Black Matriarch Films Her Own Shooting By Her Lesbian Lover

Courtesy of the black matriarchy and the People’s Democratic Republic of Chi-raq comes the sorry tale of Labritney Austin. As is common with Sapphic lovers in the ghetto, she had a dispute with hers. However, Labritney, being about that thug life, brought a gun into the mix.

Austin shot her fellow lesbo and turned herself in to the police two hours later.

I’m glad these hood-whores are shooting each other and not black men and black children, who are their usual targets.


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Male Feminist Splits Hairs On “The Brutality of the Male Libido”; Men Aren’t Bad, Just Toxic Masculinity

Some additional Stephen Marche commentary by a lecturer of philosophy at Northeastern Illinois. I have nothing clever to add about the background of the author, Tyler Zimmer. Another male feminist crawling up out of the termite-infested structure of academia.

While bent over locking up my bike in Chicago a few years ago, I heard the all-too-familiar sound of a wolf whistle. I turned around to get a look at the jerks accosting some woman on the street, only to realize I was the one who was being cat called. A man passing by from behind had seen my long curly hair and tight jeans and mistaken me for a woman. When I turned around to face him, he was shocked and started apologizing profusely. In so many words, he was saying: ”This is an unacceptable way to behave toward a man.” And we both knew, if I were a woman, there would be no apology.

And if you were in the county lockup, there would not only be no apology, you’d have several more ‘admirers’ who were sincere in their affections because of long curly hair and tight pants.

This is the double standard at the heart of masculinity: Men are taught to regularly say and do things to women that they would never say or do to other men, that they would never want men to say or do to them. That is not due to some timeless “male libido” driving their behavior. It’s because masculinity is founded on the myth that men alone are rights-bearing persons and women are subordinate, passive, second-class beings who either need the protection of or deserve to be subjected to men.

Men are also taught (by who, these advocacy pieces are never clear on, possibly fairies or some other imperceptible being) to tolerate physical and mental abuse from females that they would not tolerate from any man. They learn it from their mothers (oh, that’s a girl! You can’t roughhouse with them! Their not like boys!) and from bluepill males (you don’t ever put your hands on a female!) So yes, double standards are at the heart of masculinity because females and men alike recognize that men are the stronger and more enduring of the sexes and the only reason they can dare to try and lay this double standard on men is because we are strong enough to bear it. It is not in our best interests as individuals or as a class to bear it in any circumstances, and certainly not in a gynocentric society, but that’s another story for another time.

And females can hold all of the rights of men when they bear all of the social and legal responsibilities of men.

Still waiting to hear back on that Selective Service thing. Females?

In a recent New York Times op-ed, however, writer Stephen Marche uses some outdated Freudian ideas about sexuality and gender and the recent explosion of allegations of sexual misconduct to argue that male sexual desire is inherently brutal and oppressive. Thus, there’s no use, as Marche puts it, in “pretending to be something else, some fiction you would prefer to be.” So, feminist ideas are practically useless. The only fruitful thing men can do to respect women as equals is repress their natural urges.

Marche didn’t just use some outdated Freudian ideas; he flat out accused men of inherently being monstrous, which puts him in lockstep with a great many revered ‘thinkers’ and agitators of the feminist movement (MacKinnon, Dworkin, Morgan, Daly, Brownmiller, Solanas, et al.)

In truth, the very problem with masculinity Marche describes in his op-ed is too much repression: The rules governing masculinity require men to be stoic, to repress virtually all of their emotions (except anger). This leads many men to severely underdevelop their own ability to analyze and communicate about their own feelings. Our culture, not men’s nature, has enforced this emotional repression.

Where might I find these ‘rules of masculinity’ in writing? Stoicism is not a state of being, it is a tool for interacting with the world and the people in it. Stoics recognized that universally any given man can control nothing but his own thoughts and his own actions. They also recognized that a man did not have any inherent right to control the thoughts and actions of anyone but himself. Stoicism requires emotional homeostasis, the subordination of emotion to reason, especially those emotions that arise from erroneous judgments. A Stoic man seeks to tame his Pathos so that he cannot be manipulated by others because, as pointed out before, Stoics believe that a man has the right to control only his own thoughts and actions; as a corollary, no man has an inherent right to control the Stoic’s thoughts or actions.

