Barbarians inside the Gates: A Statement from the Byzantines

We are a collection of friends and co-conspirators belonging to our local communities. We are not associated with all the organizations that have shared our handiwork and celebrated it, despite the accusations of those on social media. This action is claimed by us as rogue actors, and came from no organizational authority. We believe in the spontaneity of action, in the possibility for direct acts led by small affinity groups to achieve broad effects and inspire other insurgent acts. We publish this, not to claim fame or reap benefits from the recent vandalism of notorious fraternities in West Campus. We are publishing this statement to clear up some misconceptions, to clarify why these taggings happened, and to inspire others.

I strongly doubt that they are not associated with any organization, but do agree that they are operating as an independent cell to give the “organization” plausible deniability if and when any of these idiots get caught spray-painting people’s property.

To the confusion of the local news, we did not launch these attacks in response to any particular scandal or recent accusation. We were responding to the everyday crisis that is rape culture, white supremacy, and elitism. Fiji may be notorious for its rape room, racist parties, and horrific pledge rules, but it is not that unique. It is no accident that so many fraternities take the style of plantation homes—the institutions of Greek life are themselves colonial, bourgeois, patriarchal structures, founded to preserve the reproduction of elite classes. Our attacks come in response to the everyday fear and feeling of danger that these institutions and their members produce for students of color, women, queer and trans students, and other marginalized folks. Catcalls, racial slurs, rape jokes, and more are the daily realities which go unspoken and uninvestigated by either the police or the University.

They did not launch attacks in response to any particular scandal or recent accusation.

In other words, they have no specific incident of wrongdoing by any specific person that they are aggrieved with.

They commit their crimes from a general sense of outrage at “institutions” and “structures” and “feeling(s) of danger.”

Some consider our acts irresponsible, pointless, and ineffective. We think the massive surge in conversations happening around sexual assault, white supremacy, and the failures of the administration are proof of the success of our actions. The administration has showed its true face, as it has rapidly responded to our actions with calls for increased security, crisis support for the frats, and investigation according to the hate crime policy. This stands in stark contrast to the University’s inability to respond to racist acts by the frats, investigate sexual assault, fund mental health services for students, and respond to Celtic Cross graffiti on the Blanton. We have seen from the prosecution of the UT Antifa 3 that this administration’s feign towards multiculturalism is a ruse—an attempt to maintain the peace and ensure that students of color and women continue to provide their money, bodies, and very presence to maintain the status of the University and its image.

There’s a very easy solution to providing your “money, bodies, and very presence” to a University that so obviously allows “sexual assault and white supremacy”:

Don’t enroll there.

But I forget myself and who I am referring to. Social justice can not leave unbelievers to their unbelief. They must convert the heathens BAMN (By Any Means Necessary).

Most importantly, we hope our acts can serve as a template for student self-organization. When the administration and police fail to hold accountable powerful institutions with deep financial connections and when their crimes go unnamed, we will hold them accountable. We will name our enemies, and do so loudly for the world to see. We will break the silence and the taboo around these institutions. We will make clear to survivors that we support them and will fight for them by any means necessary. Students must provide for each other what these institutions can never provide us.

“Student self-organization” or “lone wolf attacks” by self-appointed vigilantes.

Depending on who you ask.

This moment is exceptional. These are institutions and people who have never felt unsafe because of their status and identities. And now, through a couple of simple actions, they feel threatened. FIJI was forced to have night long watches. Private security, UTPD, and APD patrolled the area. Even SUREWALK, the campus organization that supposedly protects students from assault, was seen patrolling the area to protect rapist frat Fiji.

@WithALittleJazz Currently

— tiger lily (@wizardashley) April 17, 2017

All of which will eventually be reflected in the tuition and fees paid for by the students.

Good job guys.

Let us be bolder in naming our enemies. Let us tell students at orientation the truth about the crimes of these institutions. Let us catalog the violence of the frats and the administration, so that there is never a period where students forget who their enemies are. Let us make it impossible for the administration and frats to simply wait out the occasional uproar, and let us constantly agitate against them and make their lives hell. Let us make racists, frat bros, and the administration afraid again—afraid of students, afraid of the marginalized and harassed, afraid of the exploited and excluded.

Fear is bad when someone does it to “students of color, women, queer and trans students,” but it is acceptable when it is done to “racists, frat bros, and the administration.”

