Black Matriarch and Her Brood Are Arrested and Carted Off To Jail on Facebook

A Texas woman has been forcibly arrested after calling a police officer to report a neighbour for choking her seven-year-old son.

A livestream of the encounter between the police officer and Fort Worth resident Jacqueline Craig, 46, was shared to Facebook by a relative yesterday, where it has since received a million views.

The video shows Ms Craig telling an officer her neighbour had no right to grab and choke her son for littering.

“What you should have done because we have been living here for years… you could have came to me. You don’t put your hands on my son,” she can be heard saying.

“Why don’t you teach your son not to litter?” the officer replies.

“He can’t prove to me that my son littered. But it doesn’t matter if he did or didn’t. He didn’t have to put his hands on him,” Ms Craig responds, to which the officer asks: “Why not?”

Angered by the officer’s indifference to her complaint, Ms Craig approaches the officer, at which point her daughter Brea Hymond tries to step between the two.

The officer draws his stungun then wrestles Ms Craig and Ms Brea to the ground, before cuffing and hustling them to the police car.

Ms Craig, who had outstanding warrants for traffic violations, remains in jail on charges of resisting arrest and failing to identify as a fugitive, local broadcaster Fox 4 reports.

Ms Hymond also remains on jail charged with resisting arrest and interfering with public duties. A third person, believed to be the juvenile cameraperson, was also reportedly arrested.

For Worth Police Department is presently conducting an investigation into the incident.

A rally surrounding the video is expected to be held at Tarrant County Courthouse later today.

You know, if I didn’t know better, I would swear everything is on Live…bitch.

There was clearly some interaction that took place well-before the recording started and the cop is not buying this bullshit about this random white guy choking Craig’s son.

The Cop @ 1:07: “Why don’t you teach your son not to litter?”

The black matriarch pivots from “he choked my son” to “it doesn’t matter if he[the son] did or didn’t litter.” She’s given up the “he choked my son” argument because she knows it was bullshit from the get-go, so now she’s arguing black matriarch morality, which is no morality at all.

This is the black female mindset encapsulated. It doesn’t matter what she and hers do to violate you, or your property, or your peace of mind, but if you react to her bullshit, your reaction is unjustified.

The Cop @ 1:38: What are you yelling at?

Craig @ 1:39: Because you pissed me off!

That’s right. The Black females of BlackLivesMatter like to claim “I’m scared for my life! I’m scared for my sons!”

What a bunch of shit.

Black females aren’t worried about the police. The police are their friends. Who called this cop into this situation? The black female. Who usually calls the cops on black men? Black females. But in this case, Jacqueline Craig was a little confused. You see, the cop is not going to just run in and humble a white man like he would a black man on your say-so.

The Cop @1:42: If you keep yelling at me, you’re going to piss me off, and I’m going to take you to jail.

Craig: No you’re not!

You’ve got to have some balls or some leverage to tell a beat cop what he’s not going to do to you on the street. Unfortunately, the black matriarch lacks balls, or leverage, or even common sense to know when to quit, cut bait, and take herself and her brood back inside of their house.

@ 1:48: Craig approaches the Cop, followed by the girl in the pink. Then another black female pops up on the Cop’s blind side and shoves him.

This cop is out on this bullshit call solo. First, the big one approaches him from the front after telling him that he wasn’t taking her to jail (clearly indicating that she intended to resist any arrest he might effect). Then the girl in the pink puts herself between the cop and Craig (interference with police). Then, the little punk in the black comes up and shoves the cop from the side.

That’s when the cop has enough and arrests Craig, then arrests the girl in pink.

“Everything on motherfucking Live, bitch!”

Repeated ad nauseum.

Finally, the cop snatches up the camera-wielding black matriarch and takes her to jail with them (she’s the one walking around the apartment complex, playing in her braids, and smiling because she knows she’s about to get her fix of Facebook thumbs up and likes).

