The Billy Graham Rule and Self-Preservation

This puff-piece appeared on the Harvard Business Review website by Drs. W. Brad Johnson and David G. Smith, professors of psychology (mind-fucking) and sociology (Socialism) respectively. The article’s primary purpose to shill their new book, “Athena Rising: How and Why Men Should Mentor Women” (HA!), by excoriating who have enough wisdom to avoid putting themselves in compromising positions.

When U.S. Vice President Mike Pence said that he would never have a meal alone with a woman who was not his wife, he was invoking the well-worn “Billy Graham rule”; the evangelical leader has famously urged male leaders to “avoid any situation that would have even the appearance of compromise or suspicion.” Translation: Men should avoid spending time alone with women to whom they are not married. Graham has been known to avoid not only meals but also car and even elevator rides alone with a woman. The reason? To avoid tarnishing his reputation by either falling prey to sexual temptation or inviting gossip about impropriety.

Billy Graham also avoided handling the money of his ministry for the same reason. And guess what?


Have you heard of any scandals involving Billy Graham? Have you heard of Billy Graham doing meth or banging hookers? Have you heard of Billy Graham appropriating any unseemly amounts money from the ministry a la Creflo Dollar?

No, you have not because Billy Graham’s rule is successful.

Think Pence’s quarantine of women is unique? Consider a recent survey by National Journal in which multiple women employed as congressional staffers reported (and male colleagues confirmed) the existence of an implicit policy that only male staffers could spend time one-on-one or at after-hours events with their (male) congressmen. Cut out of key conversations, networking opportunities, professional exposure, and face time with career influencers, female staffers naturally are underrepresented in leadership positions and — not surprisingly — earn about $6,000 less annually than their male peers.

The Billy Graham — and now Mike Pence — rule is wrong on nearly every level. Lauded by some as an act of male chivalry, it is merely a 20th-century American iteration of sex segregation. When women are, in effect, quarantined, banned from solitary meetings with male leaders, including prospective sponsors and career champions, their options for advancement, let alone professional flourishing, shrink. The more that men quarantine women, excluding them from key meetings, after-hours networking events, and one-on-one coaching and mentoring, the more that men alone will be the ones securing C-suite jobs. The preservation of men and the exclusion of women from leadership roles will be perpetuated everywhere that the Billy Graham rule is practiced. Score another one for the old boys’ club.

Chivalry is not the issue. The issue is self-preservation, for your career and your mission. Billy Graham and his associates imposed the rule on themselves to protect the ministry they were building because they understood that they could not build a Christian ministry without the confidence of their parishoners that they were morally upright. And why? Because once a woman puts the mouth on a man, “He touched me/spoke to me/looked at me/paid me/etc.” that shadow hangs over him forever. See Casey Affleck, who can win an Oscar, but the rumor mill still churns up an eight-year old unproven accusation against him.

Let me put it even more plainly: If men do not choose to associate with women professionally, it is because women have become a professional hazard to men.

Whether codified or informal, sex quarantines are rooted in fear. At the heart of it, policies curbing contact between men and women at work serve to perpetuate the notions that women are toxic temptresses, who want to either seduce powerful men or falsely accuse them of sexual harassment. This framing allows men to justify their anxiety about feeling attracted to women at work, and, sometimes, their own sexual boundary violations. It also undermines the perceived validity of claims by women who have been harassed or assaulted. Although thoughtful professional boundaries create the bedrock for trust, collegiality, and the kind of nonsexual intimacy that undergirds the best mentoring relationships, fear-based boundaries are different. By reducing or even eliminating cross-sex social contact, sex segregation prevents the very exposure that reduces anxiety and builds trust.

A claim is not valid that is not supported by evidence or reason. But one has to love how the authors snuck that little attempt at creating an unjustifiable obligation. “A woman you don’t know what done wrong by a man who isn’t you; therefore you are obligated to give women you don’t know access to what you have, despite it being against your interests to do so.”

To build closer, anxiety-free working relationships with members of the opposite sex, thoughtful men will be well-served by having more, not less, interaction with women at work. In a classic series of studies, psychologist Robert Zajonc discovered that repeated exposure to a stimulus (such as a gender group) that previously elicited discomfort and anxiety helped reduce anxiety, and actually increased the probability of fondness and positive interaction. Termed the mere exposure effect in social psychology, the principle has been particularly useful in changing negative attitudes about previously stigmatized groups. Excellent leaders initiate positive developmental and collegial interactions with as many types of people as they can — deliberately, frequently, and transparently.

