Black Matriarch Committed for Attempted Murder of Her Son; Released From The Funny Farm; Kills Her Granddaughter



No Wig:


A California woman arrested Tuesday in the stabbing death of her 18-month-old granddaughter had a lengthy history of mental illness and became distraught late last year when she was separated from her young, special needs son, her relatives said.

But why? Who would be so heartless as to separate a loving mother from her “special needs son”?

Nicole Darrington-Clark, 43, was arrested a day after authorities said she stabbed her daughter and two young granddaughters at their home, killing one of them, then fleeing the grisly scene.

Oh, because she’s stabby. Black matriarchs don’t have to be mentally ill to be stabby. They do that when they are allegedly sane.

She was found in nearby San Bernardino and is being held on $1 million bail, police said.

Darrington-Clark has a history of mental health issues and was found not guilty by reason of insanity in the 2005 attempted murder of her own children and sent to a state psychiatric hospital.

Hey, you what would be best for society? Letting the crazy woman who tried to murder multiple people loose on society again.

California Uber Alles.

Her sister, LaShunda Clark, and father, Samuel Clark, said they were concerned about her well-being since her release but said she had seemed to improve before becoming distraught late last year when she was separated from her special needs son, who is now 5.

Since then, she had returned to live with her husband and son in Riverside County and had gone to visit her now-grown daughter and granddaughters Monday in Colton, her sister said, adding she did not know what triggered the attack.


This woman is 43, was NGRI’d to the funny farm in 2005 for ATTEMPTED MURDERS, but somehow, somebody found it in them to fuck and impregnate a crazy, 37-year-old woman and pop out a slow kid?

Black men, DO BETTER. Fucking crazy bitches is a bad look all around.

“None of us has slept in the last two days. It has been terrible for our family,” LaShunda Clark said. “It was never anything about her trying to hurt us. I just don’t understand. We don’t know. We’re just asking God to just keep her safe.”

The San Bernardino County coroner’s division identified the girl killed as 18-month old Damani Trouter. The two wounded victims are hospitalized in stable condition.

Investigators do not know the motive for the attack, police Cpl. Ray Mendez said Monday. Police did not return calls seeking additional information.

Social services officials declined to comment in Riverside County, where LaShunda Clark said her sister had recently returned to live with her husband and young son.

I repeat, fucking crazy, stabby bitches is a bad look. Marrying crazy, stabby bitches is a bad look.

It wasn’t immediately clear when or why Darrington-Clark was released from the hospital.

In the earlier case, she pleaded guilty to stabbing her 14-year-old son and throwing her 10-year-old daughter out of a moving minivan in 2005. But a judge found Darrington-Clark not guilty by reason of insanity and sent her to a psychiatric hospital.

Crazy, stabby bitch has AT LEAST three kids and tried to kill two of them.

I repeat, fucking crazy, stabby bitches is a bad look.

Attorney Robert Sheahen, who represented her at that time, said she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and that Los Angeles County prosecutors had agreed with the judge’s decision.

“This is one of the greatest sadnesses I’ve ever encountered in my 40-year career,” he said Tuesday.

After certain point, this ceases to be sad and descends to the farcical. The Black Matriarch can do her level best to try and murder people and the government says “well, you didn’t successfully kill anybody this time, so, we’ll let you go if you promise to be good.”

A spokesman at the California Department of State Hospitals said officials can’t comment on individual cases.

At the apartment complex in Colton, about 60 miles (97 kilometers) east of Los Angeles, neighbor Tim Hill told the Press-Enterprise newspaper the wounded woman ran into his apartment Monday seeking help after the attack.

He said he ran upstairs to her apartment and saw the stabbed child and found her sister in the closet, shaking. Police decided they couldn’t wait for paramedics and took the girl to the hospital, Hill said.

Another neighbor, Patty Williams, told the newspaper that the wounded woman had been “stabbed everywhere.”

“I’m sad,” Williams said. “I feel like my soul left my body because this is disgusting.”

Patty, I’m not sad. The reason I’m not sad is because this stuff is predictable. There is a lot of untreated mental illness among Black people in America and it usually doesn’t get treated until someone commits some heinous crime.

Some people are leery of psychotherapy and I’m one of them. The Soviet Union amply demonstrated that psychiatry/psychology are potent weapons in the hands of tyrants. But some people really do need to be drugged out of their chemical imbalances or talked out whatever defects in their personality are leading them towards a cliff.