According to the printed story, Craig is in jail on outstanding traffic warrants. I would like to congratulate Ms. Craig. Calling the police while you have outstanding warrants is just genius. I have no doubts that she will transmit that same level of responsibility and reasoning to the 7-year-old boy. The girl in the pink, her daughter, Brea Hymond, is also in jail for resisting arrest and interfering with public duties. That’s right. You don’t physically interpose yourself between a cop and someone else. As the video shows, the black matriarch behind the camera is already out (hence all of the hair-flipping and smiling and laughing).

And just for shits and giggles, here are Facebook simps and Black Matriarch Drones offering less-than-helpful commentary and advice:

Pastor Keithron Powell

So the adult can assault the child but the mother can’t speak?

Speak to a cop all you want. That’s generally how idiots end up getting arrested, speaking to cops.

Riko Smalls

See that’s when somebody needs to pull out their gun. And shoot that pig in the head. Fucc him

I honestly have no idea why cops might by less-than-comfortable dealing with black men on the sidewalk.

Easye Lyons

For the people that say u can’t curse a cop know an learn ur rights .educate urself

You can also put your head in a lion’s mouth or stick your dick in a blender, it doesn’t make them good ideas.

Forris Gump Massey

Fellaz this is why we must protect our women and children from POLICE BRUTALITY everywhere…

Not my women (I would remember if I fucked a black matriarch built like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man) and those for damn sure aren’t my kids.

Black matriarchs like have bastard babies and living without a man worth a damn, then they can live the life they have chosen.

Gary Baker

But she’s in public and he’s in public had no reason to arrest he she didn’t commit a crime.

Outstanding warrants, resisting arrest, interfering in public duties.

Keron Mckenzie

Why didn’t y’all just jump his ass? He can’t beat all y’all. I wish a cop would treat my mom like that. I’ll die that day.

The Rhodes Scholar of the bunch. Yes, jump the cop. And then when the reinforcements and the SWAT team show up and proceed to pull your assholes out through your throats, what’s your next step?

Oh, that’s right. “I’ll die that day.”

Black matriachs and simps trained by the black matriarchy, a few questions, if I may:

If you place no value or priority on your continued survival, why should anyone else? If your life is only worth 22 cents, why shouldn’t the police pay you in hot brass if it means they get to go home safely?


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Indiana University Student Receives Plea Agreement After Lead Investigator Presented False Evidence

A former Indiana University student who was charged in connection with two rape cases in September 2015 pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of battery with moderate bodily injury and will serve probation.

The rape charges against John Enochs were dropped as part of the plea agreement, according to ABC Indianapolis affiliate WRTV.

A statement obtained by ABC News, written on behalf of Enochs, read, “John Enochs did admit to conduct in one instance that the Court found to be a misdemeanor. He is profoundly sorry for his lack of judgment and has apologized for his conduct.”

Enochs was a member of the Delta Tau Theta fraternity when the first rape was reported in April 2015. A woman who said she had been drinking accused Enochs of attempting to have sex with her. Campus police said security video appeared to implicate Enochs.

While police were investigating that case, another woman accused him of a rape at the Delta Zeta sorority house on the Bloomington, Indiana, campus in October 2013. Enochs was charged after a DNA test.

Enochs’ statement addressed alcohol’s involvement in the first case: “Issues of alcohol and sexual misconduct are serious issues on college campuses across the country, but such issues are trivialized when law enforcement misrepresents the true facts and fails to investigate the allegations fully and fairly.”

The statement also reads, “As the Monroe County prosecutors’ office has acknowledged through their voluntary dismissal of the rape charges, John Enochs did not rape anyone and he should never have been charged with these offenses. Rather, due to the misconduct of the lead investigator who presented false and misleading evidence in her public probable cause affidavit—and failed to provide the Court with exculpatory evidence—John Enochs was charged with crimes he did not commit. After John Enochs presented evidence to demonstrate his innocence of the sensationalized and false charges, the prosecutor’s office, on their own motion, dismissed both rape charges.”


