicate how uncomfortable she was, went to the bathroom, came back and mumbled some.

You know what the best ‘non-verbal cue’ is that you aren’t interested? Putting on your clothes and walking out of the door. I’ve done it. I’ve had it done to me. It has a 100% success rate of all of the leading ‘non-verbal cues.’ As far as verbal cues go, a hard ‘no’ followed by ‘I’m leaving’ has no ambiguity whatsoever.

It wasn’t until she retreated to the safety of her tech/girlspace bubble that her verbosity returned, which in turn allowed her to draft that ridiculous text-message-cum-essay to Aziz about the sanctity of her female tears. Men should understand that when you are dealing with a woman, you’re not dealing with just that woman; you are dealing with her entire collective of female friends and collaborators.

This is why women eagerly take to collectivist ideas like Feminism, Socialism, Communism, corporatism, cults, fads, etc.: Women do not have a moral center. A woman’s “morality” is based on the opinions of those around her. Women cannot do the ‘right thing’ (even when it is actually the right thing) unless they have an army at their backs.

And women admit to it. Listen to the dearth of women who squat on these allegations of sexual impropriety for 10, 20, or 30 years and then say ‘well, I was afraid of not being believed/afraid of men/afraid of whatever’ but now that there is a hashtag (read: other people) women can do the ‘right thing.’

Validation is the core of a woman’s life and thinking. The center of all female interactions is the acquisition and maintenance of that precious commodity called ‘validation.’ Women don’t have the capacity to tell right from wrong without the validation of others.

Aziz Ansari: The Sexually Dysfunctional Male Feminist

I’ve already given some thoughts on male feminists that don’t require a full repetition here. I’ll just restate the conclusion:

Men become feminists because they are genuine fools, or disingenuous power-seekers.
Ansari, like most of the male feminists being swept up by #MeToo, is an example of the latter. He says what he thinks will gain him favor with women so that they will give him money and sex.

The article notes that Grace was excited to meet with a successful comedian and celebrity. We don’t know what the text messages leading up to the date contained (strangely enough, Grace didn’t feel the need to screencap and publish those texts), however, there was a difference in the social status of the two. I lack sufficient information to categorize Grace as a starfucker, but allow me a little realistic speculation:

Aziz Ansari is a skinny, 5’3″ man who looks like a Tamil bobblehead. Despite what the guys at r/incel and lookism might think, being short, skinny, or average looking are not a sexual death sentence. But if Aziz Ansari weren’t famous or a comedian, 22-year-old photographer would likely not approach him or make goo-goo eyes at him all night.

Bad sex is always hilarious when it happens to other people. And this is some particularly bad sex. There are some issues of sexual etiquette here. His most glaring error was that Ansari moved in with a move that I hope is remembered forever in infamy as ‘The Claw.’ He tried to stick his fingers in her mouth and then finger-pop her vagina. A man should not fingerpop a dry pussy, especially with more than one finger. Sticking your fingers in her mouth, especially to start with, is porno stuff and generally you don’t hit square girls with porno moves unless your sexual value to her is just that high. Finally, just stripping a chick down and then telling her to wait while you get the condoms is a bit tawdry.

In Aziz Ansari’s book, Modern Romance, he states that part of his comedic motivation is a preoccupation with “douchebag bro culture” and those white cis-hetero jocks who had an “unfair advantage” during his childhood because he lacked social media to show women how witty and smart he is. But when placed in a situation where sex was all but assured, he showed neither wit nor intelligence; only the frustration of a beta poseur lacking sexual competence and social skills to convert his social status into sexual attraction.

Grace is no better. She is an example of a woman who has been fed this commercial, prepackaged, pop culture girl power feminism. It is cheap empowerment in the internet age that requires no courage and no growth; it is bravery born from the distance and numbers of Twitter; it is the heroism of women putting their money into other people’s pockets to watch Wonder Woman; it is the valor of wearing a black dress to a place surrounded by armed security guards.

As shown by this Aziz Ansari incident, when a “strong, empowered woman” is cut from the safety of her herd of female cohorts and deprived of her electronic security blanket, she shrinks back down to her proper size: A mumbling, bumbling, overgrown teenage girl being chased by an overgrown, sexually-frustrated, teenage boy with a fetish for white women.

Just another instance of how the male feminist and the empowered woman deserve each other.


P.S. I’m in no danger of Aziz Ansari ever reading this, but for the love of Aqua Buddha, the most holy and benevolent of all the divinities, buy a damn shirt that fits around your neck. When you’re rich, there’s no excuse to have that much gap between your collar and your neck.

Black Matriarch Films Her Own Shooting By Her Lesbian Lover

Courtesy of the black matriarchy and the People’s Democratic Republic of Chi-raq comes the sorry tale of Labritney Austin. As is common with Sapphic lovers in the ghetto, she had a dispute with hers. However, Labritney, being about that thug life, brought a gun into the mix.

Austin shot her fellow lesbo and turned herself in to the police two hours later.

I’m glad these hood-whores are shooting each other and not black men and black children, who are their usual targets.


Archived Source

Black Matriarch Attempts to Murder Her Girlfriend While Out On Bail for Another Attempted Murder

Nashville police arrested 23-year-old Cealie James on a charge of attempted murder. Police allege that James shot her girlfriend, 21-year-old Destiny Gregory, during an argument at the Haynes Garden Apartments on Thursday. James fled the scene but returned later and was taken into custody by the police.

At the time of the shooting, James was out on bail on another attempted murder charge. In 2016, James is alleged to have shot a woman outside of a Super 8 Motel on Spence Lane.

Hopefully, Davidson County doesn’t make the same mistake twice and release this braided up, tatted up, thugged out, high yellow killer.


Archived Source