But, nobody is actually going to give a shit because when black people kill other black people, that’s just the Welfare-Penal State working the way it’s supposed to.


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Black Women’s Idea of “Supporting” Black Men is Putting Themselves Over Black Men

Blogger Kiarra Sylvester posed a question: “Dear Black Men: We Black Women Have Your Back — Why Don’t You Have Ours?” So it’s a pretty typical piece of writing that does not address any grievance that black men might have.

Well, let’s just go over it.

“Can black men not be the white people of black people?”

Yeah, white people are pretty crappy aren’t they?


That was the eye-raising comment on my Facebook timeline one day that made me stop everything I was doing to follow along because there was so much truth in it.

Sorry folks. It has to be done.

For the most part, this is a forbidden topic for black women. The world already hates black men enough for the both of us, so we try to keep any issues we have with them to ourselves.

To be the black woman who speaks down or holds our male counterparts accountable is to be brave.

A black woman keeping issues to herself? I must have imagined all of those episodes of Donahue, and Oprah, and Wendy Williams, and Ricki Lake, and Jerry Springer, and Maury Povich, and Steve Wilko, the general thrust of which is black women going on TV declaring that black men ain’t shit, black men are on the DL, black men aren’t educated, black men ain’t on my level, et cetera ad nauseum.

True to double standards black men are, however, free to attack black women’s character and the smash our collective esteem into millions of pieces.

I just want to point out that she has identified black women as a collective. Therefore when I criticize black women as a collective, it is only because she, like so many other black women, opened the door.

I’m not sure how it looks from the outside looking in, but from the inside, it’s easy to see that black men are one of the most toxic, hateful and demeaning groups … to their own community … but black women especially.

Yep, black men sure do suck, don’t they? Quick question: Who raised most of these black men?

Single black mothers, perhaps? Interesting.

For centuries, black women have been the spine that helped to hold black men up as they walked into the world that feared their beauty, their glory, and their history (before slavery we were Kings and Queens!).

We Wuz Kangz n shit!

I’m embarrassed every time I hear this shit uttered, because it’s more mythical than factual, and black people don’t need any more myths.

The heroin epidemic, Bill Clinton’s 1994 crime bill, police brutality, and generally deadbeat black men are all to blame for the dramatic decrease of men remaining in black households.

You forgot LBJ’s Great Society (you know the one where he promised to have those n*ggers voting Democrat for the next 100 years), wherein he offered black women free food and free housing for them and their offspring through welfare and AFDC so long as she exiled the black man from the house.

And many black women took that devil’s bargain because the State is ultimate alpha male.

Black men must start to realize that the system is rigged against them — that mean there no room for error — not even for the pettiest of crimes.

Yes, and black women are willing agents of that system that is rigged against them. Black women have benefited and prospered in “The System”, as many of you gleefully point out to us when black women crow about their sheepskin diplomas obtained in “The System” their do-nothing jobs in “The System,” the billions they give to “the System” much of it to not look like black women.

One can work against a system from the inside, but black women don’t work against the alleged “System” either from the inside or the outside.

But I’ll tell you what the solution isn’t: The solution isn’t blaming black women’s independence for your woes.

Black women is strong and independent and don’t need no man. Got it.

Black women are known for their strength and ability to adapt; that’s what we’ve had to do in order to ensure the survival of our families while our men were away whether they were sold off to another plantation, killed, or imprisoned.

(Black) Women Are Wonderful. Got it.

Although black men’s anger and aggression are taken out on us every day, I think on an unconscious level black men are more upset with themselves for failing time and time again (hypothetically their belief, not my own).

(Black) Men Are Not Wonderful. Got it.

Black men have been forced to turn a blind eye while their women were raped and beaten, and then having to show a great level of respect to that very man — his wife’s rapist. (Yes, black men and women are still mentally impacted by the actions of slavery today.)

So…black men can be “mentally impacted” by things that happened over 150 years ago, but we can’t blame black women for the physical and mental abuse they subjected us to as children and adults about 15 years ago?

That makes perfect sense.

They point fingers and blame their lack of respect for black women on the way we carry ourselves, instead of just learning to respect all women on a basic human level.

And that’s the standard: Men must “respect” ALL women, no matter what vile shit they do. Meanwhile, women have the right to cut men down to their testicles for being “unworthy” of her.

So it’s no surprise that we’ve statistically been deemed the least desirable race of women to date despite being the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs.

Men are not women; men are sexually aroused by women’s asses, not their assets. Black female narcissism is just out-of-control.

