Jess Phillips and the Tyranny of the Male Feminist

My second-favorite Labour MP (second because there’s Jeremy Corbyn and the heterosexual white males always have to win) Jess Phillips attended the Edinburgh International Book Festival. While there, she had some interesting things to say about “left-wing men.” Compliments? Of course not. This is men we’re talking about. Nope, Jess wanted to complain about how left-wing men are the absolute worst.

A Labour MP has claimed that left-wing sexists are the worst of them all and that men on the left are the “absolute worst”.

Jess Phillips, the MP for Birmingham Yardley, accused left-wing men of benign neglect in the fight for sexual equality.

She told the Edinburgh International Book Festival the “well-meaning, left-leaning” men were worse than what someone else said are the “out and out sexists of the right”.

Benign sexism vs. Out and out sexism?

This is going to be better than any Clegane-bowl could possibly be.

She said: “They [the left-wing men] are the worst, the actual worst”. Men said they supported better female representation but, when it came to losing their own jobs, they would say, ‘Oh, you mean me? But I am so clever. I’ve got so much to offer the world’. They are literally the worst.”

Keep in mind that Phillips is the same woman who wanted to ban men from running for office under the Labour banner until women achieved “parity” with men.

Phillips does a good job exposing two Feminist lies about men and power and the type of man who supports Feminism from a position of power. The first lie exposed is that men in power are in business for their fellow men. This has been untrue since the beginning of civilization. Men in power are in the business of retaining their power, not to help other men.

There is no Patriarchy. But there is an Oligarchy and feminists have proven very useful tools of that Oligarchy to keep men without power from having a chance of getting power of their own. That is what Feminism is and has always been: Females who were part of the Oligarch class, but excluded from being Oligarchs themselves, demanding to become Oligarchs in their own right. To rule over inferior men as they saw similarly situated men do. Feminists became willing servants to tyranny for the promise of power.

These same oligarchical men freely support better female representation in government, in the C-suite, in Hollywood, in universities, in the military, etc. do so at no cost to themselves. They intend for someone else’s ox to be gored, not their own. The female representation in government will, by Phillips own admission, be paid for by excluding men who aren’t already in positions of power.

Ms Phillips told a tale of how a left-wing journalist at the Guardian had told her Harriet Harman was not good for women and that Jeremy Corbyn had “always voted the right way”.

Although it was thought she was referring to Seamus Milne, the Labour Party director of communications, both parties denied this.

The Labour MP said sarcastically: “So yeah, Jeremy Corbyn better for women than Harriet Harman, obviously,

“I remember him in all those meetings, there with his banners for [equality]”.

It might have been Owen Jones. I have no proof of this. However, Jones can hardly be stopped when it comes to fellating Comrade Corbyn’s Commie Cock.

She also said that while left-wing men think they want equality for women, “they don’t think of you on the same level”.

Of course they don’t think of you as on the same level. A beggar is never on the same level as a giver. So long as Feminists run around begging powerful men to give them things, then they are admitting that they are inherently not on their level.

Do for yourself and be treated like an equal, or beg and be treated like what you are.

“When they close their eyes at night and think of amazing people who have changed the world, it’s always some white dude that pops into their head,” she continued.

That…is a strange thing to think about before going to sleep, but this is Jess Phillips we are talking about. However, it is interesting that Phillips is objecting to men THINKING in a way she doesn’t like at the same time she is objecting to men not acting in ways she does not like.

Ms Phillips also added that women are completely missing from Labour Party industrial strategy because it was all about “men with shovels”.

Perhaps women ought to pick up some shovels if they want to be included in a conversation about industrial labor. Oh, wait, that’s not an air-conditioned, C-suite job or a ministerial post where a woman would get to order men around.

She said she is abused on Twitter a lot by “dunder-heided Neanderthals”, and revealed that after her friend Jo Cox MP was murdered she reported all the death threats she received to West Midlands police, and it was “quite a lot”.

That’s what the Block button is for. If a brutish, pussy-grabbing, evil male like Donald Trump can have someone manage his Twitter, you would think that a smart, empowered female like Jess Phillips could get one as well.