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Putting Their Lives on the Line Every Day: Overton Police Bravely Shut Down Black Market Lemonade Stand

The Overton, Texas police, having met their traffic ticket quota for the month, decided that it was in the best interest of the public that they strap on their guns, their bullet proof vests, and their tasers, and go shut down some kids’ lemonade stand. The two outlaw entrepreneurs, Andria and Zoey Green, had a goal of $100 of capital, so they could take their father, an oil field worker, to Splash Kingdom for Father’s Day. May I point out that Splash Kingdom looks pretty kick ass. Good idea, girls. After the girls made $25, Overton’s finest, put their lives on the line and told the mini-capitalists that they were in violation of TX House Bill 970, which requires a $150 permit and a health department inspection. Thankfully, the girls showed the proper respect for AUTHORITAH, and the police forbore from their God given right to slam them to the ground, dislocate their limbs, tase them, crush their windpipes, beat them into submission, or just shoot them. But the girls’ mother, thanks to the power of the internet, discovered a loophole: They could give away the contraband lemonade for free and take donations. Not only did the girls make their goal, gain valuable venture capital and fundraising experience, but Splash Kingdom, after hearing of this latest incident of police dickheadedness and sensing an opportunity for good publicity, gave the girls free passes.

The Copsucker View:

“The law is the law, and the cops have no choice but to enforce it!”


I didn’t know cops checked their moral agency when they put on the badge. I’m glad that when the police get the law to inter the Japanese, or the Jews, or the Blacks, or the Arabs, or whoever else is collectively deemed enemies of the homelands, they’ll have no choice but to obey. It’s not like there have ever been bad laws, or immoral laws or anything, or that they have discretion in the absence of direct orders from superiors.

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A Wild Copsucker Appears On Fox News!

For the last few days, Fox News has gone on a campaign of full blown cop sucking that would put even the most loose-throated porn actresses to shame. Fox doesn’t have a monopoly on bowing and scraping before the law enforcers, but few corporate media outlets have been quite so blatant about it recently.

Last night, professional talking head Bill O’Reilly opined that “[s]ome people believe that cops in general are oppressors, especially towards people of color.” Bill follows that up by claiming that “disrespecting” the police leads to violence. He veers off to the specious, irrational implication that in the absence of the police, “law and order would break down” or put more succinctly, people would eat each other if our badge-wearing guardian angels weren’t around weren’t around. Bill also informs the viewers that they signed a law enforcement contract (similar to that Rousseauean Social Contract) that obligates the public to obey the police. Finally, Bill begs for understanding for this poor cop who merely overreacted, filled his hand with a gun, and chased around some teenagers and any decent person would forgive this overreacting jackbooted goon.

Sean Hannity did his network-appointed duty and put a jackass “black activist”/Reverend (who also made the rounds on MSNBC) who threatened attacks on the police. Hannity then held up Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin and insinuated that because these interactions with the police may have been justifiable, the actions of the police in this situation (McKinney, TX pool party) were justifiable as well. Recorded instances of police malfeasance are easy to produce to counter that notion.

Greta Van Sustren interviewed the former Commissioner of the NYPD, Howard Safir, who breathlessly told Greta that the Justice Department spent too much time chasing bad cops and not enough time chasing criminals. They repeated the ridiculous narrative that “cops put their lives on the line every day” and that because the cops feelings are hurt by people criticizing them, the violent crime stats of Baltimore, Maryland are on the upswing (also known affectionately as Bodymore, Murderland).

Today, Megyn Kelly triumphantly revealed that Marilyn Mosby, the prosecutor for Baltimore, ordered a police crackdown on the area where the police arrested and killed Freddie Gray, as if telling the police to go to a certain place is the same thing as co-signing Gray’s murder.

