Black Matriarch Burns Her Children’s Feet With Scalding Water

The Holly Hill Police Department reported responding to a possible child abuse complaint on April 10th, 2017.

Police met with an investigator who told officers that she was notified of a child suffering from serious burns due to exposure to hot water. The 22-year-old mother of the child, Sheretta Marie Harris, called the police on April 8th. She told the operator that the child had been burned from hot bathtub water during a diaper change. The child was transported to the Halifax Medical Center before being transferred to the Arnold Palmer Hospital for treatment.

The Child Protection Team Case Coordinator spoke with the Holly Hill Police Department to show them photos of the burn. Several layers of skin had been burned off. The burns were also isolated to the child’s feet, as reported.

A few days later on April 13th, officers met with representatives from the the apartment complex that Sheretta lived in. They all knew of the incident after receiving several reports. They went on to show police the room where two hot water heaters were kept. Typically, hot water heaters are set to the lowest temperature for safety reasons. However, after the incident was reported, the temperature was found turned up on the hot water heater. No one has access to these settings besides the maintenance manager and management staff. It is unknown who adjusted these settings, but the maintenance manager believes someone forced open the door and turned up the temperature.

On April 24th, Holly Hill Police Department officers met with Sheretta Harris, She retold her story, still saying that the hot water had burned her child’s feet while trying to clean up the dirty diaper mess.

Finally, on May 8th, it is reported that an officer spoke with an ex-roommate of Sheretta. He claims that he was personally told by Sheretta Harris that she intentionally put the child’s feet in scalding water because she was mad. He went on to tell the officer that Sheretta had intentionally broke her child’s arm a year ago but claimed it was from a stroller accident. He says that Sheretta becomes very violent when angry.

Two days later, the University of Florida Child Protection Team Preliminary Medical and Risk Assessment Report showed that the burns were done intentionally.

Sherretta Harris is being charged with Aggravated Child Abuse.

Question: If we can allegedly have “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome” because of wrongs done to ancestors long dead, why can’t we have “Post Traumatic Black Single Mother Syndrome” because the woman who raised us did so by terrorizing and physically abusing us? (kind of like Massa used to!)


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Black Women’s Idea of “Supporting” Black Men is Putting Themselves Over Black Men

Blogger Kiarra Sylvester posed a question: “Dear Black Men: We Black Women Have Your Back — Why Don’t You Have Ours?” So it’s a pretty typical piece of writing that does not address any grievance that black men might have.

Well, let’s just go over it.

“Can black men not be the white people of black people?”

Yeah, white people are pretty crappy aren’t they?


That was the eye-raising comment on my Facebook timeline one day that made me stop everything I was doing to follow along because there was so much truth in it.

Sorry folks. It has to be done.

For the most part, this is a forbidden topic for black women. The world already hates black men enough for the both of us, so we try to keep any issues we have with them to ourselves.

To be the black woman who speaks down or holds our male counterparts accountable is to be brave.

A black woman keeping issues to herself? I must have imagined all of those episodes of Donahue, and Oprah, and Wendy Williams, and Ricki Lake, and Jerry Springer, and Maury Povich, and Steve Wilko, the general thrust of which is black women going on TV declaring that black men ain’t shit, black men are on the DL, black men aren’t educated, black men ain’t on my level, et cetera ad nauseum.

True to double standards black men are, however, free to attack black women’s character and the smash our collective esteem into millions of pieces.

I just want to point out that she has identified black women as a collective. Therefore when I criticize black women as a collective, it is only because she, like so many other black women, opened the door.

I’m not sure how it looks from the outside looking in, but from the inside, it’s easy to see that black men are one of the most toxic, hateful and demeaning groups … to their own community … but black women especially.

Yep, black men sure do suck, don’t they? Quick question: Who raised most of these black men?

Single black mothers, perhaps? Interesting.

For centuries, black women have been the spine that helped to hold black men up as they walked into the world that feared their beauty, their glory, and their history (before slavery we were Kings and Queens!).

We Wuz Kangz n shit!

I’m embarrassed every time I hear this shit uttered, because it’s more mythical than factual, and black people don’t need any more myths.

The heroin epidemic, Bill Clinton’s 1994 crime bill, police brutality, and generally deadbeat black men are all to blame for the dramatic decrease of men remaining in black households.

You forgot LBJ’s Great Society (you know the one where he promised to have those n*ggers voting Democrat for the next 100 years), wherein he offered black women free food and free housing for them and their offspring through welfare and AFDC so long as she exiled the black man from the house.

And many black women took that devil’s bargain because the State is ultimate alpha male.

Black men must start to realize that the system is rigged against them — that mean there no room for error — not even for the pettiest of crimes.

Yes, and black women are willing agents of that system that is rigged against them. Black women have benefited and prospered in “The System”, as many of you gleefully point out to us when black women crow about their sheepskin diplomas obtained in “The System” their do-nothing jobs in “The System,” the billions they give to “the System” much of it to not look like black women.

One can work against a system from the inside, but black women don’t work against the alleged “System” either from the inside or the outside.