Indeed, every man can think of at least one experience where he was punished for failing—whether intentionally or accidentally—to obey the dictates of these masculine rules. I remember a playground game where my friends and I would re-enact scenes from Disney films. I volunteered myself for the role of Ariel from the Little Mermaid. She was the protagonist and, it seemed to me, the best character to be. My peers bullied and teased me for this failure to obey the rules of compulsory masculinity for weeks afterward, and “Ariel” became a standard go-to insult in arguments.

In a world where females largely control the household, the primary purveyors of this punishment for failure to obey dictates is a female, specifically, a single mother. Here is where the author inserts the obligatory sleight-of-hand that all feminist discourse demands: He conflates the petty cruelty of children to a ‘dictate of masculinity.’ It is a minority of people who cannot comb over their childhood and find some instance of childhood teashing, bullying, or shaming done to them by some beastly, non-Stoic child who wished to exert power at the expense of their target. The author fails to point out that the petty power plays of children are despised in men as we grow larger, stronger, and, hopefully, more rational. Men are expected to moderate their natural strength with reason, wisdom, and again, hopefully, mercy. Otherwise, we’re just clubbing each other over the heads with sticks.

Females, on the other hand, never grow out of childhood power politics. The same tactics small girls practice are mastered by adult women: Out-grouping, gossip, shaming, physical attacks, shunning. These tactics degrade comraderie and social cohesion in any group they are introduced in, but the feminist modus operandi can best be summed up by Robin Morgan in the Redstockings Manifesto: “We do not need to change ourselves, but to change men.”

This is the kind of masculinity that also teaches men they don’t have to ask permission to act on their sexual desires. They’re supposed to take charge and have no reason to respect women’s autonomy. This is what feminists mean when they say sexual harassment and assault are about power, not desire. It’s our culture, not our libidos, that shapes the way men act upon otherwise healthy, run-of-the-mill sexual desires. In itself, there is nothing inherently brutal in a man who is sexually attracted to a woman he works with—no more than there would be if a woman desires a man she works with.

But there is a difference between discreetly (or silently) deriving pleasure from someone’s presence, on the one hand, and imposing one’s desires on that person, especially if they’re unreturned or unwanted. The difference here, as the feminist philosopher Sandra Bartky puts it, is the difference between healthy eroticism and rituals rooted in toxic ideas about masculinity.

Antonio Gramsci called. He’d like his Cultural Hegemony back, if you don’t mind.

I don’t like doing this because after awhile, it just tastes sour, but the success of the 50 Shades of Grey franchise, among females, has largely put the lie to this claim of ‘respect female’s autonomy.’ Despite feminist whining about the nonexistent rape culture, females, not men, have defined what are and are not acceptable sexual customs and rituals. Females define these customs and rituals by the nature and actions of the men they choose to have sex with. 50 Shades is the most recent example but not the only. Books, TV shows, and novels have been gobbled up by females in which a bored, and usually boring, female is whisked off on an adventure by a man who is on the path to glory, fame, or self-destruction.

Females are the gatekeepers of sex. Men merely observe, note, and perform what is necessary to get through the gate.

If a man wants to act on his attraction, or sexual urges? Here, communication, the very thing modern notions of masculinity train us away from, is key. Genuine communication is a two-way street; it presupposes that both participants have an equal right to withdraw from the interaction or decline an offer. Men already understand this to some extent, because this is how men typically behave in interactions with other men.

So, relating to women as equals, as genuine peers, doesn’t necessarily require repressing desire. Instead, it requires coming to terms with the fact that masculinity trains men to have great difficulty recognizing women—or, indeed, anyone that presents as feminine—as persons, as agents, as authoritative and worthy of respect, and then making an effort to see and treat them that way.

Females actively repudiate agency when possessing agency does not benefit them. If men are always to be held responsible for their actions, why should men respect the ‘selective agency’ of females at all? If females are allowed to offer up their varying forms of ‘the Devil made me do it’, but replace the Devil with ‘culture’, ‘medications’, ‘stress’, ‘fatigue’, ‘post-partum’, ‘PTSD’, ‘I was afraid of a man’, ‘Patriarchy’ et cetera ad nauseum, then females are not agents at all.

