Bash the Fash or “Beat Up Anyone Who Isn’t a Communist”

From the January 29, 1942 Home Edition of the Barrier Miner, an Australian newspaper

Anti-Communist Speech Causes Scene

LONDON, January 28.
Seventy-two-year-old Sir James Purves-Stewart, a famous physician, who advocates mercy killing, caused a stir in Anglo-Soviet circles by attacking Communism at a meeting in aid. of the Russian Red Cross at Basingstoke Town Hall.

He referred to “the horrible atrocities of the Bolshevik revolution.” Violent interruptions occurred and some of the audience walked out. A man shouted, “You ought to be speaking for Hitler.”

Alderman Mrs. E. A. Weston, who was, the next speaker, attacked Sir James Purves-Stewart,and said that she was sorry that he had been invited to speak.

Sir James Purves-Stewart later told the'”Evening Standard”, that he was strongly pro-Russian, but anti-communist. He said that there was danger of the Communists getting hold of the Anglo-Russian Public Relations Committee. “I wanted to give a true picture of Russia. There are many things in the Communist State I admire, but also things which never would be accepted by democratic citizens in Britain. I do not believe that the Russians are fighting for Communism. They are fighting for their homes and Holy Russia.”

The chairman of the executive of the Anglo-Russian Publie Relations Committee “(Professor A. V. Hill) said: “Sir James Purves-Stewart was talking irresponsibly. He ought to know better.”

[Sir James Purves-Stewart, among many, other publications, is author of Fix this text”A Physician’s Tour In Soviet Russia,” which was published in 1932.]

Does any of this sound remotely familiar? Because we are seeing this play out again like the latest installment of Dark Souls.

A lot of the same actions took place at this one speech that we see today. Purves-Stewart made valid criticisms of the Soviet Union, of the murders and repression carried out by the Communists against the Russian people in the name of Communism. The Communist response was to try and shout him down (Shut It Down, anyone?), accused him of speaking for Hitler, and wishing that he had not been invited to speak (no-platforming).

All that is required for a Communist to shriek “Fascist!” is to not be a Communist. That’s it. Nothing more. So when Antifa screams “bash the fash!” all they mean is “assault non-Communists.”

The tactics of Communists have not changed for the 70 years.


Nigerian Economics Student Exonerated After 27 Minutes of Deliberation

On December 5, 2014, Sam Obeghe, 26, an economics student at the University of Salford, Greater Manchester, and his friend Zack Garrigan, were out celebrating Garrigan’s birthday when they met the accuser and another woman at the Vogue bar. Obeghe, who had not been drinking, gave the four a ride back to his flat at Atlas Mill, Bentinck Street, Heaton, around 5 AM, where Garrigan and the accuser went to Obeghe’s room to have sex. Garrigan and the accuser did not have sex. Garrigan left the room to find a Viagra and the accuser fell asleep. Obeghe went to roust the accuser out of his bed so he could get a few hours of sleep before work. The accuser, believing him (get it? Believe Him? No? Forget you then.) to be Garrigan, began fondling Obeghe and the two had sex. The accuser claims that she thought Obeghe was Garrison. Obeghe insisted that he stopped when she called out Zack’s name during sex.

Obeghe told Garrigan what had happened. The accuser came out of the room hysterical and saying she had to leave. When she told her mother what happened, they called the police. Three hours later, police arrested Obeghe at his residence on charges of rape.

Obeghe waited 17 months for a trial in which he testified in his own defense. He asserted and emphasized that the accuser initiated sex with him, and that he stopped when he knew that she believed she was having sex with Zack Garrison. The jury exonerated Obeghe of the rape charge after 27 minutes of deliberation in the Bolton Crown Court.


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Serial False Accuser Sentenced to Three Months

Sharon Linda Adams of Hoop Hill Park, Lurgan, was convicted in Magistrate Court on nine counts of wasting police time (I guess that’s a thing in England).

Adams filed false reports of rape and assault on April 26, May 1, June 17, July 27, and September 18, of 2014, as well as on January 30, February 7, and April 9, of 2015.