Can the “mere exposure effect” be applied to “rape” porn or even porn in general? Seems to being working in Japan.

Perhaps the most disingenuous and deceptive quality of the Billy Graham rule and other forms of sex segregation at work may be their superficially honorable and chivalrous nature. This “benevolent sexism” includes evaluations of women that appear subjectively positive but are quite damaging to gender equity. In their pioneering research on the topic, psychologists Peter Glick and Susan Fiske discovered that women often endorse many benevolent forms of sexism (e.g., that women are delicate and require protection, or that sex quarantines at work help preserve women’s reputations), despite the fact that the sexism inhibits real gender equality. This may explain why many women applauded Pence’s stance as evidence of his character and commitment to his marriage. But sexism always diminishes and disadvantages women at work; even benevolent sexist policies, which lack transparent hostility and appear “nice” on the surface, lead to lower rates of pay and promotion, regardless of how many women support them.

As pointed out above, the Billy Graham rule has little to do with “chivalry” and more to do with “CYA” (Cover Your Ass).

Here is something most men fail to consider when invoking sex quarantines at work: What does their unwillingness to be seen alone with a woman say about them and males more generally? When a man refuses to be alone with a female colleague on a car trip or in a restaurant, owing to fear of something untoward happening, we must ask: Dude, do you, or do you not, have a functioning frontal lobe? Sex quarantines reinforce notions that men are barely evolved sex maniacs, scarcely capable of muting, let alone controlling, their evolved neurological radar for fertile mates of the opposite sex. Sex quarantines paint men as impulsive, sexually preoccupied, and unable to refrain from consummating romantic interest or sexual feelings if they occur in cross-sex relationships. The “sex-crazed” male stereotype is often reinforced in the process of male socialization, and there are plenty of men who, at least on some level, fear breaking rank and violating these expectations of male behavior. This is where moral courage comes in. The fact is, many men choose not to fulfill this stereotype; many men have close, mutual, collegial relationships with women and never once violate a relational boundary.

This whole paragraph is a stunning piece of academic shaming language, the trust of which is “we will call you names (sex maniacs, sex-crazed) if you do not give us what we want. But if you show ‘moral courage’ (give us what we want), we will not carry out the threat that we claim you should fear.” This is emotional blackmailing with excess verbiage.

The frontal lobe, as my “dudes” referred to it, is where problem solving takes place. Women accusing men of bad acts is a hazard. The most cost-effective solution to a hazard is to go around it. Some men have chosen to bypass the hazard of a false accusation by bypassing the typical false accuser (a woman).

Simple, logical, and practical.

Of course, the Billy Graham rule and other efforts at quarantining women suffer from a number of logical inconsistencies. For instance, there is the efficacy problem: Rigid efforts to eliminate cross-sex interaction in the workplace have not proven effective. Even in the most conservative religious denominations, nearly one-third of pastors have crossed sexual boundaries with parishioners. Then there is the uncomfortable truth that the Billy Graham rule denies the reality of LGBT people and that sexual and romantic feelings are not limited to cross-sex relationships. The logic of sex quarantine thinking would dictate that a bisexual leader could never meet alone with anyone! Finally, the truth is that sex-excluding policies are rooted in deeply erroneous dichotomous thinking: Either I engage with women at work and risk egregious, career-threatening boundary violations or I avoid all unchaperoned interaction with women.

Sirs, did these pastors accept the Billy Graham rule? Did they practice it? If the answer to one or both of those questions is “no” then they cannot be held as examples of its inefficacy.


So what’s an evolved male leader to do? In the simplest terms, become what we call a thoughtful caveman. Healthy, mature, self-aware men understand and accept their distinctly male neural architecture. If they happen to be heterosexual, this means they own the real potential for cross-sex attraction without catastrophizing this possibility or acting out feelings of attraction, to the detriment of female colleagues. Thoughtful cavemen employ their frontal cortex to ensure prudence and wise judgment in relationships with women and men.

Is “thoughtful caveman” the latest colloquiallism for New Soviet Man New Feminist Man?

Translation: Give females things, don’t ask females for things you want (sex), and don’t worry about females accusing you of things because…why would a woman ever lie about sex?