A few years before my own experience with a catcall, I saw a young woman walking down a Chicago street with a milkshake in hand. A man watching her pass by shouted, “Titties!” at her. Without skipping a beat, she turned around, threw her milkshake at him, and continued on her way. Those of us on the street chuckled in admiration as the man stood dripping from head to toe with chocolate milkshake.

So, when one man assaults another man for words, that’s bad and evil and toxic masculinity. When a female assaults a man for words, you chuckle in admiration?

Yeah, fuck you, you hypocrite.


Death Wish the Remake; Progressives Get Triggered

Joshua Rivera, a writer for GQ, saw the new Death Wish trailer, starring Bruce Willis.

He was not amused because Bruce Willis (originally a comedian before he became an action star) cracks a joke in the trailer.

I’ll give you a moment to recover from the overwhelming shock of the man who coined the phrases “Yippee-kai-yay motherfucker!” and “welcome to the party, pal!” says a darkly humorous thing in a movie prominently featuring death and explosions.

Now that we’re all off of the fainting couch, let’s get to Progressive sermonizing Rivera engages in and why it is so stupid.

In moving the setting to Chicago, a city where gun violence is both well-documented and highly politicized, and setting the trailer to “Back in Black”, the remake tips its hand: 2017’s Death Wish comes off as a work of cowardice and opportunism, piggybacking off hard-right fear-mongering and a government that’s completely and utterly disingenuous in its rhetoric about violent crime when nationwide, crime rates—despite rises in cities thanks to mass shootings like the Pulse massacre in Orlando—remain historically low.

Rivera serves the reader up with this run-on sentence packed with several different items that are not related to each other.

In moving the setting to Chicago, a city where gun violence is both well-documented and highly politicized

“Gun violence”? Let’s call it what it actually is: Negroes murdering other Negroes over petty bullshit. According to the Chicago Police Department, in 2011, 75.3% of the murder victims in the city were Black. As for offenders, Blacks made up 70.5%.

We’re #1! We’re #1! We’re #1!

Oh wait, this is actually not a good thing.

And now, for the really fun stat: The clearance rate for murders in Chicago in 2015 was *drumroll please* 25.6%. You have a roughly 70-75% chance of getting away with murder in the city of Chicago.

Those are the documents. No spin, no politicizing, no bullshit.

and setting the trailer to “Back in Black”, the remake tips its hand:

They should have gone with “Shoot to Thrill”, but Roth would have had to fight Disney over it (because of Iron Cash Cow, I mean Iron Man) which is probably not worth the licensing fees.

2017’s Death Wish comes off as a work of cowardice and opportunism

No! You’re a coward and an opportunist!

Name-calling is boring.

piggybacking off hard-right fear-mongering

Russians. Russians are everywhere. They are hiding under your bed. They are all up in your DMs, jacking your emails, leaking your nudes.

Nope. Only the hard-right is fearmongering around here.

a government that’s completely and utterly disingenuous in its rhetoric about violent crime when nationwide, crime rates remain historically low.

No thanks to traditionally Democrat-controlled metropoli like Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Baltimore, etc.

despite rises in cities thanks to mass shootings like the Pulse massacre in Orlando.

I can’t help but notice that Rivera neglected to mention that the murders done last year in Orlando at the Pulse nightclub, were perpetrated by Omar Mateen, a Jihad-enthusiast of Afghani-descent.

Must have been an oversight.

But, to the gungrabbers, motives don’t matter. The gun is actually the guilty party. This is why they count suicides as “gun violence.” which is why they insist that only the police be armed, because, through the magic of POST, they will always be present to prevent or stop crimes, and gain perfect knowledge of when and when not to use their guns.

This stands in stark contrast to the state of violent crime in the U.S. during the ’70s, a decade that did see rising crime as well as some of the most notorious killers in the nation’s history.

Bullshit. America has long had a voyeuristic fascination with killers, going back to Levi Weeks and the Manhattan Well Murder. Bonnie & Clyde. John Wilkes Booth. Charles Guiteau. H.H. Holmes. Thanks to the unholy marriage of TV and yellow journalism, murderers and psychopaths transformed from local legends to national celebrities.