Actions are only good or bad based only on who they are done to, not on the morality of the act itself.

Four legs good; two legs bad.

It is no accident that we attacked Greek life. The Greco-Roman legacy has inspired so much of the march of European civilization against the “uncivilized.” Colonial and plantation nations were constructed in the image of Greece and Rome. Fascist group Identity Evropa uses images of Greco-Roman statues in its propaganda. Continental philosophy finds much of its roots in the Socratic tradition. Our notion of democracy and all its accompanying inequalities and hierarchies stems from the Greek conception of the polis, sustained by slavery, the domination of women & children in the home, and the battle against foreigners.

Because only the Greeks and the Romans have a history of conquest and empire. No empires in Africa, the Middle East, Northern Europe, Central Asia, South East Asia, North America, or South America.

Europeans, especially those of Mediterranean descent, colonialism and empire are your Original Sin, your Mark of Cain, as a result of your Greco-Roman legacy.

These people are a cult in the most negative sense of the word.

In the midst of resurgent fascism and ongoing colonial legacies, we must become the unruly, improper, unrespectable “barbarians at the gates.” Our attempts to appeal to the institutions to include us, to show that we can be like them, have and always will fail. It is time to jettison all such illusions and instead construct new communities and ways of living that amplify our power here, as students and collectives, until we can overrun these institutions themselves.

And like barbarians at the gate, the only method to deal with them to crush them completely and mercilessly, because they, by their own words, seek no peace, but to utterly destroy anything distinct from themselves, to “overrun” your institutions.

Everything for “anti-fascism.” Nothing against “anti-fascism.” Nothing outside of “anti-fascism.”

Sounds vaguely familiar…

We are labelled “vandals”—placing us in a lineage that extends to the “barbarian” Vandal tribes that sacked Rome. We will accept this charge, for we seek the destruction, looting, and emptying out of these halls of power by the force of the unruly masses—the excluded and exploited. And we hope that individuals such as Gregory Fenves can only watch and play the fiddle while Rome burns.

The Vandals looted Rome; they didn’t destroy Rome or empty out its halls. The Vandals were neither “excluded” nor “exploited”. They were Scandanavian raiders and pirates whose primary interests were territory and plunder.

Sort of like how Communists, specifically the party elites, for all of their bleating about “the masses” always make sure to secure all of that evil capital for themselves.

So the comparison of Communists to Vandals is pretty appropriate.

Our message can perhaps best be summarized as: Every Student Can Tag. Anyone can be The Vandals of West Campus. Buy some spray paint, with cash of course, can’t have a debit card trail. Turn off location services on your phone. Don’t take photos of your handiwork—wait for someone else to do so (quick shout out to the frat bros who got the best photos of the tags out of anyone—thank you so much for that propaganda work!) Have a change of clothes. Mask up and wear unidentifiable clothes so you can’t be tracked through video surveillance. Make sure you have a secluded spot to change in and out of costume. Aim for the darkest, quietest targets. Stay in small groups so you can defend each other in case confronted. Scout out the house before hand and be aware of any police or frat patrols.

Every Student Can Tag. Just like Every Student Can Rob. Just like Every Student Can Assault.

But the Communists have not provided any good reason, aside from being offended by the world, as to WHY Every Student Should Tag.

We hope you will not make us your vanguards or heroes. We neither want the fame or status, nor do we want to continue the dangerous work ourselves in the midst of increased police investigations. We hope our names never come out into the public sphere, and that all you see will see will be our actions. We hope that you will become one of us. Take up our name and sign off on your actions, put out report backs. We hope that through generalized student action and preparation, the efforts of the pigs and the administration to catch “culprits” will be thwarted, as the entire student body itself becomes a threat.

The more often they do it, the more likely they are to be caught and they know it. So everybody else get in on the action so that the “Vandals of West Campus” are less likely to be caught and prosecuted as they deserve.

To the fraternities and University: Prepare yourselves. We are at your gates. Your walls will fall. And you will be sacked.

—The Vandals of UT Austin

The Vandals lasted only 79 years after the Sack of Rome; they were subsequently destroyed completely by the Byzantines.

The lesson? Civilization wins out over Barbarism in the long-run. Builders eventually triumph over Destroyers. The Rule of Law prevails over the Rule of Envy.

