Black Matriarch Murders Both of Her Children

A Dayton mom who reportedly shot two of her children is being held on $1 million bond.

Claudena Helton appeared in court for the first time since the May 18th shooting. Police say Helton told them she fatally shot them to save them from the “evils of the world”.

Her 8-year-old daughter Khmorra and 6-year-old son Kaiden died from their wounds Sunday.

In an affidavit, police say Helton made the admission during an interview with officers. Police also interviewed Helton’s other daughter, who told them her mom had shot her brother and sister and that she’d asked her to help carry them out of the house.

Municipal Court Judge Christopher Roberts set bond Monday at $1 million for Helton and scheduled a preliminary hearing for May 30. A public defender entered not-guilty pleas for Helton to charges of attempted murder and felonious assault.

The charges likely will be revised later because of the children’s deaths after her arrest.

Family members said Claudena Helton appeared to have mental issues stemming from an incident where her son reported being assaulted at school at the Boonshoft museum in 2015. A spokesperson for Montgomery County job and family services said Childrens Services had an open case and were working with Helton at the time of the shooting.


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Juvenile Robber Shot Dead By an Off-Duty Sheriff’s Deputy Waiting For Chicken

A male suspect shot dead by an off-duty sheriff’s deputy during an attempted holdup at a fast-food restaurant has been identified as a local high school student.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office identified the dead suspect Wednesday as 17-year-old Elijah Mark Cobb.

Cobb was shot dead and two others suffered minor injuries during a Nov. 22 holdup attempt at a Raising Cane’s chicken strips restaurant in the Houston suburb of Shenandoah.

Witnesses told investigators that an armed would-be thief entered the restaurant, grabbed an employee and demanded money. The deputy ordered him to drop the weapon, then shot the gunman when the gun was pointed at him.

Family members told the Conroe Courier that Cobb had attended Spring Dekaney High School.

This little aspiring thug walked into someone else’s place of business, threatened to murder an employee, and get’s his skull creased for his trouble.

This is a downright heartwarming story. Society is made safer and the taxpayers’ money is saved.

What’s interesting is that young Elijah is featured prominently featured on a website called “” as a “victim” “lost to gun violence.”

“Lost to gun violence” = “Threatening to murder law-abiding people who work in fast food trying to make a living.”

In its FAQs, it addresses this concern.

Why do you call all these people “victims” when some of them are criminals?

We believe that every loss of life is a tragedy, and we know that even those who did horrible things have friends and family who miss them and wish that they made different choices in life. However, we do not try to hide or obscure the facts. We provide links to news articles that describe each incident.

Elijah Cobb’s death is not tragic. It is a wonderful tale, showing that the right to keep and bear arms is not about sport or heritage, it’s about utility. It’s about having the most cost-effective and efficient means of protecting your own life against people who have no regard for it.

Anyone who would take your life for a handful of green government scrip with no inherent value should be removed from the gene pool at the earliest possible date.


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