The new Death Wish has an entirely different context, one where guns are routinely turned on black citizens by white supremacists and white cops, where mass shootings regularly occur and lawmakers refuse to do anything about it, where guns in the hands of the populace is not a rarity but arguably an epidemic. It takes a profound level of either ignorance or craven, willful opportunism to think that this is a moment to make a film about a white man’s rage channeled through the barrel of a gun.

This is just a rewording of the previous paragraph with a conclusion about “the white man’s rage channeled through the barrel of a gun.” Yeah. And when the Black man channels his rage through the barrel of a gun, usually against another black man, as is the norm in Chicago, Josuha Rivera, and mincing Progressives like him, are as quiet as mice pissing on cotton.

Black people, understand that this is the progressive norm. They will shed a thousand tears for you being killed in a movie, but won’t lift a finger to prevent you from being killed in real life, especially when it is by your most natural predator, another black man. These progressives mean you no good. They are part of the system of your debasement and destruction. They are advocates of the system that broke the Black family. They are defenders of the system that leaves millions of black men and black women miseducated, poorly educated, or flat-out uneducated. Progressives are the beneficiaries of generations of government subsidized dysgenics practiced on Black people.

But progressives want you to be outraged over a movie in which fictional social parasites and reprobates receive their just reward as a result of the lives they’ve led. Divine retribution in the form of a man named Paul Kersey.

This is going to be the first Eli Roth movie I pay to see.

Progeny of the Black Matriarchy Kidnap and Torture a White Man On Facebook Live

Where to start with this one?

These niggas are just slap-ass stupid. There isn’t an IQ above 70 in this room. It’s bad enough that they kidnapped this man, tortured him, assaulted him, and scalped him.

But what does the hoodrat negress do when this violence and brutality are taking place in her home? Does she plead for peace? Does she call the police?

Nope. She turns on Facebook Live and records the criminal activity.

Watch this video. Listen to the way these idiots speak. This is the finished product of the Black Matriarchy. Violent, irrational, unjustifiable egos, and desperation of fame. Most of these degenerates raised by the Black Matriarchy would rather be infamous than anonymous, which is why this dumb bitch fired up Facebook and started recording, smoking, drinking, and playing in her goddamn weave. This bitch thinks she looks good and you probably couldn’t tell her shit to the contrary. She actively encourages more violence from the two niggas. She giggles when the two niggas threaten to put the white man out of his misery. Most of these ghetto whores were never properly loved as children. They never saw an example of a healthy expression of love. So now, the ghetto whores get on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and whatever the fuck else is out there, showing ass, titties, and criminal activity, for that little hit of dopamine that they get when other ghetto whores and thirsty niggas click the “Follow” or “Like” buttons.

Casual violence is amusing to black females. Death is amusing to black females. I eagerly await some explanation as to how one can build any sort of productive, law-abiding citizen, much less a community of likeminded black people, when the females actively create chaos and misery.

Which brings me to the second point. The person who called the police, Dominique Williams, the granddaughter of Lula Williams, who lives two floors down from the hoodrat whores arrested, Brittany Covingtion and Tanisha Covington. Lula Williams, who is reported to be 89, said that the sisters moved in a year ago and since then have made all kinds of racket, fought in the hallways, and basically made a nuisance of themselves to the entire building. When she tried to get them to quiet down, they threatened to beat her up and kicked in her door.

Lovely young ladies aren’t they? Threatening to beat up someone’s (likely) great-grandmother. And here’s the problem: When you permit ghetto whores, Black Matriarchs to move into your buildings, neighborhoods, suburbs, etc., they will bring mayhem with them. They will bring their equally depraved fellow Black Matriarchs with them. They will bring their unruly bastards with them. Most importantly, they will bring thugs and niggas with them, because, the Black Matriarch cannot live without some thug dick in her life. The little ghetto whore even said in the video, her man is currently locked up.

When Black Matriarchs and ghetto whores move into your building, community, neighborhood, they aren’t coming to conform to the customs and standards of your status quo; they are coming to colonize and fuck up your shit.