The Communists like to imagine that they are barbarians howling at the gates and those within are all powdered, pampered women and dilettantes.

Civilization keeps its own barbarians, its own savage men for occasions when other savages show up.

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The Washington Post Wants You to MAN UP and March for Women; I Think I’ll Pass

In about a week and a half, the Avatar of Kek, the Great Wall-Builder, the Reigning and Defending King of New York, Donald J. Trump, will be sworn into office and the 45th President of the United States.

Supporters of the defeated candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, however, are still incredibly salty about this. In response, a number of feminists and veteran Hillary campaigners have organized a March for Women on the day after Trump’s inauguration (January 21, 2017).

On Donald Trump’s first day in office, organizers of the Women’s March on Washington are calling on “all defenders of the human rights” to join together to stand up for women and other groups that have been marginalized.

The author re-establishes the narrative in the first paragraph: ALL women are marginalized. Marginalized by who?

Non-women, or as they are commonly known, MEN.

All men are oppressing all women.

Check that feminist article of faith off of the checklist.

But there’s one group, comprised of about half of the population, that is hard to find in the social media and logistical frenzy leading up to the highest profile event protesting Trump’s politics: Men.

Sorry, I’m rather busy marginalizing women and can’t participate. It’s kind of a full-time gig.

Of the 175,000 people who indicated they are going on the March’s Facebook page, just a fraction appear to be men. And the #WhyIMarch Twitter feeds show far more mothers and sisters than fathers and brothers. On the ground, march organizers in Houston, Cleveland and Pittsburgh reported that just a handful of the seats on their buses have been reserved by men.

“This is a movement that is led by women, but it is not just for women. It’s for all people,” said Linda Sarsour, one of the march’s lead organizers.

One caveat: “You have to be okay with being led by women,“ she said.

I’m okay with being led by a competent leader, man, woman, or Dalek. But because Feminism is a female-supremacist movement, its members are expected to submit only to female leadership, but never male leadership.

The same test that played out when Americans went to vote for the nation’s first female president is now playing out in the anti-Trump response to the election. Some scholars of gender and politics say that while plenty of these men believe in women’s rights and abilities to lead, many still aren’t comfortable shouting their views through a bullhorn or spreading them on Twitter. Even those who show up might be unlikely to signal so beforehand.

You had a chance to vote for the nation’s first female vice-president in 2008. The response from the feminist orthodoxy was to shit on Sarah Palin from great height and with great volume.

You had a chance to vote for a female president in 2012. Again, the feminist orthodoxy shit on Michele Bachmann from great height and with great volume.

Clearly, you are not looking for a “woman president.” You are looking for a person who adheres to certain political positions, to assume power. And that would be fine, but for the fact that you also want that person to be a woman (oppressed class) to give them a built-in defense against opposition to those political positions (“Disagree with President Hillary? YOU’RE SEXIST!”)

“A lot of men are quiet supporters of women,”said Jackson Katz, author of Man Enough? Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the Politics of Presidential Masculinity. Millions of men voted for Hillary and support women’s rights both politically and personally, he said, but they don’t have a powerful voice.

Plans to attend the march formed quickly among female friends and relatives, many of whom also took to social media to channel their disappointment after the election. Katz attributes the more muffled support among men in part to efforts that Trump and other Republicans have made to challenge the masculinity of men who support liberal causes or women in leadership. Trump repeatedly cast himself as the strong man.

Alex Mohajer, co-founder of Bros 4 Hillary, an advocacy group, said it this way: “There is a sense [that] if you outwardly support a woman you are less deserving of your man stripes.”

Let’s just pretend that Hillary Clinton did not cynically attempt to manipulate and shame men to vote for her by trying to ding their manhood.

The November election exposed the largest gender gap in more than 40 years, with women favoring Clinton by 13 points and men favoring Trump by 11 points. The gap was most stark for white men, in particular non-college educated white men, 71 percent of whom voted for Trump. For this group of economically challenged men, Trump’s appeal to a simpler time when men ruled the family resonated.

Men are wrong for favoring Trump, but women are right for favoring Hillary.

Got it.

At the same time, millions of men went to vote for Clinton as the first female president. Among them, 82 percent of African American me and 63 percent of Latino men. Younger men — aged 18 to 29 — were also more supportive of Clinton and also are likely to support gender-equality when it comes to a range of family-friendly policies.

