Vietnam Vet Cuts Robber’s Career Short Thanks To The Second Amendment

For those of us not enjoying Bread and Circuses Sunday aka The Big Game aka The Super Bowl aka Game Where Poor People Pay To Watch Rich People Play, here’s some heart-warming news.

A 70-year-old Vietnam vet from St. Louis, MO made the poor personal choice of crossing the river to Venice, IL. While he sat in his car, Billy Dean Dickerson, 19, and Perry A. Richardson, 23, pulled up along side in their own car. Richardson pointed a gun at the man and demanded money.

Instead, Richardson got hot brass.

The vet shot Richardson in the chest and arm. Dickerson was shot in the head and died at the scene. Richardson was arrested and taken to SLU Hospital for treatment. He faces charges of attempted armed robbery and felony murder in Madison County. If convicted, he faces up to 60 years.

I love these stories. For the state of Missouri, this is a win-win. Missouri doesn’t have to incur the expense of trying or incarcerating either of these two anti-social idiots. As far as Illinois goes, they only have to run one trial.

Shooting criminals in the commission of a crime is a public service.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled government-subsidized distractions.


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Juvenile Robber Shot Dead By an Off-Duty Sheriff’s Deputy Waiting For Chicken

A male suspect shot dead by an off-duty sheriff’s deputy during an attempted holdup at a fast-food restaurant has been identified as a local high school student.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office identified the dead suspect Wednesday as 17-year-old Elijah Mark Cobb.

Cobb was shot dead and two others suffered minor injuries during a Nov. 22 holdup attempt at a Raising Cane’s chicken strips restaurant in the Houston suburb of Shenandoah.

Witnesses told investigators that an armed would-be thief entered the restaurant, grabbed an employee and demanded money. The deputy ordered him to drop the weapon, then shot the gunman when the gun was pointed at him.

Family members told the Conroe Courier that Cobb had attended Spring Dekaney High School.

This little aspiring thug walked into someone else’s place of business, threatened to murder an employee, and get’s his skull creased for his trouble.

This is a downright heartwarming story. Society is made safer and the taxpayers’ money is saved.

What’s interesting is that young Elijah is featured prominently featured on a website called “” as a “victim” “lost to gun violence.”

“Lost to gun violence” = “Threatening to murder law-abiding people who work in fast food trying to make a living.”

In its FAQs, it addresses this concern.

Why do you call all these people “victims” when some of them are criminals?

We believe that every loss of life is a tragedy, and we know that even those who did horrible things have friends and family who miss them and wish that they made different choices in life. However, we do not try to hide or obscure the facts. We provide links to news articles that describe each incident.

Elijah Cobb’s death is not tragic. It is a wonderful tale, showing that the right to keep and bear arms is not about sport or heritage, it’s about utility. It’s about having the most cost-effective and efficient means of protecting your own life against people who have no regard for it.

Anyone who would take your life for a handful of green government scrip with no inherent value should be removed from the gene pool at the earliest possible date.


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Black Matriarch Demonstrates The Moral Myopia of Black Females

Background: 28-year-old Michael Renard Grace Jr. and two accomplices entered a Pizza Hut in Charlotte, NC, with the purpose of robbing the establishment. Grace was armed. An employee in the restaurant saw Grace and his accomplices robbing the store and fired on Grace, killing him. The accomplices fled the scene.

Just another day in the life, right? Oh no. The black matriarch who raised Michael Renard Grace Jr. to rob fast food restaurants has to get her two cents in. This is a special treat for me, getting to intersect the Black Matriarchy with the corrective nature of the 2nd Amendment. I’m positively giddy.

“What is the policy of employees having guns on the premises?”

“Was he a security guard?”

“Was he back there cooking dough?”

“Was he back there throwing pizzas in the oven?”

“What was his position?”

“Why did he have a gun on the premises?”

Have you noticed that black females are very good at trying to sound smarter than they actually are? But these questions she’s asking just show where her little brain is headed: A wrongful death lawsuit. She couldn’t profit from her son’s life, because his life wasn’t worth anything, so she’ll be happy to profit from his death, or try to anyway.

Black matriarchs are very good at raising sons to not be shit, and then when the son meets his natural and rightful conclusion, she’s right there with her hand out, demanding to be compensated.

A couple of other examples of black women cashing in on raising ain’t shit black men:
Cleta A. Jennings

Toni Atkinson

“It was an act of desperation, but I do not believe he [Michael] would have hurt anyone.”

I want to respond to this and to the “why did he have a gun on the premises?” statement in one part. The man probably had a gun because he knows where he works, a Pizza Hut, is one of those places that tends to get robbed by men raised by idiots like Temia Hairston.