Point three: The hate crime nonsense.

“Fuck white people.”

“Fuck Donald Trump.”

“He’s from Europe.”

I am opposed to “hate crime” legislation in general (flies directly in the face of the concept of equality before the law). I appreciate the argument that hate crimes as sentencing-enhancement to punish socially undesirable behavior, however, killing a man for being the wrong skin color does not make him more dead than if you killed him to take his wallet. Beating a man for adhering to a different religion than you doesn’t make him more harmed than if you beat him because he owed you money. The crime is the crime. Motivation while great fodder for crime drama shows, is not necessary to put a person in prison, only evidence that the criminal act took place, that the defendant did the criminal act, and that the defendent intended to do the criminal act.

However, make a few edits to the script of this particular drama. If two white men and two white women kidnapped, scalped, beat, and tortured a young black man of diminished mental capacity while laughing and shouting:

“Fuck black people.”

“Fuck Barack Obama.”

“He’s from Africa.”

How fast would the hate crime charges come down on our four imaginary criminals?

But this is the mindset of the Black Matriarch, which Black Matriarchs have transmitted down to their dumbassed progeny as displayed perfectly in this video:

It’s always somebody else’s fault.

Every problem, grievance, and inconvenience in the life of a Black Matriarch is somebody else’s fault. “That bitch at my job hates me. That nigga that fucked me, got me pregnant, and skedaddled ain’t shit. White people always messing with us.” Whitey made them do it. Donald Trump made them do it. Slavery made them do it. Post-traumatic slave syndrome made them do it. Poverty made them do it.

All of the blame-shifting results in what was shown in this video: justification for bad acts. When the Black Matriarch or her loyal thug drones does some bad act, it’s always someone else’s fault.

You get more of what you subsidize and less of what you penalize. This is one of the foundational ideas of economics. If you liked this video and what it displayed (violence, stupidity, degeneracy), then by all means, keeping giving Black Matriarchs government checks, and EBT cards, and housing vouchers.

For my own part, it’s past time for Black Matriarchs to be subjected to heavy penalties for their bullshit.


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Black Matriarch Murders Infant Because He Would Not Stop Crying

Prosecutors say a babysitter charged with the murder of an infant confessed to punching the child because he would not stop crying, but relatives insist she could not have hurt the baby and is innocent.

Willa Wickerson, 56, of the 6700 block of South Parnell Avenue, is charged in the death of one-month-old Timothy Harmon. Her family says she is related to the baby’s family.

Prosecutors said the baby was in good health when his parents went to work and left him in the care of Wickerson about 8:30 a.m. Dec. 7 in the 6600 block of South Racine. He began crying and, after 15 minutes, Wickerson became “irate” and punched the child with a closed fist in the stomach and then threw him down onto a car seat, according to prosecutors.

About 2 p.m. Wickerson realized Timothy was unresponsive and called the baby’s mother to tell her he was not breathing. She did not call 911 but Timothy’s mother did, prosecutors said.

When paramedics got there he was still unresponsive so he was intubated and taken to St. Bernard Hospital where he was pronounced dead. An autopsy the next day determined Timothy died of injuries from child abuse, according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office. His death was ruled a homicide.

In a videotaped confession, Wickerson admitted becoming upset with the baby and demonstrated to the detectives how she punched and threw a 44-day old baby onto a car seat, prosecutors said.

Wickerson has no criminal background and is scheduled to appear in court again on Jan. 4.

A 19-year-old female relative of Wickerson said she suffers from a mental disability.

“If you talk to her for a short period of time you can see yourself that she is kind of special,” the relative said.

Another relative, Wickerson’s niece Consuela Allen, 34, said Wickerson is the kind of person who always wants to please others and sometimes get taken advantage of because of that.

“I can’t stop crying, this is not sitting well with me,” said Allen. “My auntie is not that kind of person. She could not have done this.”

Wickerson’s sister, Theresa Wickerson, described her as “the first person you call when you need a babysitter” and someone who babysat “all the time.”

Wickerson said no one ever had a problem with her child care skills.

“I have seen her with crying babies and I have never, ever, ever seen her be mad at a baby,” Wickerson said.