Here is a final reason why even devoutly Christian men like Mike Pence and Billy Graham should be dubious about isolating and excluding women at work: Jesus himself was known to meet alone with women (e.g., the Samaritan woman at the well). It seems that showing kind hospitality and elevating the dignity of women was more important than any threat of gossip.

That’s funny.

The Samaritan woman attempted to trickle-truth Jesus (lie by omission). It is only after Jesus calls her out on her bullshit (You are right when you say you have no husband. The fact is, you have had five husbands, and the man you now have is not your husband. What you have just said is quite true.) that she SUBMITS to his authority as a Rabbi and as the Messiah.


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“A Rape on Campus”: The Saga Continues – Jackie Coakley Ordered to Comply With Court Orders in Phi Kappa Psi Lawsuit Against Rolling Stone

This is the kind of story that warms even the blackest of hearts (like mine, for example).

Following Nicole Eramo’s successful lawsuit against the pack of gossips and scandal-mongers led by Sabrina Rubin Erdely, the University of Virginia’s chapter of Phi Kappa Psi has pressed the gas pedal on its own state court claims against Erdely, Rolling Stone and Wenner Media. Phi Kappa Psi’s wait until the end of Eramo’s lawsuit was good strategy to get an idea of what the defendants would likely argue in its case.

on Monday, Phi Kappa Psi’s lawyers argued a motion to compel Jackie Coakley to comply with a subpeona for documents related to Jackie, Nicole Eramo, Sabrina Erdely, and the false rape claim. The presiding judge agreed with Phi Kappa Psi and ordered that Coakley would have to “substantially comply” with the order.

Phi Kappa Psi is seeking $26.4 million damages from the named defendants. The trial is scheduled for October 23, 2017.

With that in mind, let’s see how Rolling Stone and it’s parent company, Wenner Media, are doing:

According to the New York Post, Wenner is looking to sell its interests in Us Weekly for a cool $100 million. The leading horse in the race to buy is American Media Inc., owner of fine publications such as the National Enquirer and Star Magazine (Celebrity Gossip rags). Wenner is reportedly carrying about $60 million in debt. If the Nicole Eramo verdict is upheld, that makes $63 million. If Phi Kappa Psi wins its lawsuit, punch that total up to $89.4 million.

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Hoes Gonna Be Hoes featuring Julie Bindel

While watching The Guardian circle the toilet bowl, paid Feminist talker Julie Bindel has added her voice to the cacophony of harridans screeching for the destruction of due process and defendants’ rights. In this episode of “Hoes Gon Be Hoes” Julie discusses why trial by jury should be done away with. But only in rape cases. Because matters of the Holy Vagina shouldn’t be entrusted to the hoi polloi.

Almost a decade ago I wrote that rape might as well be legal. I feel the same way today. In 2013-14 in England and Wales, about 16,000 rapes were recorded by police, but only a third of these cases were sent to the Crown Prosecution Service. Approximately 15% of the recorded offences resulted in a charge. The actual attrition rate – meaning from reporting to conviction – is estimated at about 6%.

By “16,000 rapes,” Julie means 16,000 “reports” or accusations of rape. The one-third sent to CPS presumably had sufficient evidence for the police to say “we think there’s enough here.” In the absence of stating a conclusion, Julie would like to assume that 16,000 women in England and Wales were raped because “why would a woman EVER lie about rape?” (Except when they do). The alternate (and better) conclusion is that those cases not forwarded to CPS and not charged were either A) false, or B) lacked sufficient evidence.

One potential solution to this worrying state of affairs is to do away with jurors in sex crime trials, and appoint a specially trained judge.

“Specially trained” by who? And trained in what capacity? Also, how did we go from statistics showing that police and prosecutors sifting through rape accusations, to an indictment of the right of trial by jury in felony cases?

The minds of feminists are peculiar indeed.

I am wholly in favour of our jury system, but even more in favour of ensuring that rapists and other sex offenders do not walk free.

Anyone who tells you they are in favor of something BUT is not actually in favor of that thing.

New Zealand could be the first country to rid sex crime cases of jurors if one key recommendation from a recently published report by its Law Commission is implemented. The commissioners have suggested that there is a case for having sexual violence trials decided by a judge, either alone or with two expert “lay assessors”.