“If I’m aroused by entrepreneurship, then men will be aroused if I’m an entrepreneur!”

No. Not even a little bit.

And, if you talk to a black man and ask him why he dates white women he’ll tell you that this is why.

How a dare a black man not want to fuck someone who is constantly seeking to one-up him! He gets to go out and compete against the rest of the world for a living, then when he comes home, he gets two options:

Becky: How was your day? Tell me all about it.

Keisha: You only made $1000 today? Nigga please! I made $1500! Get on my level! You ol’ punk, pussy ass nigga! That’s I fucked your best friend!

Yeah, it’s a little dramatic, but it is true. Will a white woman look to better deal a black man? Of course she will. The difference between the white woman and the black woman is that the white woman is not a constant struggle. Becky with the good hair will allow you to have peace in your house without a daily fight to assert your dominance.

Our independence and opinionated nature are said to be the culprit as to why our own men don’t want us, and I suppose they took this as an opportunity to corrupt us for the other races of men who might think otherwise.

And still, a majority of black women hold an unwavering love for and desire to be with black men — deeply flawed and all — we remain your number one fans.

Yep, black women are black men’s number one fans and hold unwavering love for black men, all while constantly telling black men how unworthy they are of black women’s love and much better black women are.

Black women want to be competitors with black men instead of companions to black men.

Why don’t black men have black women’s backs the way black women have black men’s?

Because unlike black women, black men are not constantly looking for a soft spot to put the knife.


Black Matriarch Shoots Black Male In the Chest During an Argument

Police expect to charge a Jackson woman with murder after she allegedly shot her boyfriend during an argument.

Kenisha Johnson, 28, of Jackson, allegedly shot her boyfriend, 35-year-old Larry Gaylor, once in the chest during an argument Thursday night, according to Jackson Police Department Commander Tyree Jones. The incident occurred at Summer Park Apartments, located at 2010 Chadwick Dr., around 11 p.m.

He died Friday morning.

Alas, another black man, cut down in the prime of his life by racist, white police…wait a minute…that’s not a white person…I’m pretty sure it’s not a man, though that face is hard enough to cut granite with…I believe that it’s a black female.

Quick! Someone call BlackLivesMatter!

Wait, what? You mean…when a black female causes your death, it means your life doesn’t matter? Got it.

False alarm. Everybody, return to what you were doing.


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The Greatest Pussy Pass of 2016

On May 19, 2015, Autumn Hines, 20, of Youngstown, OH, stabbed and killed Rashad Bailey.

Today, she’s free on five years probation.

How did this sorry set of events come to pass?

At some point, Hines and Bailey, like many black couples, just hooked up and ended up living together. At the time, Hines had two children from previous “relationships” (read: getting rode raw by random negroes), and black men, we just have to accept other men’s kids, don’t we? It just comes with the package. Barbie comes with the Dream House, GI Joe comes with the kung-fu grip, and Autumn comes with bastard offspring. Rashad does what any sensible man would do: He has a couple more babies with Autumn, because that’s really all she’s good for, breeding offspring for the State.

But all was not well with the Bailey-Hines bunch. The police were called to the residence multiple times on allegations of domestic violence, but Hines declined to press charges(convenient that).

Everything came to a head on Monday, May 18, 2015. Hines gave Bailey her food card (you know the government’s broodmares got to have their rations) to buy baby formula for the kids. He did not return until Tuesday the 19th, without formula. An argument ensued between Bailey and Hines. Hines claimed that Bailey hit her. Bailey went outside to the porch. Hines grabbed a knife. When Bailey tried to walk back in the house, Hines stabbed him in the chest, killing him.

The medics and police arrived. Bailey was taken to St. Elizabeth where he died. The police processed the scene and booked Hines for murder.

Hines’ attorney, Lynn Maro wove a heart-rending tale of woe about the life of Ms. Hines. How she was put in foster care at the age of 2 because her own parents were in prison (Reprobates breeding more reprobates), and was “abused” (how ever you choose to interpret that nebulous term) in the home she was place in.

Additionally, Dr. Richard Bromberg, a practicing clinical psychologist in Centerville, OH, and paid mercenary, I mean, expert witness, testified to the jury about “Battered Woman Syndrome” and that she stabbed Rashad Bailey, not just because Bailey and Hines fought, but because of everything else that went wrong in her life (babies, dicks, and drugs).


The Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Office, in its dubious legal wisdom, knocked down the charge from murder to plea of guilty for involuntary manslaughter. Judge Lou D’Apolito accepted the plea and sentenced Hines to five years of probation. Judge D’Apolito also sentenced the mother of four and pregnant with a fifth, to get a GED, get drug counselling and find a job.

I’ll bet good money that the BlackLivesMatter crowd is silent on this black life snuffed out and his killer walking free.

I’ll bet good money that none of the feminist harpies get as upset as they did when Brock Turner got six months for finger-popping a drunk woman.

This is just another piece of evidence that lends weight to the theory that black females are sponsored by the government to destroy the black community in general and black men in particular. This female is 20 years old with four kids with a fifth on the way. Do the math on that one. The latest she could have started having kids was at 15. As the court pointed out, she had no GED, no job, and had a drug habit. She couldn’t hit the books, but she could hit the dope and dick at a 12th grade level.

And when she does have kids, what does the state of Ohio do?

Do they take the baby from this irresponsible, underage mother?


Do they get her an IUD or some other long-term birth control solution ($150) to keep her from using her vagina recklessly?


The state of Ohio hands this bitch a food card! Why? Because having babies and then putting your hand out to the government is a broke bitch’s hustle. And she did what any good broke bitch would do: she had three more. More babies = more money.

Perverse incentives, ladies and gentlemen. Economics might be boring, but it is instructive.

On the subject of having kids, what sort of person was Autumn Hines having kids with? With whom did she choose to mix her genes with and bring forth life into the world?

A man who likes stealing stuff.

Rashad Bailey had an offense from 2011 in which he pled guilty to Attempted Theft (11CRB02650Y). This does not justify his murder; it is indicative of the cycle, perpetuated by black females and their atavistic, hybristophiliac mating strategies. Law-abiding, upstanding black men don’t get sex, at least, not when they want it and not from who they want. They get to play janitor, cleaning up after the Rashad Baileys of black people, when a black female has one through four kids, her body looks like shit, and she has all the charm and openness of a junkyard dog. But a Rashad Bailey, who likes stealing, or a Kareem Courtney (see the Korryn Gaines shooting) who slings heroin, or any other black male who exists solely to kill, steal, and destroy, they have no problem getting sex and making babies.

Finally, this bitch got five years probation on a murder, excuse me, INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER. Even though there was nothing “involuntary” about it. I’ve got at least a half-dozen stories demonstrating that black females, when “provoked” as seems to be their perpetual state, resort to knives to settle their disputes. And, as is the case in domestic violence, Hines was probably giving as good as she was getting, which is part of the strange interplay of people in relationships of persistent domestic violence.

But thanks to feminist legal minds, we have Battered Woman Syndrome, which is more like a freestanding “license to kill” than the common justification of “self-defense.” No immediate or reasonable belief that one is in danger of death or great bodily harm. A woman must merely invoke the magic words “he hit me,” true or not, and all is forgiven. A man may hit a woman, withdraw from the conflict, the woman goes to get a weapon and kills him later and that’s perfectly okay.

I don’t need to point out the obvious, but I’ll go ahead and do it: No man could have gotten this sweet of deal if a woman punched him and he stabbed her. No man could have gotten this sweet of a deal if he had taken beatings all his life, including from his girlfriend and he finally says, “enough” and stabbed her in the chest. He’d be doing at least 20 years because…EQUALITY. The “Patriarchy” will extract no vengeance from this female despite this woman murdering this man (and his being a “Patriarch” in the most literal sense). She is free to continue profiting from producing children, three of which will have been fathered by her victim.

Men, you’d better wake up and realize that you’re playing a rigged game. You’d better realize that if she wants you alive, and you have children by her, she will make you 18 Years a Slave and there won’t be anything short of smuggling yourself to Bahrain than you can do to stop it. And if she wants you dead, all she has to do is say “he hit me” and she will skip out of the front doors of the jail before the dirt settles over your casket.

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Withered Black Matriarch Shoots and Kills Her Husband

My God, Pepe! What have they done to you?

A Georgia woman was arrested Monday by the S.C. Law Enforcement Division in connection with the October shooting death of her husband in Bamberg.

Annie McNair, 70, was charged with murder and booked at the Bamberg County Detention Center, according to SLED public information liaison Thom Berry.

McNair is accused of shooting her husband, Frank McNair, in the chest on Oct. 1 at his residence on Spring Branch Road in Bamberg, according to the arrest warrant, adding Frank McNair died from the gunshot wounds.