Pizza deliveryman shot

Domino’s employee shot in the face

Domino’s employee in Fayetteville, NC shot during a robbery.

Jack In The Box Employee Killed

But this idiot whore is so morally short-sighted, that she expects this employee to put his life in the hands of her son, to leave his continued existence at his mercy, and whether or not he decides to let his victim live.

How about no?

That’s why he had a gun on the premises of the Pizza Hut, and why everyone should carry, concealed or open: Just in case you run across another Michael Renard Grace Jr. and he’s down on his luck, but rather than get a job, he decides he’s going to stick a gun in the face of somebody who’s barely better off than he is.

But this is the mentality that these black females have and it’s the mentality they transmit to their criminal sons; when things are going wrong in their own lives, they suddenly gain the inherent right to make things go wrong on everybody else’s life. When mama’s not happy because she had a bad day at work and comes home, and you try to show mama the picture you drew, and she slaps you across the face, that’s okay, because mama just upset because she had a bad day, therefore, her act of violence is justifiable. When mama’s son is short some money and runs into your place of business armed looking for cash, putting your life at risk, that’s okay because it was just an “act of desperation” which magically gives him the right to threaten your safety, your money, and your life.

Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

“This wasn’t a body shot. This was a head shot. A head shot is personal.”

“My son would have been facing jail time, instead of laying on a slab with a bullet hole in his head.”

Ms. Hairston, a slab is the proper place for your son, as it is for all robbers. If the law were truly just, the Pizza Hut employee, who not only protected himself, but protected all of your son’s future victims, would be able to file a lawsuit against you to collect the cost of the ammunition used to impose the moral discipline on your son that you were unwilling and unable to teach him while he was alive.

P.S. Did you notice that the man sitting next to her is quieter than a church mouse?

Female Attempts to Set-Up Homeowner to Be Robbed and Killed; Homeowner Shoots the Robber

Early last Friday, in Durham, North Carolina, a man heard a honking car horn and flashing lights outside of his house at around 4:30 AM. The homeowner grabbed his gun and went to investigate the commotion. The female driver said she needed to use his phone because she had gotten to a fight with a relative. Her accomplice, identified as Jerel Antonio Thompson, came around the corner of the house and exchanged gunfire with the homeowner. The robber was wounded and taken to Duke Regional Hospital.

Thompson was charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. The homeowner was uninjured.


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Hoes Gon’ Be Hoes: The July 4th Freedom Edition – Featuring Eugene Robinson

The only reasonable response to the massacre in Orlando is to ban the sale of military-style assault weapons. All else, I’m afraid, is just noise.

Oh really? Please, enlighten me, Eugene.

If this ensconces me in an ideological corner, I’m fine with that. If it insults the Constitution, so be it – any other response would do far greater harm to our freedoms. Or we could argue for a while and then do nothing. We’ve tried that course of action many times, and it doesn’t work.

Glad to see you’re fine with shredding up the Constitution. While we’re at it, let’s get rid of those pesky 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, you know, the ones that were passed and signed by racist white men.

An Islamic State sympathizer was able to go into a gun store and buy both a pistol and an AR-15-style semiautomatic assault rifle, which he used to kill 49 men and women at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. Had he been armed with the pistol alone, he still would have killed people – but not so many. Keeping military-grade combat weapons out of the hands of maniacs should not be a controversial idea.

An Islamic State sympathizer with no criminal record, who was on at least one of the so-called “terror watchlists,” was interviewed multiple times by the FBI, but no one in the federal government took action against him. This is not an indictment of the right to keep and bear arms; it is an indictment of this comical and dangerous national security kabuki theater that tramples on the rights of the law-abiding while failing to stop criminals.

And the AR-15 semiautomatic rifle and the semiautomatic pistol fire rounds at the exact same rate, Eugene. That’s what semiautomatic means; every time you squeeze the trigger, the weapon discharges a round. You can only fire a semiautomatic weapon, rifle or pistol, as quickly as you can squeeze the trigger and how tight the trigger pull is.

The Second Amendment enshrines the right to keep and bear arms, and the Supreme Court has ruled that this is an individual right, not a collective one. The court has made clear, however, that this does not preclude reasonable gun control measures. Not all weapons must be considered suitable for private hands.

Eugene, it’s an individual right as a matter of simple logic. The first ten amendments were drafted by the same people and passed at the same time, hence the name, “The Bill of Rights.”To accept the disarmament set’s argument that it is a “collective” right, would mean that “the people” mentioned in the Second Amendment, are an entirely different “the people” than “the people” in Amendments 1, 4, 9, and 10.

When the framers wrote of “arms,” they were thinking about muskets and single-shot pistols. They could not have foreseen modern rifles or high-capacity magazines. They lived at a time when it was impossible to imagine one man barging into a crowded room and killing more than one or two people before having to reload and surely being subdued. Today it is not only imaginable but tragically commonplace.