Theresa Wickerson said her sister is also someone who is easy to please and “easy to manipulate.”

“She doesn’t have a lot of social skills; she is very easy to please. “You could get her to say she killed JFK if you told her enough.”

“Everyone in the family stands behind her,” said her sister.

Lance Wells, her former brother in-law, said he was “devastated” when he learned Friday morning of the accusations against Wickerson, when a friend called. Wells is divorced from Wickerson’s sister but still remains “lifelong” friends with Wickerson and her family members.

“She’s not a violent person in the least bit,” said Wells, who was reached by phone at his Atlanta, Georgia home. “She would not step on a roach, she would not even kill an ant,” Wells said.

Wickerson, who’s been a babysitter and homemaker for many years, raised three kids of her own and loves children, she said.

“She’s not capable of this.”

“This is not something she would do at all. I’m very, very very shocked,” Wells said. “This is a misunderstanding. This is not her.”

Timothy’s mother was reached by phone Friday afternoon after attending the baby’s funeral.

“We are grieving. Justice has been served,’’ she said.

Cook County Judge Maria Kuriakos Ciesil set bail at $1 million during a hearing at the Leighton Criminal Court Building Friday.

There is a discrepency here.

Wickerson according to her relatives, is not a violent person.

But she, by her own admission, punched a one month-old baby in the stomach.

Wickerson’s sister said that she “babysat all of the time.”

How many kids has she beaten who didn’t die?

Wickerson has three kids.

How many ass-kickings did they take when they wouldn’t stop crying?


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Group of Black Hillary Supporters Beat, Rob, and Attempt to Kill a White Man Who Voted for Trump

On November 10, 49-year-old David Wilcox drove his Bonneville near the corner of Kedzie and Roosevelt, when another driver in a black sedan scraped his car. When Wilcox got out to investigate the damage and ask if they had insurance, the driver and passengers in the vehicle attacked him, screaming “You voted Trump” and “Don’t Vote Trump.” He was thrown to the ground, punched, and kicked.

When Wilcox tried to get crawl back to his vehicle, someone got in and drove away with Wilcox hanging on to the open rear driver’s window. The driver of the now stolen vehicle drove 70-80 mph down Roosevelt with Wilcox hanging on for dear life.

These are the Hillary “voters” (placed in quotes as if any these numbskulls had the requisite intelligence to cast a ballot). Will any of the Hillary supports calling for “peace” and “unity” repudiate this assault and robbery?

Of course not.

What they will offer are: (1) Paper-thin faux-sympathy. (2) Tu quoques and equivocation (Argh, Chicago PD does it too!) as if that justifies attacking a stranger (3) and justifications (OMG! They’re emotional! And sad about things! And poverty! [Which is a slander against the poor] And undereducated!)

If Wilcox were armed and put down even one of these bastard children of the Black Matriarchy, oh how the tears would have flowed and the excuses would have flown (see the previous post about Michael Renard Grace Jr..

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Black Matriarch Beats Her Daughter On Facebook Live

This video of the Black Matriarch Shanavia Miller has made the rounds for a couple days. For those not interested in watching it, the daughter, Nia Green, 16, apparently put up a picture of her and her boyfriend in bath towels, either before or after having sex. Not entirely surprising. But the black mother has an entirely mature, responsible, level-headed and appropriate response to her daughter’s irresponsible behavior.

Aww, I’m just kidding. Shanavia beat the living crap out of her daughter.

Video starts with mom and another bastard daughter getting access to Nia’s Facebook account and firing up a livestream (All Hail Zuckerberg). Mom complains that her daughter is a “thot” (shorthand for “That Hoe Over There”) while broadcasting herself to the world in bright pink booty shorts and a torn spaghetti-strap tank top.

Let that hypocrisy marinate for a moment before we continue.