According to published reports, the 69-year-old Frank McNair was a minister in Bamberg County, and when his body was discovered, a woman was also found with gunshot wounds and was airlifted to an area hospital for treatment.

A conviction from a murder charge could result in the death penalty for the Garden City, Ga. resident, or a minimum of 30 years to life sentence in prison, said Berry, adding SLED and the Bamberg County Sheriff’s Department investigated the case.


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Hoes Gon Be Hoes: The Black Male Edition Featuring Mychal Denzel Smith

Yes, here at LOSTAPWBM, I mix it up every once in awhile. In today’s Hoes Gon’ Be Hoes, we have a male hoe. Why is he a hoe? We have a black male hoeing for feminism and preaching the gospel of HeForShe. From Ebony Magazine:

The most important thing Black men have to do to begin engaging with feminism, as theory and praxis, is to disavow ourselves of the notion that we are “good.” By that, I don’t mean that we should perform some type of masochistic self-flagellation about how “men ain’t shit.” But the desire to be seen and known as a “good Black man” is not only wrapped up in a lot of patriarchal notions about what constitutes manhood and defying the stereotypes of Blackness (having a job, not being in prison), it doesn’t allow for growth.

And what “growth” might this be?

When your self-conception is centered on the idea of your own goodness, it prevents you from hearing any critique of your ideology/behavior. Thinking of yourself as “good” allows you to justify harmful words and actions, since anything you do, in your mind, is “good.” And when the metrics for measuring “good” do not include an examination of power and privilege, and an active divestment from those thoughts and behaviors which uphold unearned (and destructive) power and privilege, “good” is meaningless.

I always have to admire propaganda before I dismantle it in the same way I admire a defective clock before taking it apart. Mychal’s definition of “good” is an absurdity. To be “good” to Mychal Smith requires a man to (1) examine power and privilege, (2) Actively divest from thoughts and behaviors which uphold unearned and destructive power and privilege. It is a definition so vague that it cannot be said to exist at all, which I suspect is the point. A definition of “good” that can encompass any act if done by the Feminist in-group and deny any act done by those who aren’t in the Feminist tribe no matter if that act is virtuous (“OMG, you held a door open for me?! Check your privlege!”)

We must gain understanding about ourselves as not “good,” nor “bad,” but products of a culture of misogyny, sexism, and patriarchy.

Why? When someone says that a person “must” do something, that indicates that there is some rationale for doing so, rationale which is markedly absent here.

With that as a starting point, we can begin to re-evaluate the lessons we’ve received about gender, gender identity, gender roles, and the power dynamics therein.

Lessons received from whom? And how do you know that even if I have “received” a lesson that I accept it?

We will be receptive to critique when we no longer believe that critique is an attack on our “goodness,” but a desire for us to achieve a humanity that respects and supports women.

I notice Mychal is not terribly concerned with a humanity that respects and supports men. Must be a typo. Surely Mychal wouldn’t be advancing an idea of men as disposable utilities to women. Surely not.

We will know that these conversations are going to make us uncomfortable, because they will throw into question our entire upbringings and it’s possible that everything that we have known as a universal truth will be discarded. We will have to create new selves.

That’s right, comrade. Throw off old, counterrevolutionary, kulak “universal truth.” Embrace New Soviet Man. Wait, we aren’t doing New Soviet Man anymore? It’s New Feminist Man now? Okay, got it. NEW FEMINIST MAN.

These people are self-parodying at this point.

That critical process is not possible until we have fully abandoned the idea of “good” and traded it in for honesty.

Interesting how Mychal views “good” and “honesty” as being in conflict with each other. But very well. Here’s some honesty. Feminism is idiocy. Feminism is Marxism with the serial numbers filed off. Class warfare is the single most destructive concept loosed on the world since the opening of Pandora’s Box, whether the class in question is economic, social, racial, or sexual. Black men being subservient to women has led the American black male to the bottom spot of the political and economic totem pole.

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Bitches Be Tripping-The White Girl Edition: Starring Tess “Moby Dick” Holliday and Stephanie “Safe Space” Clattenburg

I read two unrelated stories today, had two Coronas, and suddenly, magic happened. Like when a Buddhist monk suddenly attains oneness with everything, I obtained awareness of certain higher truths that exist transcend matter and spirit. Like the Tao, this truth cannot be fully explained to those lacking in awareness, just as one cannot describe color to a blind man. The best I can explain it is this:

(White) Bitches Be Trippin.