But I’ll tell you what the solution isn’t: The solution isn’t blaming black women’s independence for your woes.

Black women is strong and independent and don’t need no man. Got it.

Black women are known for their strength and ability to adapt; that’s what we’ve had to do in order to ensure the survival of our families while our men were away whether they were sold off to another plantation, killed, or imprisoned.

(Black) Women Are Wonderful. Got it.

Although black men’s anger and aggression are taken out on us every day, I think on an unconscious level black men are more upset with themselves for failing time and time again (hypothetically their belief, not my own).

(Black) Men Are Not Wonderful. Got it.

Black men have been forced to turn a blind eye while their women were raped and beaten, and then having to show a great level of respect to that very man — his wife’s rapist. (Yes, black men and women are still mentally impacted by the actions of slavery today.)

So…black men can be “mentally impacted” by things that happened over 150 years ago, but we can’t blame black women for the physical and mental abuse they subjected us to as children and adults about 15 years ago?

That makes perfect sense.

They point fingers and blame their lack of respect for black women on the way we carry ourselves, instead of just learning to respect all women on a basic human level.

And that’s the standard: Men must “respect” ALL women, no matter what vile shit they do. Meanwhile, women have the right to cut men down to their testicles for being “unworthy” of her.

So it’s no surprise that we’ve statistically been deemed the least desirable race of women to date despite being the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs.

Men are not women; men are sexually aroused by women’s asses, not their assets. Black female narcissism is just out-of-control.

“If I’m aroused by entrepreneurship, then men will be aroused if I’m an entrepreneur!”

No. Not even a little bit.

And, if you talk to a black man and ask him why he dates white women he’ll tell you that this is why.

How a dare a black man not want to fuck someone who is constantly seeking to one-up him! He gets to go out and compete against the rest of the world for a living, then when he comes home, he gets two options:

Becky: How was your day? Tell me all about it.

Keisha: You only made $1000 today? Nigga please! I made $1500! Get on my level! You ol’ punk, pussy ass nigga! That’s I fucked your best friend!

Yeah, it’s a little dramatic, but it is true. Will a white woman look to better deal a black man? Of course she will. The difference between the white woman and the black woman is that the white woman is not a constant struggle. Becky with the good hair will allow you to have peace in your house without a daily fight to assert your dominance.

Our independence and opinionated nature are said to be the culprit as to why our own men don’t want us, and I suppose they took this as an opportunity to corrupt us for the other races of men who might think otherwise.

And still, a majority of black women hold an unwavering love for and desire to be with black men — deeply flawed and all — we remain your number one fans.

Yep, black women are black men’s number one fans and hold unwavering love for black men, all while constantly telling black men how unworthy they are of black women’s love and much better black women are.

Black women want to be competitors with black men instead of companions to black men.

Why don’t black men have black women’s backs the way black women have black men’s?

Because unlike black women, black men are not constantly looking for a soft spot to put the knife.


Bitches Be Tripping: Rachel Dolezal Pretends to Black. Black People Elect Her President. Stuff Goes Wrong.

Hilarious, hilarious, HILARIOUS, stuff happened today. The head of the NAACP in Spokane, Washington, Rachel Dolezal, was exposed, by her own parents, as….WHITE. My first question would be, are these people really her parents? Are these pictures of the freckle-faced blonde teenager authentic? Assuming the answer to the first two is “yes,” is this chick really as nuts as she appears?

The white people in Montana claiming to be her parents gave a birth certificate to CNN. This doesn’t follow all the rules of evidence, but….I’ll allow it. They claim they didn’t know about this “Black Like Me” psychodrama their daughter was engaged in until they saw it in the newspaper.

For the time being, I’ll ignore the media noise machine on Ms. Dolezal and get information about the woman in question in her own words. According to her Linkedin page, she is a “Professor of Africana Studies,” President of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP, Chairwoman of the Office of Police Ombudsman Commission, talking head for The Inlander newspaper, and Master Artist at Dolezal Studios. This is the first indication that she can’t be black. She has too many jobs . She lists among her interests “Diversity Awareness,” “International Human Rights,” “Feminist Theory,” and “LGBTQQI Studies” (One more “B” and we can have a BBQ). So she ticks off all of the necessary boxes for her Progressive, academic, more caring than thou, bona fides (not by doing anything mind you, but she really feels strongly about things).

A little more information. Rachel lays some groundwork, or trickles out just a little bit of truth last year in an interview with Spokane Favs:

Most people know about W.E.B. Du Bois and Ida B. Wells, but not everyone knows about white founders like Mary White Ovington and Oswald Garrison Villard. The civil rights struggle is one that includes advocacy for historically oppressed groups such as people of color, women, and people living with disabilities; racial justice is not disconnected from other avenues of civil rights and social justice.

I’d guess I’m also one of the youngest presidents. As a single mom who has lived on the poverty line and identifies as bisexual, perhaps some of my other demographics are also a first for Spokane. I know there is a strong majority of older straight men with strong church ties leading many of the branches nationally.