Ah, the blatherings of the blissfully ignorant. At this time, I draw your attention to a weapon known as the Kalthoff repeater, engineered and constructed in the 1650s by the famous Kalthoff family of gunsmiths. This rifle was well-known because it could discharge 20-30 rounds per minute in 1650. The Kalthoff did not enter popular use because of its expense to construct and maintain compared to a muzzle-loading musket.

So despite being evil racist, white men, with their tiny pea brains that were able to fight and defeat the greatest empire of their day, and construct an experiment in republicanism personal liberty that was unheard of its time, and the fact that the type of weapon you claim they could not have conceived of existed in a costly and primitive form for 130 years prior to their enshrinement of the Second Amendment, it is impossible that they could have conceived of a weapon that more or less already existed in their own time. And this is without mentioning the existence of grenades, sniper rifles, mortars, cannons, and warships, some of which were owned privately by early American citizens and loaned to the government.

Okay, Eugene.

No hunter needs an AR-15 to bring down a deer. None of us needs such a weapon to defend our families against intruders. And for those who believe assault rifles offer protection against a tyrannical government, I have sobering news: If and when the black helicopters come, they will be accompanied by tanks.

Eugene, we live in a racist white society. I live in mortal dread that the KKK might decide to come lynch me. How could you deny me my right to life and try to legally bar me from the tools that could mean my survival against a lynch mob of hateful white racists?

30 rounds sounds just right for controlling a homicidal racist mob. Nothing puts the fear into a rioting mob more than the threat of taking a few of them with you. Because nobody wants to be the one of the ones you take.

And tanks are your escalation point, huh? You think a tank is a trump card? Okay then.

Why focus exclusively on the guns? Because other proposed solutions would violate the letter and spirit of the Constitution – and surely wouldn’t work anyway.

Wait a minute, now you are worried about violating the letter and spirit of the Constitution? The guy who wrote this in his second paragraph:

If it insults the Constitution, so be it.

What the fuck? Can you keep your argument going in a straight line, Eugene?

One of the presidential candidates has suggested a ban on Muslim immigration. The idea would be laughable if it were not so dangerously un-American.

May I direct your attention to the 1798 Aliens Act, which gave the President the power to expel aliens “judged dangerous to the peace and safety of the United States” or suspected of “treasonable or secret machinations.”? How about the 1903 Immigration Act which gave legal grounds to bar and/or deport Anarchists? How’s about the Smith Act of 1940 which allowed for the barring and/or deportation of any alien who USED to be an Anarchist? Maybe the 1960 Internal Security Act which codified the barring and deportation of communists, fascists, and totalitarians?

Now, the federals have relaxed immigration based on ideology since then, but America has spent more years barring people for holding certain ideological positions inherently antagonistic to the United States government than it has allowing them entry.

First, it would be useless. The Orlando murderer – I don’t want to use his name – was born not overseas but in New York, just like the presidential candidate in question. And in the San Bernardino killing spree, also inspired by the Islamic State, the wife was an immigrant but the husband was born in the United States. The self-radicalization of American citizens is not going to be solved by banning all believers in Islam from entry.

Yeah, because writing the name, OMAR MATEEN, is a mystical totem that will summon him like the Candyman to enter the world through your computer screen and shoot you with an AR-15. If you are going to bag on early Americans for being too ignorant and stupid to be able to conceive of a weapon that can discharge a round every time you squeeze the trigger, can you restrain your urge to indulge in supertitious peasant nonsense?

Also, I couldn’t help but notice in your comprehensive list of Islamic terrorists, you omitted Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, the Kuwaiti-born Chattanooga, TN shooter; The Chechnya-born Tsarnaev brothers; The Egypt-born Yusuf Ibrahim who shot and decapitated two Copts in New Jersey; Nigeria-born Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab who tried to blow up a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas. I’m sure these omissions were just oversights, not purposeful dissimulation in service to a narrative.

And “Self-radicalization,” is the statists’ new buzzword to strip the people of what few rights they have in the name of “safety.

Which would be impossible, of course. I suppose immigration officers could ask every foreign visitor whether he or she is a Muslim, but then what? If the answer is no, wave them through? Stop them for further questioning if they “look” Muslim, whatever that means? Don’t you think Islamic State operatives might be smart enough to have Bibles in their carry-on rather than Qurans?

Aww, look. Eugene is attempting to be flippant. But I am glad Eugene, in a rare moment of honesty mentioned that Islamic State operatives might be smart enough to carry Bibles instead of Qurans, since that touches on the Islamic notion of Taqiyya in which Muslims may lie, or commit otherwise prohibited acts if they “fear” persecution. Jihadists have expanded the concept of Taqiyya to “the West is persecuting us, therefore we may Taqiyya them in the form of deception to commit terrorist acts.”

