Hoes Gon Be Hoes: Featuring Donna Vaughan

This story emerged from the UK. Simon Vaughan, a former commando injured in Afghanistan is currently in the middle of a divorce with his estranged wife, Donna Vaughan, who wants her crippled, maimed husband who took bomb for his country, to pay her nearly the entirety of his remaining medical severance (200,000 pounds), and monthly woman-via-child support of 1,500 pounds per month. How a man who can barely move one of his hands is going to come up with 1,500 pounds, who can say.

This sorry tale begins in 2005 when Simon Vaughan married this hideous hambeast of a woman who, in between popping doughnuts in her mouth, popped out a couple of brats. In 2006, they purchased a home in Telford, and used it as a rental property since 2011 (passive income is about the only smart thing that happens here). In December 2008, Vaughan, while on deployment in Afghanistan, gets blown up by an IED. Simon Vaughan ends up with a broken pelvis, spine, femur, collapsed lung, and brain damage. Army doctors didn’t believe that he could survive the flight back to the UK, even going so far as to pin his obituary on him. But Vaughan survived and spent the next three months in a coma, then seven months in a vegetative state. Doctors told his family that he would likely stay that way for the remainder of his life. However, Vaughan was transferred from Selly Oak to the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability, then to Headley Court for rehabilitation. Now, Vaughan recognizes his family, children, and can even speak through use of text-to-speech device. Though he’s still confined to a wheelchair, his therapists believe he may one day walk again.

While Simon Vaughan was fighting for his life, his wife Donna, was busy burning through his compensation from the Ministry of Defence and insurance money. In 2009, Donna Vaughan, against the advice of the Ministry of Defence, bought a structurally unsound bungalow with 295,000 of her husband’s 1.1 million pound compensation (let’s just keep a running tab of how much of this man’s money his depraved bitch of a wife wasted. Now he’s down from 1.1 million to 805,000). Once the Army found out about Donna’s real estate fuck-up, they advised that she sell the property and cut her losses. Because Donna knew what was best for her husband and children (and being a hard-headed moose-knuckle), she started work on the property to adapt it for Simon’s needs. Then the builders pointed out to her that the building was structurally unsound and it would need to be torn down and rebuilt. Donna says “sure why not? I’ll just shake a few more leaves off the money tree!” So the entire structure is torn down and rebuilt for the low, low price of 297,000 (from 805,000 to 508,000). I’m no real estate wizard, but even I know that when you have to put more money into making a building habitable than you did buying it, you done fucked up. Oh, and as a little icing on the cake, Donna took the step of putting the house, purchased with her husband’s money, solely in her own name.

But the story gets more interesting from here. Donna took approximately 300,000 pounds of Simon’s money and put it into an investment bond in her name alone (men take note: Unlike George W. Bush, your wife always has an exit strategy). Now we’re down from 508,000 pounds to 208,000. Donna managed to blow through about 900,000 pounds in just two years. That would be impressive if it weren’t so twisted. In 2013, on Valentine’s Day, Donna Vaughan summons up the courage to leave her quadriplegic husband, so she can go Eat-Pray-Love her way to another man’s penis. She filed for divorce from Simon. From her list of demands:

  • 100,000 pounds to pay the mortgage on the jointly-owned rental property
  • 85,000 pounds to pay her legal fees
  • 20 percent ownership in the specially-adapted bungalow Simon currently resides in
  • 1,500 pounds per month in “child support”

Keep in mind that Donna still has sole ownership of a 300,000 pound investment bond and the money-pit in Pinewood. Simon racked up 15,000 pounds in legal fees before Richard Sear, Ben Woolridge, and Julian Ribet decided to take up his case pro bono. Sear vigorously cross-examined Mrs. Vaughan with respect to her financial irresponsibility. These were her answers.

With respect to a fraudulent form she filed with Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association:

‘I accept the information on the form is incorrect.

‘At the time I was looking after a child. It was horrific, we had no support from Simon’s family. I obviously wasn’t concentrating enough.

With respect to purchasing the structurally unsound house and failing to inform the army:

‘I don’t know why I didn’t tell the Army I had purchased the house. I can’t remember.

With respect to not accepting the structural engineer’s report on cracks in the house’s foundation and walls:

‘It’s true I didn’t take advice but I also didn’t take the advice that I shouldn’t put my husband in residential care because I wanted him to come home.

‘[The property] was supposed to be a forever home, something he could leave our children. People are forgetting all about our little boy who’s going through hell.

With respect to the child support:

‘I can’t believe his own father can’t accept that at some point this would really affect him. I’ve got to try to do the best for my children.’

Simon’s first mistake was he got married. Men who get married in Britain, the United States, or Canada, all you are doing is setting yourself up for failure. You are putting your head in a legal noose and praying that your loving wife doesn’t pull the lever on the trap-door. Military men are especially vulnerable, as they leave their wives for prolonged lengths of time in societies that no longer shame women for either disloyalty or infidelity, even when their husbands take a bomb to the face for Queen and Country.

But notice how Donna takes no responsibility for the financial ruin of her husband that she caused. If she defrauds the SSAFA, it’s not her fault, it’s her in-laws fault for not supporting her enough. It’s her child’s fault for not being self-sufficient and requiring attention. If she neglected to inform the Army that she wasted nearly 300,000 pounds, it’s not her fault. It just slipped her little mind. No way can slipping her mind be held against her. Nobody’s perfect, right? (even though “perfection” is not now, nor has it ever been, a legal standard). If she didn’t follow the engineer’s report and not buy a death-trap house for her injured husband, it’s not her fault, because she just wanted Simon to come home. “To hell with your years of training and experience, mister engineering man! This is supposed to be a forever home! What do you know anyway?” And if her quadriplegic husband is left destitute and living under a bridge due to her child support demands, it’s not her fault, because she’s just doing it for the freakin’ children!

At this point you might be wondering, why doesn’t Mrs. Vaughan go back to work and pay for these little crumb-snatchers herself? Unlike her soon-to-be ex-husband, her back isn’t broken. I’m glad you asked that because there is an answer. The last time Donna Vaughan held a job was 2008, when she was an assistant manager at a pub. Her reason for not returning to this line of employment, or any line of employment, is that Simon made enemies of the locals in Telford, making it unsafe for her to return to their rental property their and resume her employment. But what did Simon do that was so awful that the people of Telford couldn’t find it in them to forgive an injured war veteran? Surely he desecrated some holy relics, killed and raped a few people, stole a bunch of money, knocked out the local dish so people couldn’t watch Dr. Who.

The Situation According to Donna:

‘Simon threw a brick at a youth and ran after him in his flip flops. Our silver Corsa was written on in marker pen and someone put a brick through our window.

‘It’s a bad area with a lot of domestic violence.’

So….he threw a brick at a kid (didn’t hit him) and chased him down the street. For these crimes against humanity, Donna Vaughan is forever exiled from Telford for her husband’s sins.

Sounds perfectly legit.

Here’s the takeaway:

Men, these women mean you no good. Any time a woman who isn’t your mother, professes to love you, she only means at that particular moment. Should she change her mind, no past affections she may have held will stay her hand from seeking your complete and utter destruction. It doesn’t matter if you paid her way through undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral schools, or if you damn near perished in the service of your country. She only loves you insofar as she gets some use out of you. If she gets a child out of you, it’s just a bonus because she can then blame her destruction of you on the child (not my fault! The kid “needed” two-thirds of your gross monthly income).

Don’t commit to them. Don’t marry them. Only reproduce with them if you have some leverage over them.