How will these “lay assessors” be qualified as “experts”? No wait, let me guess, master’s degrees in Gender Studies and Sociology with insightful publications on “why penises are the root of all evil” (jobs for the girls).

Why do away with one of the fundamentals of a decent justice system? Is the jury system not set up in order to better ensure fairness and justice, rather than relying on a crusty old Etonian in a wig?

In response to the first question, I’m sure Julie will feed us a healthy dose of “Believe Her” non-logic. In response to the second question, no. Trial by jury (there is no “jury system”) is one of many rights recognized for the purpose of protecting the defendant against the overwhelming power of the state. Your own Magna Carta provides a wonderful list things the state was no longer permitted to do without the judgment of a jury:

Captured, Imprisoned, Disseised (deprived) of his freehold (property), Disseised of his liberty, Disseised of his free customs, Outlawed, Exiled, Destroyed, Proceeded against by force, and Proceeded against by arms.

Not in rape cases. If jurors were to receive the level of training and awareness-raising necessary to challenge the deep-rooted and highly persuasive myths about rape, the jury system would be more effective in dealing with sex crimes – but this would take more than a few words from the judge at the beginning of a trial, which is how it works at the moment. In their report, the New Zealand commissioners found that rape trials feature “powerful cultural conceptions” that are “unique to sexual violence as a form of criminal offending” and absent from, for example, a case involving a man hitting another man in the street or pub.

That’s a lot of words to say “please let me prejudice the jury before any evidence is presented.”

I have sat through a number of rape cases over the years, and, despite legislation introduced in 2001 that aimed to restrict the use of previous sexual history evidence unless there is a compelling reason for including it, the defence barrister will often find a way to bring it up. I saw one man acquitted after the defence suggested that the complainant was desperate for sex because her husband had become impotent in recent years. The defendant in this case had met the complainant at 2am in the back streets as she was walking home, totally sober. Almost all the other cases I heard involved the complainant being trashed as a reliable witness because she had been drinking (alcohol is the new short skirt).

It’s the defense lawyer’s (or barrister’s) job to present such theories as cast reasonable doubt on the state’s case. Holding it against jurors for finding the defense’s arguments credible, and against defense counsel for presenting the argument, compel the question of “why allow the defendant in a rape trial legal counsel at all?”

Claims that the complainant is lying are all the more believable because of the disproportionate media coverage of false rape allegations. Also jurors – in particular female ones – do not want to face the fact that those who commit rape include a broad cross section of men, and rarely fit the stereotype of a masked madman leaping out of a bush. Even when a judge permits expert evidence that challenges these myths, this cannot possibly compete with the bombardment of prejudice and misinformation that jurors absorb from some sections of the media on a daily basis.

Pray tell, what is the “correct” proportion of media coverage for a false rape allegation? In the best case scenario, the accuser recants before anyone’s name is splashed across the papers and the internet. Worse case, a man loses years from his life, his freedom, his sanity, and his reputation. But who cares, right? So long as all not a single rapist anywhere goes free, a couple of innocent men here and there is acceptable collateral damage.

There is also a nice bit of doublespeak buried in the middle: “[T]hose who commit rape include a broad cross section of men, and rarely fit the stereotype of a masked madman leaping out of a bush.” Given that the public has been bombarded with the theme of “acquaintance rape” for nigh-on twenty years, making it incredible that anyone in the Anglosphere holds the position of “women can only be raped by strangers.” A stereotype far more common and prevalent among jurors that I have observed is the idea that “the defendant wouldn’t be at trial if he weren’t guilty of something.”

Her refusal, or inability to identify any common traits shared between rapists, she leaves an unwary reader to draw the conclusion that ANY man could be a rapist. Julie is sort of like our Feminist Morpheus walking Neo through the training Matrix and explaining that anyone can transform into an Agent, then when Neo takes a second look at the woman in the red dress, she’s actually an Agent with a semi-automatic pointed right at his head.

Finally, if a bad juror makes it onto the jury panel, it is the fault of the lawyer for not conducting sufficient questioning during voir dire.

That’s exactly how men work in Feminist La-La Land.

Unlike jurors, judges at least get a day or two of training in sexual offences, which includes dispelling the myths and understanding why complainants do not necessarily break down in tears during evidence. My only misgiving in wholly supporting doing away with jurors in rape cases is that it might give leverage to those who wish to abolish the jury system altogether as a way to save money.