On Fox’s morning show, Fox & Friends, they repeated the absurd charge that the Fourth Amendment shredding “stop and frisk” policy being ended is the cause of an increase in homicides in New York. The host of the show also tied into the laughable charge of a “war on cops.” Also featured as the guest interviewee, Bernie Kerik, former police commissioner, former Minister of the Interior of Iraq, and tax dodger.

How does one interpret this seemingly concerted effort to discount valid criticism of the actions and the mentality of the police? Start by acknowledging that the theme of corrupt law enforcers is nothing new. Just look back to the tale of Robin Hood and his nemesis, the Sheriff of Nottingham. In America, the concept of “community policing” which originated with Robert Peel in England in 1823, was used to better organize slave patrols in the Antebellum South. After the Civil War, some of the slave patrollers successfully transitioned into city police departments and county sheriff’s office. The police in America have typically been deployed, not to maintain any general sense of peace or order, but to keep undesirable populations, whether they are slaves, black people, or the poor in general, in check and away from the more respectable citizens. And before any readers in the Northern states bruise themselves too hard patting themselves on the back, keep in mind that the police departments with the worst records of abuses against their citizens are usually northern and urban (New York, Chicago, Philadelphia. I would make Los Angeles an honorary Northern city based on all of the transplants, but that wouldn’t be fair).

The only reason I put up this extremely abbreviated tale of the origin of American police is to combat some of the cop mythology and propaganda that the American people have been inundated with, specifically the ideas that cops are either always good, and that they “put their lives on the line every day.” To the first part, the answer a resounding NO, by fact and by reason. The first famous cop-filming case, the Rodney King assault by the LAPD, shocked the consciences of a nation that had been raised on Andy Griffith, Joe Friday, Steve McGarrett, and Columbo. The fantasy, the Hollywood polishing didn’t mesh with the reality. So naturally, those good law and order citizens had excuses ready. Clearly, Rodney King was a scumbag, which somehow excused him being savagely beaten. The cops were under stress, which excused Rodney King being savagely beaten. The cops put their lives on the line every day, which excused Rodney King being savagely beaten. As time passed and technology improved, tales of police malfeasance emerged from hushed whispers in police locker rooms, jail cells, and the offices of the scant lawyers who dared to oppose the thin blue line, and showed the real price of law and order for all of America to enjoy. Did the police just suddenly develop a taste for shooting fleeing suspects, beating suspects, framing suspects, and generally abusing the rights of American citizens? No. The problem is, there was little hard evidence against the police and even when evidence was on hand, the police had the handy tool, created for them by the judiciary, of “qualified immunity” for when a cop clearly, unequivocally broke the law or violated the Constitution, but still couldn’t be held liable to his victim because “law and order” was at stake. And when the police are not obliged to follow the law, then there really is no law.

But what about the cops who don’t whip ass, or shoot unarmed suspects, or kill suspects in custody? They are as culpable as those that do, especially when they place their membership in the police above their duty to the public. Cops who don’t turn in or arrest bad cops are no better than the bad cops themselves. Anyone who places the idea of fraternity to another person higher than the people from where he derives the power to carry a badge and a gun, is unworthy of the responsibility of upholding the law and the lawful power necessary to uphold it.

The argument that a police officer may be called upon to risk his life is even less compelling than the idea that the police are generally good. Whatever risk is involved in policing, the person with the badge assumed that risk voluntarily. There is no police officer draft. There aren’t roving patrols of cops press-ganging young men into joining the police academy. Every person who is wearing a badge in America is wearing it because they chose to do so. The police are not a hereditary caste or a holy order. It is an occupation, no more or less honorable than a baker or a garbageman. If the current crop of police can’t do that job without a deluge of pats on the back or a soothing stream of thanks and reassurances, or without trampling on the Constitution, they are probably unsuited to it and should find something less stressful and with fewer responsibilities. Instead of demanding that the public ignore police misconduct or excuse it, Fox News should demand that America have a better caliber of police.