Story #1 – Tess Holliday

I’ll forego the long and sorry story of Tess Holliday and summarize: She is a big, fat, tattooed female and Instagram “model.” So far, no evidence exists that she sells sex for money like 98% of the other Instagram models. But the truth is out there.

Anyway, here’s the money quote from this beer keg shaped bitc..WOMAN:

According to The Guardian, a middle-aged African American man ‘said something appreciative’ when he walked by Tess, prompting her to ask: ‘What do guys think they’ll achieve by yelling something? They’re like: “She’ll love this, I’ll definitely get her number.”’

The article went on to say that with ‘some satisfaction’ Tess added: ‘I do admit that black men love me. I always forget that, and then I come to a black neighborhood and I remember.’


Which leads me to my first point: Black men, white women take your attraction for granted. They think your interest is a given, doesn’t matter if she’s 130 pounds or 300 pounds.


The incident in question occurred when I was on the street, feeling rather exposed in my underwear for the shoot, and an older black man cat called me as I was walking behind the team. I replayed the incident to the team once we were set up for the next shot, and jokingly said some semblance of what appeared in print. It was in relation to being cat called by black men significantly more than by white, but perhaps my tone and wording didn’t convey this clearly. It was also meant to play into the idea that black men like bigger women, but the humour of that doesn’t come through. To further add context, the team included two talented black women – so it was clearly not something intended to cause offence.


Woman attempts humor. Fails miserably. Film at 11. More importantly, surprise, surprise, what comes out of her mouth is not her fault. You see, the evil black man made her do it, just like those evil black men back in the 1920s and 30s would lead the pure, virginal white women to lives of sin and degradation with their jazz music and marihuana. There’s no way Tess could have laughed it off, ignored it, gone on about her business. Nope, she proceeds to call black men “thirsty.” And what’s worse is, she’s right. There is probably a gang of black men on Thirstagram who would gladly step over this land whale’s hipster boyfriend, peel back those ham curtains and try to fuck Tess. The issue here is not the “cat calling”/”street harassment” fantasy that most of these substandard feminists have. It’s not even the fact that a white person said “black people are like [fill in the blank].” The problem is, she uttered a disturbing fact, that black men do love her. And for that, black men need to hang their heads in shame. Black men need to stand up, and with a loud clear voice say, “not even with a stolen dick.”

Story #2-Stephanie Clattenburg

The star of this story, a videographer/camerawoman for the CBC, got hurt in her little hugbox when Snoop Dogg pointed out that she was “thick.” No, I’m not kidding at all. Here’s the interview. Her argument, at its base is, my feelings were hurt. “I felt embarrassed. I felt belittled. What is a compliment? It’s not exactly what he said, but how he said it. There was a bit of a power play. He wanted to embarrass me and he did. I turned beet red.”

What’s hilarious about this thing is, the chick is about burst into tears for a good 2 minutes. Appreciate this insanity. A famous black man, standing in front of her, calls her thick, and she damn near has a nervous breakdown. And she’s not even a good looking woman. Chopped hair, half-sleeve tat, emaciated, empty, flat eyes. Don’t worry Stephanie. I will never notice or compliment your body.

“Look at the shitter on that critter.” That’s my nigga Snoop Dogg, always got those fresh rhymes and verses for yo bitch ass.

Here’s the interview

The Intersection

So how do I tie all of this together? A crazy fat white woman and a crazy skinny white woman? The answer is black men. Here we have two major and competing ways that white women in the Anglosphere think of black men: On the one side, we have Ham Beast Tess, who takes black men’s sexual attraction as just a fact of life, a given, despite how badly she’s shaped. She knows that even if her hipster boyfriend falls off, she can always run out and pick up a black man who “likes’em thick.”

On the flip side of the coin, there’s Women’s Studies Exemplar Stephanie, who takes her lack of attraction to a black man’s sexual advances as an excuse to retreat to the padded cell. Stephanie has likely internalized the Feminist articles of faith, “1 in 3/4/5/42 women will be raped/sexually assaulted/have their feelings hurt at some point their lives,” “wage gap”, “patriarchy”, and “rape culture” and sees overt sexual interest from a man she’s not attracted to as the calm before the rape…I mean storm. And black men, who are advertised as being more forward with their sexual interests than men of other races, caused her Feminist programming to go haywire.

Black men, keep on watch for these two types of white women. The Tess Ham Beast who has no respect for you, and the Stephanie Feminazi who will either run off into the night crying, or fall to the floor screaming that you raped her with your words.