Who said complainants (thank Aqua Buddha she didn’t say “victims” again!) needed to cry on the stand? Since we are trading anecdotes, I saw a man convicted of rape on the testimony of an accuser who testified against him and was absolutely stone-faced through direct and cross-examination.

I’m glad to see that Julie concerned that the state doesn’t cut any money as opposed to, oh, the defendant’s rights. But to a feminist, defendants have no rights where the Holy Vagina should be concerned.

If we are serious about ensuring that those guilty of rape are convicted, public education of the type that will robustly challenge the lies and misinformation about rape has to be given priority. It is the public who become jurors and ultimately decide on such cases. The way that men who commit sex crimes are excused, and the women and men experiencing them are blamed, leaves me with no confidence in non-expert citizens delivering justice in rape cases.

“Public education” = “Spend more tax money indoctrinating potential jurors in the Gospel of BELIEVE HER-ism!”

Feminists truly are the handmaidens of tyranny.

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New Jersey Man Falsely Accused of Rape Discusses Road to Exoneration and Underclass of the Convicted

Exonerations of wrongfully convicted people have become so routine in recent years that their stories are almost commonplace. We think we know the narrative: A defendant languishes in prison for a crime he did not commit; through tenacious legal work — or the magic of DNA tests — he is freed.

Then there are stories like Dion Harrell’s, which show that the suffering attached to unjust verdicts can linger even after the innocent are sprung from their prison cells.

In September 1988, Mr. Harrell was arrested in the rape of a 17-year-old girl as she was walking home from her job at a McDonald’s in Long Branch, N.J. A neighborhood guy who often played basketball with local police detectives, Mr. Harrell lived across the street from the fast-food restaurant. When he was arrested, the victim immediately identified him as her assailant.

“The cops were like, ‘Why’d you do it?’” Mr. Harrell said. “I was like, ‘Do what?’ They said, ‘Why’d you rape her?’ I just broke down crying. I still cry — it hurts.”


Mr. Harrell was found guilty in 1992, and from 1993 to 1997, he was imprisoned at the Mid-State Correctional Facility at the Fort Dix Army base. When he was released, he was required under Megan’s Law to be added to the state’s sex-offender registry. The law, which was named for Megan Kanka, a 7-year-old girl who was raped and murdered near Trenton in 1994, precluded him from living near children. Though he wanted at first to move in with his sister, his sister had two sons, both of whom were minors at the time. So state agencies helped him find a hotel room, he said, where he lived for nearly a year.

Meanwhile, his name and image were spread across the internet — not only on the state’s website, but also on private pages that alert residents to sex offenders living in their area. He said he was spotted in — and hounded out of — bars. Friends, and friends of friends, posted insults on his Facebook page. Landlords did not want him in their buildings. Employers refused to hire him.

Yes, the American penal system really does work. Honestly. Look at this successful story of the care and effort the state of New Jersey expended to not only release, but reintegrate Mr. Harrell back into society.

I’ll give you a minute to get the laughter out of your system.

While still in prison, Mr. Harrell had written to the Innocence Project asking for help in getting a DNA test that he hoped would clear his name. “The reason I am writing your office,” his original letter read, “is because I am innocent of the crime.” He added that he “cannot begin to explain” the psychological trauma he had endured.

At that point, however, the organization already had thousands of defendants on its waiting list. It was also difficult, Ms. Potkin said, to correspond with Mr. Harrell because of his transient living situation.

Eventually, in 2014, she took the case. She faced an immediate hurdle: Under New Jersey law at the time, only defendants still in prison were entitled to a DNA test. (The law has since been amended.)

But Ms. Potkin persuaded the Monmouth County prosecutor’s office to grant Mr. Harrell an exception. Last month, the test conducted on semen came back in his favor; and on July 22, Christopher J. Gramiccioni, the prosecutor, announced that he would move to have Mr. Harrell’s conviction thrown out, which would trigger the removal of his name from the sex-offender list.

Justice delayed is better than no justice at all, I suppose.

It is hard to know precisely how many cases like Mr. Harrell’s exist across the country. But one man who experienced a similar ordeal is Eddie Lowery, a former Army specialist, who in 1982 was wrongfully convicted of raping a 63-year-old woman as she lay sleeping in her home in Ogden, Kan. Mr. Lowery, who is now 57 and lives in California, served 10 years in prison. When he got out and had to register as a sex offender, he was so afraid of being recognized that he hid his house’s address plate behind a flower pot.