For these, and an unrelated case of harrassment, the Court sentenced Adams to three months on each count, sentences to run concurrently.


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False Rape Accuser Sentenced To Six Months in Jail

Wendy Wilson, 62, of King’s Lynn, Norfolk, England, was sentenced in the Norwich Crown Court to six months in jail after filing a false rape claim back in 2013. On December 22, 2013, Wilson summoned Norfolk police to her residence, claiming two men with Eastern European accents broke into her house and raped her in the kitchen at knife point (Swarthy Foreigners).

The police spent five months, £70,000, and 2,244 man hours investigating Wilson’s accusation. But it was the insurance adjusters who revealed Wilson’s rape claim for its falsity. As the police were investigating, Wilson filed an insurance claim for £6,000 in goods she told the insurance company had been stolen after the non-existent rapists knocked her out. But Wilson never mentioned any stolen goods to the police. The police finally concluded that Wilson had fabricated the rape story specifically to make the insurance claim.

Wilson pled guilty to perverting the course of justice and fraud. Judge Anthony Bate, upon handing down the sentence, rebuked Wilson, stating:

‘While officers were investigating your bogus claims they can’t be investigating other people’s genuine concerns. It diverted them away from much more important lines of inquiry.’

So, class, why would a woman EVER lie about rape?

Answer: She saw an opportunity to make £6,000.

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Update: False Rape Accuser Withdraws Guilty Plea; Claims Mental Defect

False rape accuser Hannah McWhirter of Banff, Aberdeenshire withdrew a guilty plea she made in connection with the false rape report, claiming she “suffers” from “semantic pragmatic disorder.” McWhirter’s charges came about after she had a threesome with a co-worker and her husband, then lied about being raped when her boyfriend discovered the affair.

McWhirter’s solicitor withdrew during her sentencing hearing because she told a social worker in the case she was innocent of the crime. McWhirter’s new solicitor appeared today, claiming McWhirter suffered from “semantic pragmatic disorder” and that McWhirter may have entered her previous guilty plea unknowingly.

Ian Houston, the new solicitor, has said it would take some time to locate an expert with the requisite knowledge of McWhirter’s rare condition and that McWhirter may need to travel to England. Sheriff Graham Buchanan continued the case until the psychological report could be filed. The case was continued until later this year.


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Two Men Falsely Accused of Rape Found Not Guilty

Two men found not guilty of raping a woman at a Middlesbrough flat have said they “have been through hell”.

Robert Ehima, 27 and Yonaton Rapetti, 26, were both acquitted of raping a woman in her 20s at Rapetti’s home after a night out in March 2011.

The jury found both defendants not guilty after deliberating their verdict for less than an hour.


During the trial at Teesside Crown Court, jurors were told that the complainant was an “attention seeker” who told a “catalogue of lies”.

The jury were told that she made up a false rape claim after her mother said to her “You’ve been raped, you”.


The court heard he [Ehima] had said nothing to the complainant apart from a brief exchange where she complimented him on his hairstyle, before he went home in a taxi.

He said he was shocked to hear months later of allegations that he and Yonaton Rapetti, 26, raped her.

Rapetti told the court: “I didn’t do anything” and denied he and the woman had ever had sex or kissed.

Sound familiar? Like the asshole mother in Canberra who helped her daughter set up not one, but two men with false rape claims? Asshole mother produces asshole daughter who proceeds to engage in assholery to the detriment of innocent victims everywhere.


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False Rape Accuser Is Severely Punished…With Strong Words of Advice

A woman who made a false rape claim will not be charged, police said today.

The woman has now been given “strong words of advice” by officers after it emerged the incident never happened.

She told police she was sexually assaulted on Kenilworth Road in Billingham yesterday.

But Cleveland Police has decided against bringing criminal charges against her.

A spokeswoman said today: “The woman has been given strong words of advice by police for her actions.”

Well golly gee, I guess she’s learned her lesson. Sure she put a man at hazard for his life and wasted the state’s time and resources. But she got a stern talking to so everything is good. No blood, no foul.


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