This latest spat between Jess Phillips and men in the Labour Party demonstrates the type of men in power that Feminists ally with: Those who already have their boots firmly placed on the necks of the supermajority of men who lack power and are looking for any excuse to press down even harder. The male feminist aspires to benevolent tyranny, to decide when any particular man gets to succeed over any woman.

And that is why Feminists are the Handmaidens of Tyranny.



Wanna-Be White Knight Attempts to Defend The Honor of Lizards; Men Threaten to Kick His Ass

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Feminists have pushed this “don’t be bystander” and “men should intervene on women’s behalf” nonsense, ignoring the fact (as they ignore so many others) that when you engage in a conflict with another man, there is always the possibility that it will result in violence.

A young man claimed three men threatened to “knock him out” on the Tube after he challenged them over their lewd remarks to young women.

Ed Higgs, 23, said he “snapped” after the men allegedly targeted women dressed up on nights out as he rode the Piccadilly line from Earl’s Court to his home in Osterley on Friday evening.

This guy doesn’t look like he could snap fresh celery let alone “snap” on an adult male. And if the women were “dressed up on nights out” (translation: They looked like whores), then the men probably thought they might be open for business.

I’ll let Dave Chappelle step in here and explain it with his comedic insight:

But despite stepping in, he claimed other passengers failed to back up his intervention as they “scrolled through their phones” instead.

Strangers should back up young Ed Higgs in his moral condemnation of men speaking to club lizards in a way he doesn’t like and put themselves at risk that maybe these are the guys with poor impulse control and irrational minds who might decide to respond the schoolmarmish finger-wagging with hooliganish face-punching.

Mr Higgs, a graduate sub-editor with Sky Sports News, said the middle-aged trio made sexually explicit comments to three women over the course of his journey.

He told the Standard: “At first I thought the men were flirting but it seemed beyond what was acceptable or decent.

“They were saying things to these women like ‘we’ll show you a good time’ and ‘do you want to see my AK-47’.

“When they said to a young girl who was sitting in the same carriage as me ‘show us your t***’ I just snapped.

“I said ‘leave her alone’ but they turned round and told me to ‘shut up and read my paper’. Then they threatened to knock me out.”

He said he had reported the incident to the British Transport Police and expressed disappointment more passengers didn’t back him up.

Ed stripped off his white armor and sat his narrow-ass down before his mouth wrote a check (or “cheque”, for the non-American English readers) that his ass (or “arse”, again for the non-American English readers) couldn’t cash.

He was counting on the righteous indignation of the mob to support him in his hour of male feminist need.

Reality served him with the Backhand of Truth.

He added: “After I spoke one person looked at me as if I was mad and others just continued to scroll through their phones.”

A British Transport Police spokesman confirmed the incident had been reported to officers.

Unlike Ed Higgs, others are smart enough not to ride to the defense of club lizards and other species of female wildlife on the hunt for booze and dicks. I’m pretty sure none of the three fair maidens whose honor he so valiantly tried to defend bothered to thank him for his “chivalry.”

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Serial False Accuser Accuses Teenager of Rape Over One-Night Stand

Sapphire Phillips, 21, of Fakenham, called the police after a one-night stand with a 17-year-old to get him arrested. Her reasons? She felt “used.” And she cheated on the man she was already with. Phillips has a history with the Lynn Court, having falsely accused others of robbery and rape in the past.

The teenager spent 20 hours in police custody and was forced to undergo a “forensic examination” (where they take your spit, pubes, and blood for comparison with the non-existent rapist). Twelve days later, Phillips told the police that her story was a bunch of made-up bullshit. Prosecutor Fergus Harold noted that this was the third instance of Phillips falsely accusing people to the police.

Phillips’ probation officer, Sharon Cooper explained that Phillips made false accusations as a “coping mechanism” and that Phillips needed attention, even if it was negative attention (don’t they all?).

What’s that little phrase I use for this ready-made slew of justifications for why a female, despite being clearly wrong, is not at fault for her choices and actions?