We need to be deliberate about understanding the different paths that can land women in prison, be more attentive to women’s unique needs while they are incarcerated, and do more to support women and their families once they are released. I will institute gender-responsive policies in the federal prison system and encourage states to do the same …

-Hillary, April 27, 2016

“Gender-responsive,” not “gender-neutral,” and not “gender-equal.” Hillary believes that there are too many women in prison.

The number of men in prison?

Just right.

Katz said these men will need to speak out if they don’t want to see abortion outlawed, given Trump’s pledge to appoint anti-abortion judges to federal courts. They will also need to make known, he said, that they believe preventing sexual violence should be a priority, after Trump openly bragged about assaulting women.

Men should be more concerned about preventing violence in general, as men are the primary victims of violence in general.

Secure your own mask first before helping others.

“That means taking some risks in challenging other men, and literally standing up to the bullying that comes from the right about masculinity,” Katz said. Women are leading the charge for the march, heading up logistics and legal work, while male volunteers are playing mostly supporting roles. It’s a contrast to the 1963 March on Washington, when women largely worked behind the scenes.

Rather than improving on the model of the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom (notice, they did not call it the “March For Blacks”), feminists have decided ex ante that all male participants, regardless of their skills, qualities, or talents, must be relegated to subordinate or supporting roles.

Tell me again about how “Feminism means equality.”

“This is all a part of straightening that bend in the road that women did not have a voice through the years,” said Harry Belafonte, the music legend and civil rights leader who worked with Martin Luther King, Jr. and was asked to be an honorary co-chair of the event with feminist icon Gloria Steinam.

“A lot of women are going with their friends, their sisters, and their mothers,” said Leah Burnett, a musician who helped organize five bus loads of marchers from Cleveland. “I think it’s a bonding experience.”

She counted less than 10 of the more than 250 seats that she can confirm have been reserved by men.

Many men who have pledged support for the march on Facebook say they are motivated to attend to continue the progress that women have made.

Tim Riddick, a 36-yeard old photographer from Woodbridge, said he plans to join the march because he wants to set an example for his three young sons.

“I am worrying about the way my boys will treat women when they are older. I want to make sure they not only respect women but that they fight for women as well,” he said.

Riddle me this, Riddick: Why are women, as a class, entitled to “respect” (respect being synonymous with “esteem, regard, high opinion, admiration, reverence, deference, honor, etc.)?

Riddick calls himself a “purple elephant,” a rare liberal who is also an observant Christian. He believes that women should be leaders in the church and also in the nation – and he believes women’s rights will not be successful without support from both genders. That means blending the line on what is considered a “women’s issue” to start with, including access to abortion and birth control.

“Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the law says.”

– 1 Cor. 14:34

Observant Christian, indeed. Cafeteria Christian would be more accurate.

Jeffrey Allan Ellis-Lee, a public school teacher in New York City, volunteered to be a bus captain, helping to shepherd a fleet of more than 60 buses that are scheduled to bring protesters from New York City and building on organizing work he did during Clinton’s campaign.

“This was such an anti-woman campaign,” he said. “There are so many issues, but this is the issue that I am standing up for during the march itself.”

“This was such an anti-woman campaign.”

But “44 boys is too many!”

Gerald Dudley, 33, is attending a solidarity march in Austin, Tex, where he works for a company that hosts pub quizzes. He said he wants to be much more outspoken in his support for women’s rights. “It’s not enough to say, ‘I’m not a misogynist,’” he said. “This year I am trying to put my money where my mouth is.”

To him, that means donating to feminist causes, seeking out more women’s perspectives in his reading, and calling out sexism when he encounters it. “When I hear a joke where the butt of the joke is a woman … Maybe I could say, ‘I don’t get it: Why is that funny?’”

Because females are unintentionally hilarious. Like birds flying into glass doors.

Darren Battle, a 51-year old chef in Atlanta, is coming to Washington for the March because he wants to support equal pay and other equal rights.

“There are not many female chefs. But if they are doing the job, they should be making what I am making,” he said.

Agreed. If they are doing the same job as you at the same level with the same experience, then yes, they should be offered the same money.

Duncan Chaplin, an education policy researcher in Petworth, said when he heard about the Women’s March he immediately planned to go and invited friends from out of town.