First the sex offender registry and all of the consequences it entails. Now we have the terror watchlists in all of its due process-violating glory.

What comes tomorrow, I wonder?

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Hoes Gon Be Hoes: Featuring the Huffington Post

I’ve reached a resolution: I’m going to stop naming the authors of the garbage that the Huffingpaint Post publishes as commentary. At this point, they are as interchangeable as factory-issued tires.

Another female has “bravely” decided to have a “conversation” (in woman-speak, conversation means you sit there silently while she whines and wags her finger at you) on this “taboo” topic (that at least five other females have probably blogged/tweeted/tumblr’d about in the last hour)…sexual assault.

It was only last month that the world learnt of a convicted rapist from Stanford University.

His name was Brock Turner.

Pause. Turner was convicted of sexual assault, not rape. They are two distinct offenses with separate elements. I know feminists love saying “rape.” For some reason, that word “rape” tickles their funny places to say it (rape). But “rape” isn’t like “fuck.” “Rape” is a legal term of art and has a specific meaning. “Fuck” is more like rhetorical seasoning, like pepper; you add just the right amount to add spice to your verbal dishes.

People in the States were already familiar with the case which had sparked outrage after the defendant was sentenced to a mere six months’ jail time, despite the fact 13 jurors unanimously found him guilty.

I don’t know how they do things in the godless, barbaric wilderness known as Australia, but in the U.S., our criminal jury trials consist of 12 petit jurors and 1 or more alternates, not 13 jurors. (See California Constitution, Article 1, Section 16, Paragraph 3.)

In criminal actions in which a felony is charged, the jury shall consist of 12 persons. In criminal actions in which a misdemeanor is charged, the jury shall consist of 12 persons or a lesser number agreed on by the parties in open court.

Also, to declare that the jury unanimously found him guilty is a tautology. For a person, in America, to be found guilty of a crime in a jury trial, then the jury had to be unanimous in its verdict.

But it wasn’t until Buzzfeed published the letter the victim had read to the judge and her convicted rapist after the light sentence was handed down, that the rest of the world would learn of this sexual assault narrative.

Rich man gets rich man’s justice. Stop the fucking presses.

The letter echoed the voices of millions of other victims and created a space for an important conversation.

Millions of other females are getting falling down drunk and finger-popped in the bushes? I feel like I’m missing out.

A conversation that addressed a scary and taboo subject. And one that we, the public, have become so skilled at ignoring.

Most significantly, the letter illustrated the total lack of recognition and empathy for the victim and the deep rooted problems that exist within the justice system in cases of rape and sexual assault.

A letter, a one-sided lecture from an accuser to a defendant is a “conversation” in the deluded minds of feminists. No exchange, just you sit there and take it.

Dr Marika Guggisberg from Curtin University’s Department of Health Promotion and Sexology teaches a lot about victim blaming and consent and explains the role alcohol plays in reports of sexual assault.

If you are drunk, you cannot give consent

“When a toxicology report reveals there was alcohol involved, immediately there is this assumption she has just drank too much and the responsibility is placed squarely on the woman to protect herself from sexual violation,” Guggisberg told The Huffington Post Australia.

“This perception is so ingrained in our society that even criminal justice officials seem to struggle at times not to engage in victim blaming,” Guggisberg said.

She says the attitude that females who are intoxicated place themselves at risk of being taken advantage of sexually, and that it’s their responsibility alone to keep safe, needs to change.

“Even if you engage in some form of sexual activity and then decide you don’t want to go further you can withdraw your consent without any feelings of guilt — that is your right.”

Let me go get my lemonade and a lap blanket before do this “back in my day” analogy:

When I was a young boy, we had girls in our class who were, to put it nicely, assholes. And being assholes, they liked to play asshole games. One of these games was a little rhyme/threat where they would link arms and walk around chanting “I am blind, I can’t see, if I knock you down, don’t blame it on me, KICK!” and walk around kicking people. Now, if you kicked them back, first, they’d try to kick your ass, because these were black females and black females are most dangerous in packs; but if they didn’t think they could get the better of you, they would run and tell. And the teacher (usually another female and more sympathetic to one of her own sex) would punish you because “you don’t hit girls” (despite the fact that the girls initiated the conflict and had no right to do so).