Mom gets on camera with a stick or a paint stirrer or a ruler, and strikes the daughter, repeatedly, asking her if she “wants to be a little thot on Facebook.” Breaking the stick doesn’t stop the black matriarch as she hits her two more times as the daughter tries to retreat to the kitchen. Miller tells her other daughter holding the camera to follow her and memorialize all of this child abuse. Miller stalks after Green, shouting at her about the picture of her and her boyfriend in what appear to be nothing but bath towels. Miller accuses the daughter of having sex in her house and slaps Green twice. Green tells Miller that she and her boyfriend weren’t in the house. Miller slaps her two more times while Green tries to cover up. Green says something inaudible to Miller, provoking a response of “oh, you thought it was your period, huh?” and another slap to Green’s abdomen.

(Black female parenting? Or bad boxing match? You be the judge.)

Miller tells green that she’s probably got vaginal discharge and that she is “nasty as hell.” (Building up young girl’s self-esteem is such hard work) Miller punches Green in the shoulder and in the face. Miller then complains that she works too hard and her daughter wants to drive her crazy. Miller then says Green has a job (at McDonald’s) and tries to “downtalk” her, then hits four more times, once in the stomach, once in the back, slaps her once in the head and punches her in the face.

(You must not be doing too much for someone who isn’t a manager or an owner of a McDonald’s to “downtalk” you.)

Miller then asks Green if she wants to embarrass her on social media, followed by four punches to Green’s body. Miller asks Green if she wants “to be a little thot.” When Green says no, Miller responds with two more punches to the body. Miller asks “what’s the problem?” then punches her in the arm twice. Green attempts to cover her face and turn her body away from being hit. Miller asks “why you want to be a thot?” Green gets out a “how am I…?” before Miller punches her in the face again. Miller shouts that Green needs to get her grades up before she tries to “stunt” on Facebook, keep her room clean, be nice to her sister.

(I’m absolutely positive that Miller is providing her daughter with a shining model of academic achievement, domestic cleanliness, and familial affection, which is why young Nia doesn’t need to go out and seek affection from boys….oops.)

Miller slaps Green in the face again and informs her that has to quit her McDonald’s job, pay rent, (how she’s going to pay rent with no income, who can say, but Black Female Logic) and her own expenses. Miller calls her daughter a savage and a thot (after beating her daughter for the last 3 minutes). Miller says the boy can’t buy Green shit, then cracks her in the face again. Miller punches Green three more times and tells her “these punches ain’t hurting you.” Miller punches her three more times and tells Green “you like this shit.”

Miller takes the camera from the other daughter and declares that Green’s Facebook page is her’s now. Miller zooms in Green, still covering her face, and calls her a clown and a goofy ass. Miller accuses Green of making her look like a bad parent and that Miller does her best and that she doesn’t have a parent that will do what Miller does for her.

And, that’s pretty much the video. I score the round 10-9 Miller. Miller landed 100% of punches, going 30 for 30. Miller trapped Green in the neutral corner, found a lot of openings, wasn’t afraid to attack Green’s guard, kept her punches mixed up, even threw in some trash talk to try and break her spirit…

Wait, what? You mean I’m not commenting on a boxing match? This is supposed to be parenting? I got carried away there.

This video is proof against the narrative that females, especially black females, should be allowed to raise children in the absence of men, or some type of supervision. This female, Shanavia Miller thought, in her tiny lizard brain, that the appropriate reaction to her 16-year-old daughter having sex and posting provocative photos on Facebook (neither of which is good) is to publically beat and verbally humiliate her daughter in the town square of the Internet: Facebook(All hail Zuckerberg). This is the kind of physical violence and emotional terrorizing that many black children are raised with from the age of 0 to whenever they get a way to escape their mom’s house. For black females, that escape usually comes in the form a little dusty, knucklehead negro male, who doesn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of, or, has a little bit of dope money and some shiny baubles to wave in front of a stupid young girl. She’ll run off with him, he’ll drop a baby in her and they’ll either fall out, or he’ll go on his first of many stints as a prisoner of the state, and the cycle of the black matriarchy will continue.

If a man beat on this girl like this, or hell, if a man beat on Shanavia Miller like this, he’d be locked up, right now. But the black matriarch, she gets to indulge in whatever sadistic, violent urges pop into her head at any particular moment. And if black females raising the majority of children, male or female, where are the children, male or female, learning to be violent and irrational? Could it be from their violent, belligerent, irrational, abusive mothers?

Nah. That’d make too much sense.