“Being part of a loyal opposition is important,” he said. “I want to oppose what Trump stands for, and women’s issues are clearly a part of that.”

Wait…does Trump stand for women’s issues? Or are women’s issues in opposition to what Trump stands for?

Anyway, this is just one thing, among the many things, that is so despicable about Feminists:

Out of one side of their mouths comes “EQUALITY!” (which they shall not practice when given the opportunity to do so)

Out of the other side of their mouths comes “UTILITY!” (men should make themselves useful, and even put themselves in harm’s way, for the cause of Feminism, which relegates them to a “supportive” role based on their sex, or, as most of us might comprehend it, sex-based discrimination).

To Feminists who tell me to MAN UP, and support Feminism, I give the following musical answer:

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Love Trumps Hate?

This must be more of that “love” that Hillary supporters want to spread.

Who are these all-loving, kind, peaceful, and tolerant “anti-Trump” protesters (read: rioters)?

The Texas Department of Public Safety arrested 6 members of a local communist group, Red Guards Austin, for assaulting pro-Trump members in Sunday’s protest. They will be charged with assault and resisting arrest.

But “Love Trumps Hate”, right?

While we’re on the topic of love, here’s some more of that Progressive “love” that they just can’t wait to share with the world:

Yes, you read that correctly. Rape Melania.

But fear not! Progressives always have a pivot!

Trump’s critics, meanwhile, are stressing that a single protester does not represent all of them.

Yes, and I expect the same people who turn their noses up and sneer at #NotAllMen will jump down the Progressives throats for not repudiating their hateful undercurrents and dog-whistles and whatever other version of thoughtcrime they typically accuse their opponents of.

The Haruka Weiser Murder: Updates

We’ve had some developments in the Haruka Weiser murder and its primary suspect, Meechaiel Criner.

Vivian Lafrance Criner

According to a report from the Daily Mail, Meechaiel Criner’s mother is one Vivian Lafrance Criner. Based on its investigation and an interview with Meechaiel Criner’s great-uncle Leo Criner, the mother Vivian, was a drug addict during her pregnancy with Meechaiel. In addition, her career includes prostitution and pornography. The 43-year-old Vivian, also known as Decollector (???) and sells booty videos on Twitter for $75. In 2014, the FBI arrested Vivian Criner in Shreveport, Louisiana as part of a sting on a commercial sex trafficking operation.

I already posted a picture of the daughter, Lawellai Lafrance Criner apparently showing ass and titties at a strip club so it looks like peddling ass is the family trade.

Her daughter, Ariana Criner, (the law student) in the interview with a Houston TV station told the news that the mother had committed suicide. I guess Ariana hasn’t taken legal ethics/professionalism yet with respect protecting the reputation and integrity of the profession, meaning, don’t hold yourself out as a law practitioner/student, and then follow it up with a demonstrable lie. One daughter is a flat-out whore, just like mom, and the other daughter can get on TV and lie with a straight face to the “tricks” watching at home, just like mom.

Vivian Criner had her children removed from her custody in 2001. The facts against her included that she left her children at home without gas or water, would only buy them on set of clothes for an entire year, and routinely spent her money on drugs and alcohol. In an email to the American-Statesman, Vivian Criner stated:

“The lies got to stop,”
“I’ll be the one in the family doing all interviews (from) now on. … People will stop to hear what I got to say for more reason then 1.”
“When I hit the news it will shock the nation and this is not how I want to build my fan base or be remembered by”
“We have a family problem prey(sic) for us.”

I feel dumber for having read this nonsense written by this idiot whore. She has a collection of porn videos out there for your disgust…I mean consumption if you like your women shaped like a circle and with a head full of yellow and purple yarn.

Black men, I have to hand you your L. At least five of you fucked this fat disgusting whore and got her pregnant, allowing her to produce five bastard children, one of whom is charged with murder, a second who is following in mommy’s footsteps of being a whore, and third who got on TV and lied with a straight face about her mother being dead. And I guarantee you that this whore has somebody fucking her right now, the daughters will find some thirsty sack of shit to fuck them, produce more Meechaiels for grandmama or auntie to mentally and physically abuse and the cycle of black men being destined for the prison yard or the graveyard will continue.

The only thing we can reasonably control is ourselves. Stop running in these nasty whores raw.

Rape and Murder?