Let’s see, let’s see: Minimizes and conflates the oppression of black people with women and handicapped (yep, being black is as bad as missing a leg), glorifies youth above experience or reason, glorifies single motherhood, attention whores herself out as a bisexual, and subtly denigrates “older, straight men.” It’s like these people read from a script, or are trying to get on the great invisible Progressive scoreboard for how NOT heterosexual, white, male, or Christian they can be. Try to deal with black people’s issues as black people’s issues and not try to shoehorn them into the Grand Unified Theory of the Proletariat.

Rachel Dolezal probably is a little nuts. But rather than focus on the easy surface issues in which some media outlets have compared her antics to the blackface minstrel shows of a century ago, or the lie itself, I would rather hit two points with regard to Ms. Dolezal: Attention whoring and hijacking of black oppression. With respect to the attention whoring, I don’t know Ms. Dolezal personally, I don’t know her past apart from what’s been reported in the media, and I haven’t analyzed her life in depth. But rationally, I can take a guess at her motivation. Average looking girl, doesn’t stand out among the rest of the white blondes in Mississippi, kind of artsy, mom and dad hang out with these interesting black people, and wants to stand apart from the crowd and yell at the world “Pay attention to me! I exist!” She doesn’t go in a Lady Gaga or Madonna direction. She decides she’ll go in an African direction. Curiosity turns to interest, interest turns to obsession, obsession turns white woman into a black woman. Reinforcing this obsession is the laughable notion of “white privilege” which is just “white guilt” repackaged for the millennials. Rather than be just another white woman (with all of the actual privilege that entails), Rachel gets to be a special Black/White/Indian/Artist/Bisexual/”Single Mother” snowflake who gets sympathy from the devotees of racial/sexual collectivism.

Which dovetails nicely into the second point: hijacking black oppression. White women have been very good at hijacking black people for their own purposes, and not just recently, but going back to Abolitionism. After the Civil War, and the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, the First Wave Feminists, some of whom had been abolitionists, hijacked abolitionist language and utilized it in their own cause, comparing white women to black slaves. What makes the usage of abolitionist rhetoric so fantastically absurd is that these same feminists, when denied a Constitutional Amendment conferring voting privileges on women, not only turned against black people with all of the viciousness that the gentler sex could muster, but aligned themselves with the burgeoning Ku Klux Klan and other organizations dedicated to the suppression of black people, appealing to them to protect the sanctity of white womanhood against the newly-enfranchised black men. That is a pretty fantastic claim, but it is as true as it is fantastic:

“Mr. Douglass talks about the wrongs of the Negro; but with all the outrages that he to-day suffers, he would not exchange his sex and take the place of Elizabeth Cady Stanton.”

-Susan B. Anthony

“You have put the ballot in the hands of your black men, thus making them political superiors of white women. Never before in the history of the world have men made former slaves the political masters of their former mistresses!”

-Anna Howard Shaw

“The enfranchisement of women would insure immediate and durable white supremacy, honestly attained, for upon unquestioned authority it is stated that in every southern State but one there are more educated women than all the illiterate voters, white and black, native and foreign, combined. As you probably know, of all the women in the South who can read and write, ten out of every eleven are white. When it comes to the proportion of property between the races, that of the white outweighs that of the black immeasurably.”

-Belle Kearney

“What will we and our daughters suffer if these degraded black men are allowed to have the rights that would make them even worse than our Saxon fathers?”

-Elizabeth Cady Stanton

“The white men, reinforced by the educated white women, could ‘snow under’ the Negro vote in every State, and the white race would maintain its supremacy without corrupting or intimidating the Negroes.”

-Laura Clay

“White supremacy will be strengthened, not weakened, by women’s suffrage.”

-Carrie Chapman Catt

Fast forward to the 1960s. The first wave feminists achieved the goal of suffrage and died a bloody death on the hill of Prohibition. Their successors in interest, the second wave feminists, looked at the legal victories that the NAACP was winning and said “we can do that.” They looked at Jim Crow and said “well, sure you have Jim Crow LAWS against you, but we have the Patriarchy against us, which is totally worse. But the Patriarchy is against you too, so you should support feminism.” See Casey Hayden and Mary King, who left the SNCC when they realized they could not herd black men into the feminist stockade. The second wave feminists even elbowed their way into the Civil Rights Act of 1964 with the help of (drumroll please) a racist white man. Representative Howard W Smith of Virginia, erstwhile foe of civil rights for black people, had no problem with offering an amendment to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that included “sex” as a protected class against discrimination. In fact, Howard Smith supported sex as a protected class from discrimination since 1945 and had, for 20 years unsuccessfully sponsored the Equal Rights Amendment (for white women).

In Rachel Dolezal, I see a woman who was so thoroughly unhappy with her identity, who couldn’t distinguish herself from the herd as a white woman, so she put on some spray tan (I guess shoe polish or charcoal would have been a bridge too far), kinked up her hair, and put on a performance that black people just ate up and white people said “she’s black, but not too black. We’re comfortable with her.” I also see a white woman replaying a theme in America’s history of white women shamelessly using black people to satisfy her own goals, specifically power, validation, and attention.