Where am I going with this analogy you might be wondering? Good. It’s about personal responsibility. You, as the holder and primary beneficiary of your own body, bear the primary responsibility for its care and well-being. If you engage in risky conduct, like running around and assaulting innocent bystanders, or getting drunk and lowering your cognitive abilities in the presence of strangers, then yes, you bear some responsibility when bad things happen to you.

This argument that other people bear any responsibility for the safety of any given female beyond civility is ridiculous.

And because people are stupid, let me go ahead and knock this on out: Nobody “deserves” to be “raped,” just like nobody deserves to be murdered, robbed, beaten, blackmailed, maimed, etc. We don’t live in a world of “deserve.” If we lived in the world of “deserve,” nobody would have their natural rights violated. We live in the world of causality, and in that world, bad choices get bad outcomes, even when those bad choices are made by somebody else.

Sexual assault prevention

Guggisberg spends a lot of time educating her students around three focal points that are paramount to rape prevention.

“The potential victim, but also the potential offender and the potential bystander — all of us play an important role in preventing sexual assault,” Guggisberg said.

In order for an assault to take place there are three things that need to happen.

“There needs to be a suitable target, there needs to be a willing offender and there needs to be the absence of a capable guardian,” Guggisberg said.

Guggisberg explains the importance of making sure you are not isolated.

“If there is a suitable target and a willing offender but there is also a capable guardian, then there is not going to be a sexual assault.”

“A capable guardian?” Are you putting me on? I’m not here to “guard” anyone. It’s no one’s duty to save you from your own drunken self. Hell, not even the police have a legal duty to save anyone. (see Warren v. District of Columbia).

But this is objectionable because it goes to the idea of male disposability, that a man is just supposed to be standing guard while a female drunkenly flits about doing whatever silly thing pops into her inebriated brain and the minute someone tries to take some pussy from her, the disposable male steps in and says:


Meanwhile, you don’t know this guy from Adam. He might back off. Then again, he might really want some pussy and decide he’ll gladly crack your skull to get to it. Then, you have a fight on your hands. Then, it’s either you or him (because a female is not much use in a fight anyway, much less a drunk one). So either you beat him up, he beats you up, you kill him, or he kills you.

And what do you get for being a “capable guardian”? Is the drunk female going to reward you with some pussy for saving it from the evil Brock Turner-esque rapey male? A chaste peck on the cheek perhaps? A handshake? A pat on the head? Money? Rewards in the afterlife? The warm fuzzies from knowing that you have saved pussy that you aren’t getting?

False reporting

“False rape accusations have a globally low rate of less than 10 percent,” Guggisberg said.

“The concept of ‘false accusation’ of sexual assault is generally defined as making a report of sexual assault victimisation when no sexual assault was committed, meaning, the alleged perpetrator is falsely accused.”

In Australia, false accusations of sexual assault are extremely rare with an estimated prevalence rate of about 2 percent of sexual assault reports being classified as “false”.

Guggisberg explains that given that prevalence data are estimates, they are by nature unreliable.

“It is important to note that myths of false reporting affect credibility of victimised individuals and the investigators’ determination whether consent was given. This may contribute to an overestimation of false reporting,” Guggisberg said.

Okay, this is stupid, no matter how many times it gets repeated.

“Well, golly-gee, it’s only 2-8%/less than 10% of men!”

Ma’am, an injustice is an injustice and is objectionable, no matter if it happens to just one man or if it happens to one million men. To turn the massive, merciless power of the state against an innocent man, to deprive him of his life, his security, his wealth, his freedom, and his good name, flies in the face of the concepts of the rule of law and of human decency.

Would this female be so cavalier as to make the statement, “well, the state only executes the wrong person 10% of the time, therefore, stop talking about it”? I don’t think so, but when it comes to female vagina vs. male freedom, despite admitting that the injustice exists, she will accept the injustice and defend it.

False allegations are not a common event

Another area Guggisberg focuses on is the importance of being careful not to misinterpret acquittals.

“If a person is acquitted that does not necessarily mean he did not sexually assault the woman who claims to have been victimised. It often just means there is not enough evidence,” Guggisberg said.

“False allegations of sexual assault are very rare but there is the general misconception that it is a common event.”