The Austin police have primed the potential jury pool by commenting, off-the-record of course, that Haruka Weiser was “sexually assaulted” and strangled. The actual autopsy report won’t be complete for a few weeks. Did Meechaiel Criner “sexually assault” her? Maybe. Did he murder her? Probably. But I appreciate the trick the police is playing through the media. Anyone likely to be a juror has already read “sexual assault” and let their minds run to “rape.” Even if the autopsy report comes up different, thousands of news-consuming, registered voters/drivers/potential jurors have conjured up the image of this big, dark-skinned, menacing homeless black kid forcing himself on this white, petite, freshman ballerina who was just trying to live her dream.

The power of suggestion and imagination.

UT-Austin Parents Goes Full NIMBY. You Never Go Full NIMBY.

UT-Austin Parents have, for some time, complained to the university administration about the conditions on Guadalupe Street, known as The Drag. The Drag was once a popular hangout for UT-Austin students, but several businesses have closed and storefronts abandoned. Those storefronts are now covered in graffiti and are havens for the city’s homeless population. The death of Haruka Weiser has made those complaints louder and more urgent.

University of Texas police chief David Carter insisted that the homeless did not overrun UT-Austin but conceded that the number of homeless crossing from The Drag into UT-Austin’s 43-acre campus was steadily increasing and they were rousting sleeping homeless from empty classrooms and stairwells. Carter also acknowledged that his officers were receiving complaints about panhandlers and vagrants threatening students or engaged in disorderly conduct.

The Weiser murder has led some UT-Austin parents to openly call for the relocation of the storefront churches and missions near Guadalupe Street that feed the indigent or provide them with goods. John Elford of the University United Methodist Church does not perceive the homeless population as a threat, nor does he view the proximity of his charitable activities to the university to be a problem.

Someone named Tanner Golden (almost sounds like a Haven Monahan-esque name) started a petition on to move the city of Austin to relocate nearby food banks away from UT-Austin and allocate more resources to treatment for mental illness, drug rehabilitation, and aid for indigents. It’s a little NIMBY-ish and demanding of lawful plunder in the form increased expenditure on the public, but not unreasonable in that at least he proposes a solution that will benefit the homeless. Will Dwyer, a low-testosterone beardo Austin resident and alleged comic starts a counter petition whining about Tanner Golden’s “bubble of privilege” (there goes that Progressive mind-reading power again), indulges in a few snide ad hominems, then proposes to ban Tanner Golden from Guadalupe Street. In other words, the sort of irrational virtue-signaling and personal attacks Progressives routinely indulge in against their “class enemies.”

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Meechaiel Criner and Haruka Weiser: Victims of the Black Matriarchy

This story is making the rounds in Texas and nationwide. On or about April 3, 2016, Meechaiel Criner murdered Haruka Weiser. Criner, 17, has been in CPS custody since the age of 10 and was homeless at the time of the murder. Weiser, originally from Portland, Oregon, was a freshman at the University of Texas-Austin majoring in dance and theater. Her body was discovered near Waller Creek on the following Tuesday after her roommates reported her missing. The Daily Mail uncovered some facts about Criner, while unrelated to the murder, shed some light on how Criner came to this point, and why his life is over before it ever really started.

Criner was raised for the first decade of his life, by his grandmother, Mary Wadley of Texarkana. Wadley characterized Criner to TWC News as follows:

“If you made him mad he snaps. His temper snap real fast and even the school know about it they tried to work with him too to make sure the other kids didn’t bother him…”

Interview With Meechaiel Criner’s Grandmother: Mary Wadley

Now, remember that he has been in CPS custody since the age of 10. So what event triggered CPS taking custody? Glad you asked. This is where the Daily Mail, when they aren’t posting about who is looking fabulous, who is wearing what, or who is having a baby, comes through like a good journalism outfit is supposed to. In May 2009, police charged Mary Wadley with injuring a child. A neighbor called the police after seeing Wadley beating Criner in the front yard of her home with a belt. When the police arrived, Criner had two black eyes, swollen shut so badly that he could only open them with his fingers. Wadley first explained that Criner “turned suddenly” and ran into her belt. Her reason for this “whooping” was the black woman catch-all excuse for beating the ever-loving crap out of any child: “he was acting up.” Wadley refused to take Criner to the hospital for the black eyes or the bruising on his face and his mother, allegedly a drug addict had to take the boy for medical care. Wadley was taken into custody, but the court freed her with a $2,000 fine and a warning.