Doesn’t matter who they hurt or kill along the way. They either were crazy (seems females are not expected to keep their emotions in check) or someone else made them do it (so strong and independent).

The magistrate judge, for the crime of nearly ruining a young man’s life, threw the book at Phillips: 16-weeks imprisonment, suspended for 12 months, court-ordered rehabilitation, and a £165 fine.

That’ll sure send a warning that the English courts take false rape accusations seriously.


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Woman Sends False Rape Confession from Ex’s Phone; Gets 15 Months in Jail


Natasha Uttamsingh, a 22-year-old midwife-in-training at the University of Surrey, was sentenced to 15 months in jail for perverting the course of justice. Uttamsingh stole her ex-boyfriend, Aakash Andrews’ cell phone and used it to send a false confession of rape to her own phone. She also falsified a medical report to obtain a protective order against him.

This strange drama began in 2014. 37-year-old Uttamsingh and 22-year-old Andrews had an eight-month relationship. Andrews wanted to end it, undoubtedly because she was the kind of psychopath who would frame someone for rape. Uttamsingh first told Andrews that she was pregnant (the classic “Oops-a-baby”). She followed up by telling him that she would report him for domestic violence and actually pretended to a person named Nicole Smith and called the police, pretending to be a “concerned neighbor.”

The police interrogated Andrews about a red mark they saw on Uttamsingh’s neck. Andrews admitted (Tip of the Day: Never admit anything to the police past your legal name) that they had struggled. Uttamsingh then piled on by accusing him of raping and strangling her to the point of unconsciousness.

To garnish this heaping platter of fabrications she had cooked up, she stole Andrews cell phone and used it to send a threatening text that could be interpreted as a confession to rape. But she wasn’t done. The last course was the protective order she filed for in Kingston. In support of the order, she used a falsified medical report, courtesy of a little white-out and a lot of forgery, adding that haer neck had been cut.

Uttamsingh’s attorney raised the classic legal defense of NEVER HER FAULT:

“These offences happened when she was hormonal and under the stress of being pregnant and struggling with being a single mother at a young age.”

When females are young, or pregnant, or hormonal, or stressed, they go out and frame men for rape. Makes perfect sense.
Her attorney also noted that her brilliant potential career in midwifery had been undermined by all of this childish mischief.

In my court of law, she wouldn’t have gotten 15 months. She would have gotten 15 years. This was a planned, executed, and savage campaign of defamation that would have ended in prison for the man if the police had not, for a change, done their jobs and thoroughly investigated the crime rather than citing the holy Feminist mantra of “Believe Her.” Uttamsingh knew exactly what to do set this man up, she knew how to falsify evidence, she knew how to make him look guilty. All at the tender age of 22.
This isn’t a brilliant school pupil, this is a psychopathic predator who tried to use the legal system to destroy a man who wouldn’t give her her own way.


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False Rape Accuser Sentenced To Six Months in Jail

Wendy Wilson, 62, of King’s Lynn, Norfolk, England, was sentenced in the Norwich Crown Court to six months in jail after filing a false rape claim back in 2013. On December 22, 2013, Wilson summoned Norfolk police to her residence, claiming two men with Eastern European accents broke into her house and raped her in the kitchen at knife point (Swarthy Foreigners).

The police spent five months, £70,000, and 2,244 man hours investigating Wilson’s accusation. But it was the insurance adjusters who revealed Wilson’s rape claim for its falsity. As the police were investigating, Wilson filed an insurance claim for £6,000 in goods she told the insurance company had been stolen after the non-existent rapists knocked her out. But Wilson never mentioned any stolen goods to the police. The police finally concluded that Wilson had fabricated the rape story specifically to make the insurance claim.

Wilson pled guilty to perverting the course of justice and fraud. Judge Anthony Bate, upon handing down the sentence, rebuked Wilson, stating:

‘While officers were investigating your bogus claims they can’t be investigating other people’s genuine concerns. It diverted them away from much more important lines of inquiry.’

So, class, why would a woman EVER lie about rape?

Answer: She saw an opportunity to make £6,000.

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