“However, research consistently suggests that the absolute vast majority of individuals who make the claim of sexual victimisation have been sexually assaulted,” Guggisberg said.

“The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.”

The absence of evidence that I was raped doesn’t mean that I wasn’t really raped/abducted by UFOs/the lost heir of the Romanovs.

This is where the feminists’ willful ignorance of history shines through. The purpose of the criminal court system, and the rules put in place, are supposed to protect the defendant. Why? Because history demonstrates the alternatives to placing the burden of proof on the accuser and giving the defendant the presumption of innocence: Bills of attainder, torture, hearsay, spectral evidence, perjury for hire, secret trials, trials in absentia, show trials, and host of other injustices that end in the same place: the violation of rights and the destruction of the innocent.

This doesn’t trouble feminists because their purpose is not to do justice; it is to extract collective vengeance against the male sex for existing.

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Stripper Robs, Beats Elderly Man, Threatens To File False Rape Report Against Him

A 72-year-old man from Bridgeport, CT made one of the cardinal mistakes any man can make: He tried to save a ho. The man met a woman at a strip club, working under the handle of “Madison.” Madison fed him a BS sob story about her alcoholic mother kicking her out of the house (she ought to be rolling in that sweaty, sticky stripper dough. WTF?). This old simp decided he was going to save a ho, and offered her the use of his residence.

Day two into her stay, and the man discovered that the stripper robbed him of his credit cards. When he confronted her, she attacked him, threatened to file a false rape report against him, then stole his wallet and his car.

The police caught “Madison” at McDonald’s, later identified her as Aleksandra Kamiska, 32, and charged her with third-degree assault on an elderly person, second-degree larceny, and interfering with an emergency call. Her bond is set at $7,500.


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Instagram Whore/Blackmailer Falsely Accuses Jay Bromley of Rape

Jay Bromley Jr., a 24-year-old Defensive Tackle for the New York Giants, has had a rough road in his life. His father was a pimp and his mother was a crack whore. He was born with an addiction. His father went to jail after beating a whore to death. He was raised by his aunt and uncle in Flushing, Queens, New York. After a stand-out performance at the Outback Steakhouse Empire Challenge (high school all-star game between New York City and Long Island), he was offered a scholarship to Syracuse University. He was a drafted by the Giants in the third round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

And his life was almost ruined by a lying, thieving Instagram whore.

Jay Bromley, like many athletes and famous men, lack understanding about the ruthless and pragmatic nature of females. All they see are tits and ass. And that’s what Jay saw when he hit up Instagram whore Chankeong (Chankeong3) for a “date.” The date was arranged for a hotel in Manhattan. When Bromley came out of the bathroom, Chankeong was naked on the bed. She sucked his dick, then demanded $2,000. Bromley refused, and stupidly, decided to stick around and fuck her. She demanded money again and Bromley hit her with the old Skeet and Skedaddle. Hotel surveillance cameras caught Chankeong chasing Bromley out of the hotel room, harrassing him, and throwing herself on the hood of his car.

But that’s not what she told the police.

The story that Chankeong told the cops was that she was drunk and vomited on his dick (nothing says class throwing up undigested chunks of lunch and stomach acid on someone’s genitals). She claims he attacked her in the room, then hit her with his car.

Thankfully, the NYPD investigated this bullshit story and to quote that other famous New York resident:

“We don’t believe you, you need more people.”

Then, the whore went into damage-control mode:

“I am a female that is emotional like a lot of entertainers I went to social media and said to heck with you, then I said let me delete this and turned to my bishop,” she said.

Chan told Bishop Lamar Whitehead the truth about what happened in the hotel that night; how a disagreement turned into a disaster.

“She said I don’t want this young man to get in trouble,” Whitehead said. “It was a situation where two careers could have been destroyed off a lie.”

Look at that phony crying and that trickle-truthing. The “disagreement” was that she is a whore and he refused to pay her. She cooked up a wild ass story and the video showed that her story was bullshit in part and likely in total.

Instagram is a veritable hunting ground for these aggressive, stalker whores, out for attention, money, or both. This same whore tried to extort Taye Diggs’ for money with a sextape last year.

But you keep right on trusting these mercenary whores if you want to.


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The Whore

The Whore Again

“Entrepreneur.” Fuck outta here. Professional groupie/prostitute would be accurate.