Four years later, the Criner had another brush with the law in which a black woman in his life was beating the crap out of him. November 2013, the police were called when Criner’s 26-year-old sister, Lawellai Lafrance Criner, believed to be this upstanding citizen:


Charming young lady.

She attacked the then 15-year-old Meechaiel Criner. The grandmother tried to kick Lawellai out, someone called the police. Another one for the record books.

On August 16 2015, Criner appears to have been in his grandmother’s custody when he ran away from home. Wadley did not report him missing for five days and only did so as to cover her own ass against Texas’ truancy laws. She swore out an affidavit to the police that she did not know where he was, that she did not know his height or weight (great parenting there, granny), and that his last known whereabouts was in Segoeville, TX, where the local police picked him up and released him when he told them he intended to keep traveling to Austin, TX. Wadley made no efforts to locate him or bring him back. What Criner was doing between August 16, 2015 and April 3, 2016, no one really knows. However, when Austin picked up Criner, he was squatting in an abandoned building near the University of Texas-Austin campus.

Criner’s 23-year-old sister, Ariana, a law school student Houston (may God have mercy on her future clients) gave this interview to TWC Austin:

Ok, so those are the facts. This boy, probably already a little touched from being born to a mother who was a drunk and drug addict, was done no favors by being placed into the custody of the same woman who raised the drunk/drug addict. I don’t understand this reasoning so maybe someone else can explain it for me, how does it make sense to give more children to a woman who failed to properly raise the daughter that gave birth to the children? Also notice that this was a bunch of women. Not a man in sight. The Black Matriarchy in a nutshell: A bunch of old, ornery females, a bunch of loud-mouthed, over-matriculated young females, not a man to be seen for days. When grandma was interviewed, she was quick to point out how Criner had a temper and might be crazy, but she omitted that part about how she had been arrested for beating him down when he was ten years old and that probably wasn’t the first time she had done it. So if the boy had a “temper,” if he had a tendency towards violence, it is possible that he learned violence from the violent bitch that raised him. And what does this violent bitch get for practicing violence on a ten-year-old black boy? Does she go to jail? Nope. Her patron, the government, sends her home with a fine.

Ordinarily, the black man raised by the violent black woman would visit his violence on somebody who looked like him. That’s the way this game is supposed to be played. Government subsidizes the irrational, violent black woman to raise more irrational, violent black men and women. The irrational, violent black man raised by the irrational, violent black woman gets fed into the judicial system. This creates work for police, investigators, lawyers, judges. The irrational, violent black man raised by the irrational, violent black woman then gets fed into the penal system. This creates work for the builders of prisons, for the prison guards, for the prison contractors, and for the politicians to look “tough” (Protip: Unless you are actually catching or trying criminals, putting your own personal safety between society and violent felons, you aren’t that tough). The irrational, violent black man raised by the irrational, violent black woman breeds children with another irrational, violent black woman. Now, the irrational, violent black woman gets the judicial system. The law has to have its pound of flesh. But she doesn’t get fed to the penal system. Why? Because she’s a mommy! And no matter what mommy does, that mommy badge, in the eyes of the state, trumps her irrational, violent behavior. Her children become the catalyst for a nice thick case file with CPS, welfare, public schools, etc. because the irrational, violent black woman is too irrational and violent to raise children without the firm, loving hand of her white patron, the government. This creates work for public school teachers, social workers, bureaucrats, police, et al. This is how the Black Matriarchy functions. A lot of people make a very good living from it.

But every so often, there is a glitch in the system. One of the irrational, violent black men slips the leash and kills someone he isn’t supposed to, such as a freshman dance and theater student and the University of Texas-Austin. What will he get? Since he’s in Texas, he’s probably going to get a life term, or, if he’s certified as an adult and is deemed competent to stand trial, he’s looking at the business end of a lethal injection. The women who created him will wash their hands of him or make excuses about how he didn’t do it, despite the evidence against him. Meanwhile, the Black Matriarchy that created him will go on to create more Meechaiel Criners, most of whom will stay within their programmed parameters and restrict their violence to other black people. But every once in a while, the products of the Black Matriarchy go off and kill a non-black person.


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