That notion of deception in service to the Jihad is a point in favor of the unnamed “New York candidate,” not against.

Nice work, Eugene.

Attempting such a prohibition would also be obscene in a nation that enshrines religious freedom in the First Amendment.

The same nation that enshrines the right to keep and bear arms in the Second Amendment?

Another possible response would involve more vigilant surveillance. The Orlando shooter had been interviewed by the FBI at least twice because of alleged extremist leanings or connections. He was apparently on a terrorism watch list for a time, but was removed after authorities decided there was no need to keep him under suspicion.

More surveillance, more security theater, less rights. By logic, the people with the fewest rights in America (prison inmates) should be the safest. Reality tells a different story. And as Eugene himself mentions, the security theater failed in the case of OMAR MATEEN.

By all means, Congress should immediately ban gun sales to anyone on such a watch list. But that wouldn’t have helped in Orlando. No level of surveillance remotely permissible under the Constitution would allow authorities to detect all instances of self-radicalization and act on them. We put people in jail for what they do, not what they think.

Yeah, you see Eugene, in your stunted understanding of the constitution, there’s these two parts, one called the Fifth Amendment, and the other called the Fourteenth Amendment which state, in part, that no one shall be “deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.” The so-called terror watch lists have no due process mechanism. And there are more ways to deny a person their liberties than putting them in jail, such as denying them their rights to liberty or property because a bureaucrat arbitrarily put their name on a list. I know you don’t give a damn about any part of the Constitution that isn’t the First Amendment (since that’s how you make your money) but try and expand your knowledge base a little.

Should there be universal background checks for gun purchases? Yes, of course. But the Orlando killer passed a background check. It is not possible to have a free society without the presumption of innocence.

And he passed the background check, why? BECAUSE HE DIDN’T HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD! Ding-ding-ding! Tell the man what he’s won, Johnny!

Freedom is possible, however, without the right to buy military weapons designed for killing sprees. Banning them would not end mass killings, but it would mean fewer deaths. If we do not act, the blood of future victims will be on all of our hands.

For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of THE VICTIMS…by not actually shooting them themselves? Every man is responsible for his own crimes, not the person standing next to him. Everyone is a law-abiding citizen until they break the law. It is nonsensical to strip law-abiding citizens of their rights on the speculation that they might, at some unforeseen date and time, engage in a criminal act. It’s as tyrannical and asinine as suggesting that “freedom is possible, however, without the right to privacy which terrorists use to plot killing sprees.”

P.S. I am fascinated every time a black person gets on the gun control bandwagon, considering that the original gun control laws in America were specifically intended to keep blacks disarmed and unable to defend themselves against lawful and unlawful violence. Guess house negroes got to eat too, even if it means siding with racists, and slavers, and tyrants against your own people.

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Clothing Store Robber Killed By Armed Employee; Nothing of Value Lost

An employee of “Extreme Gear” a clothing store in Orange Mound, Memphis, Tennessee, shot and killed a robber on Tuesday at approximately 4:50 PM. Emergency personnel took the robber to the Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Keep it up business owners, employees, and law-abiding citizens. You’re doing God’s work every time a robber gets tagged and bagged.


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Armed Robber Sentenced to 33 Years After Being Shot By Store Owner

Nathaniel Pembrook, 43, of Philadelphia, PA, made an arduous 716 mile journey in search of medical attention. Why? Because the owner of the jewelry store in Detroit, MI he tried to rob shot him. Pembrook, along with conspirators David Briley, Shaheed Calhoun, and Orlando Johnson were responsible for a pair of robberies in Grand Rapids and West Bloomfield during 2014. While robbing Medawar Jewelers on Plainfield Avenue in Grand Rapids, Pembrook was shot by the owners while searching the back rooms for more merchandise to steal. The trio fled. Undeterred by a little thing like a gunshot wound, the robbers made off with $1.3 million in Rolex watches from a Tapperas Diamonds and Fine Jewelry in West Bloomfield.

After a lengthy drive, Pembrook walked into Presbyterian Medical Center in Philadelphia, claiming he had been shot outside of a speakeasy. The police could not find the speakeasy, but they did match the bullet taken from Pembrook to the caliber fired from the Medawar owner’s gun. Pembrook’s blood also matched samples taken from the scene.

In December 2015, a federal court convicted Pembrook, Briley, Calhoun, and Johnson for conspiracy to interfere with interstate commerce by force, interference with interstate commerce by force, use of a firearm in a crime of violence, and felon(s) in possession of firearms. Pembrook was sentenced to 33 years for his part in the crimes.


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